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I play all kinda games drunk. Hell, I even ran through a good chunk of Dark Souls while being hammered. Couldn't get past the beams in the church in Anor Londo though =( And like bugbarbecue I've played a ton of Hearthstone drunk, always fun waking up the next morning to discover you actually made a bunch a of gold.

While I do ofc get worse it's usually not bad enough to where it's no fun anymore, if anything I just have way less patience.

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Single game, WoW.

Franchise, Civilization.

It's really weird to think about the fact that one of the first games I ever played at the age of 8-9 was the first civilization, and just a few minutes ago I was neck-deep in yet another game of world domination. Over 20 years of a franchise where the base gameplay is still pretty much the same.

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That cover art is a bit too reminiscent of the Far Cry 3 cover, makes me think they're just remaking the same game in a new setting. Not that that's really bad (considering I loved Far Cry 3 and), but still sort of a bummer.

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A somewhat more up-beat tone and QLs behind paywall. I (like pretty much everyone else) wouldn't be happy about it, but it's what it would take for me to subscribe. My experience with pretty much all the other more "entertainish" content they've tried is that it got boring fast. QLs are interesting and informative, and I can't really think of any other source that would be able to replace them for me in a way I would be satisfied with. But even with that in mind it's been a long time since one of those really amazing QLs came around.

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I might be a bit repetitive here, but the diss Tywin pulled on Mace Tyrell was just magical.

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@zevvion: When was the last time anyone played a top tier hunter deck without Unleash?

When was the last time anyone played a top tier Mage deck without Fireball?

You can take Fireball out of a mage deck and the deck would still be functional, not as strong (since the card is very good), but you can make plenty of mage decks that doesn't depend on getting Fireballs. A hunter deck that doesn't get Unleash though is pretty much screwed. The class has plenty of good removal/defense, but without Unleash it has no real offense (other than Krush). In many ways you can compare the card to other finisher cards like Bloodlust or Savage Roar, but you see plenty of Shaman and Druid decks that don't depend on those cards. Because of Unleash's potency there has been no incentive to give Hunters any other alternative to help them finish games, in fact I'd argue that because of the card adding other offensive cards has been out of the question as it would make the class too strong.

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@zevvion: It helps, but it does in no way solve the core issues with the card/class. When was the last time anyone played a top tier hunter deck without Unleash ? The power of that card has single-handedly ruined the general balance of the class at this point.

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I don't understand how companies can still launch paid MMOs in the age of the "Yeah, the new Unreal Tournament will be free."

Because there's still an audience out there looking for that experience, and that's the playerbase they've been aiming for with most of their design too. They recognize the fact that monetization affects gameplay and they didn't want to take the game down the f2p road. If the game had shipped as f2p with it's current design it would probably be worse off.

As for the game itself, I like it. It's the first MMO I've played in a long time that understands it's a multiplayer game and focuses on the things that make multiplayer games fun.

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@singingmenstrual said:

The one feeling up and groping the Fallout statue was hilarious!

pretty lame overall, but ye that part made me crack up good =D

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@truthtellah: The obvious nerf to Buzzard (which I have no idea why they haven't done yet) is to make it draw on beast death. That way you can't spam beasts to draw more beasts to spam beasts to create a stupid combo. Also sorta fits with the fact that it's a buzzard.