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Why are people still suprised by this ? All it is is just a natural escalation of what's been going on for years now. This stuff is here to stay no matter how much we disapprove, as it's just a straight up profit deal for the publisher. The only thing that would change it would be if there was a massive dip in sales due to consumer backlash, but that's exactly what they're experimenting with, where the line is between what they can get away with and still keep sales steady.

I think it's important to remember that these are games that are not made for the audience you see on websites like these. Sure, we might be interested in them too, but they are made for mass-market and that's the voice that determines how the games keep developing. To quote Jim Gaffigan "It's McDonalds", it doesn't matter if there's a bunch of people that think it's shit and won't have anything to do with it, as long as there's a much bigger audience that don't give a shit and keep coming back.

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@triplestan said:
P.P.P.S. What's up with Chris' left hand? His pinkie looks massive.

Took me a while to realize he's doing the horns with both hands and his left hand got caught at a weird angle.

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My big take-away from watching the movie was that it's not as clever as it tries to be. But I guess that's sorta Nolans schtick at this point. I wouldn't call it a bad movie, but I found it very inconsistent in almost every way, and it's floundering around trying to be so many different things. It has a good amount of great moments though, but for each of them there's another one that makes you wonder why they were part of it.

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Guess I'll join the ranks of people who have played all the games and found the video highly suprising. Guess there's a lot of stuff hidden in animus database in all the games.

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@spankmealotus: But this isn't what Blizzard does well. All the games they've "copied" and made better, they have improved by making the game systems better. The reason Hearthstone is great because they figured out how to do draft and simplify/speed up card games, the reason Diablo works is because of the loot and randomization, the reason WoW worked was because of the quests and "themepark" progression etc etc.

They're not magically gonna make a shooter that plays better than every other shooter out there, and that's pretty much all that arena shooters are about. I would've had more faith in it if there was something more to it, like Borderlands or Destiny (as there's plenty of room for improvement there that Blizzard could capitalize on). But this game is extremely gameplay-centric, and as far as shooters go there's not really much room for improvement there, only a very high standard to live up to.

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Metzen sure was freaking out announcing it, but man was it a let down. Nothing unique or special about the genre or style, and while Blizzard will probably do a competent job managing to make an actual fun to play shooter is so far from what they do. Sure, Blizzard games have good gameplay, but they tend to rely heavily on supplementary systems to really hit their stride. A shooter lives or die on gameplay alone, and hitting that on your first try is nearly impossible.

In the end it will probably be a fine game, but I was just sitting here thinking about how Blizzard make all these huge games that completely dominate and revolutionize genres and I can't imagine this game will come even close to live up to that legacy.

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@overnow: It's sorta funny, I had never really thought of the game as a dual-stick shooter before Jeff described it as such in the QL. The cardinal shooting changes the game up so much (and for the better) that it doesn't really fit the genre anymore imo.

As I commented on the QL, most dual-stick shooters are just all about frantic bullet-hell where you only think about dodging while spamming out bullets in hopes you hit something. In BoI however you need to think much more about your positioning, not just to avoid damage, but to deal it as well. Makes the game much more interesting in my experience.

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Really strange to see how much great talent went through Rev3. Seems odd for it to fail, but I guess it just ended up being a stepping-stone company and eventually ran out of new blood to hire.

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First run and I get full guppy on the third floor... and then on the last floor just before mom I get some new insane item that gave me tears bigger than isaac (but shrank rapidly). Mom died in less than a second...

As for the game I'm really disappointed that there's no mouse support. I just can't play this game with only keyboard, so I guess I'll try out controller. Still, sucks having to change after 100+ hours of mouse and keyboard. I'm also not overly impressed by the music so far, but the rest of the sound design is great. Not really sure what else to say, it's more BoI, it's great. It feels smoother, and the new story-telling/endings seem enticing.

Edit: second game, guppy again... seems to almost be too many guppy items in the game now.

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I think the only big nostalgia game for me that hasn't already been rebooted is Quest for Glory. There's been some modern versions, but they've not been very good. An actual full-on 3d action-rpg reboot could be quite awesome. Oh, and something taking real inspiration from Moonstone could be amazing.