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@fredchuckdave: From what I've read Chalice dungeons aren't affected by NG+

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Having just finished the game I'm sorta torn about it. I really wanna jump back in and check out the stuff I know I missed etc, but knowing I'll pretty much play the exact same character, executing most encounters in the exact same way again is making me reluctant. I guess I could try a strength build, but after playing with the blades I'm having a hard time seeing myself not getting frustrated with pretty much any other weapon.

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This shouldn't come as news to people who played this way in the Souls games, but due to the forced playstyle health and stamina has pretty much switched roles. Early in the game your stamina really doesn't matter, as dodging barely costs anything and you won't be doing any long combos, while health is really great for giving you an "error-buffer". Also, since the vials heal a percentage of your health increasing it makes your total available health for bosses (with healing included) increase quite drastically.

In the same way that you can play through most of Dark Souls without ever really increasing your health, you can play through most of this one without levelling endurance much.

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@fredchuckdave: So if we see Dark Souls 3 coming out from their B team again next year (as I'm pretty sure Miyazaki won't return to it) you don't think that'll just drive the franchise into the ground ? They've done the cash-out on that IP once already, and there isn't really much more creatively left to be done there. It just seems to me that it's much more likely they'll do the Bloodborne sequel and then either cash out on that or re-think again.

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I wouldn't be so sure there will be another "Souls" game. If anything it will be as you say a Bloodborne sequel (although, you have to remember that this is yet another Demon's to Dark situation), and by the time they're done with that the Souls train has sorta left the station. That's not to say they can't go back on some design desicions etc, but you gotta remember that we're now four (would be five) games into a series that has stayed pretty much the same all the way through. There's already plenty of re-hashing going on in Bloodborne, and even though some of the changes might seem drastic to the fanbase they are far from enough to really keep things from going stale eventually.

Also, who's to say From/Miyazaki wants to keep making the same kinda game over and over.

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@fear_the_booboo: In the Souls games the general rule was that you want to parry after the wind-up, as they're swinging, before they hit you (as in, when the animation starts to move towards you). The rule still seems to hold true, but due to the bullet animation the window has been pushed back a bit so you can shoot them just before the attack animation switches. However if you wait a bit too long they'll hit you even if you got the shot off.

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The two things aren't mutually exclusive. You can get good at cheap games, and cheap games usually require that you do so as well. What makes a game cheap or not is if it contiuously tries to fuck you over in unexpected ways, and to that respect the Souls games walk a pretty tight line (even more with Bloodbornes forced playstyle). The question is really how do you expect people to get good at the game? 'cuz if it's just a matter of trial and error, then yes the game is cheap.

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I could tell you if you really wanna know, but yes, it will be revealed as you go.

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@gaminghooligan: There are definitely a few points in the game that are "heartstoppers" where it seems like your PS4 is breaking for a split second. I've also had some insane framedrops while entering shadowgates twice, and I managed to glitch myself into a spot that just killed the framerate as well. It's sorta funny really, since the gameplay is tied to the framerate it doesn't really hurt you, everything just takes forever.

Anyways, has anyone finished a Chalice dungeon ? I killed the three bosses in the first one, looted a coffin (which made a noise), but I can't see anything that signifies if I actually finished it or not. Are you supposed to just close it after doing everything ?

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I wouldn't say I'm having a big problem adjusting, but I've never been a fan of the playstyle. And what they've tried to do to alleviate my issues with it isn't enough. I'm not necessarily missing a shield, but I really hate the fact that they force you to wear "light" armor. It just ends up making stats completely irrelevant as everything keeps doing more and more damage while your survivability stays the same. With heavier armor there are still attacks that has to be dodged, and it's harder to do so, but it's just way more consistent than the "you made one mistake" trial and error playstyle light armor has.