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Shutdown, because fan.

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@korolev: The expectation we have for famous people to behave "better" is because they have deliberately attracted attention to themselves. If you want people to pay attention to you then you need to be "worth" paying attention to. If you want to act like a jerk then act like a jerk, noone is stopping you. But people will react if you both act like a jerk and make a point of making others aware of it.

People will say that most of the time Phil didn't want the attention, but that's a fallacy. If all he wanted was to post his opinion on the internet he could've posted it wherever he wanted under whatever name he wanted. He's chosen to repeatedly post his opinions on his very public twitter account that has a bunch of followers because that is where his opinion will get attention.

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I don't really agree with the premise that internet fame is something that happens to you. Sure, there are cases of people stumbling into it, but most of the time people are actively making it happen. It might not be some singular "switch" like the contract example he's using, but that doesn't mean they aren't seeking it out.

Most people that get internet famous get their 15 minutes, just like people got through TV before internet. Several of the examples used in the video are people that many of us has seen once or twice but never heard or seen since. You don't remain internet famous unless you're trying. We all choose how much we put ourselves out there. We might not get the same opportunities to make ourselves heard, but when the microphone is shoved in your face it's your choice if you want to shout or whisper. And there are many many people that decided to whisper.

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@grelik: That whole fight was just way too "Mortal Kombaty" for me, and the literal cuntpunt just took it over the edge. It's not tense or intriguing, just ridiculous (as pretty much everything else that happened in the episode).

Stannis showing up out of nowhere for some strange reason, skeletons and sprite magic, Dany locking away her dragons, and then topping it off with Tyrion sneaking his way all the way from the dungeons to the Hand's tower (and back) without being spotted by anyone and then killing Tyrion on the shitter (which apparently is the only shitter that exists in the universe). It's all just ridiculous.

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I'm still wondering when the google ads bubble will burst, but I guess at this point it never will.

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I'm gonna say it, the show/story has officially jumped the shark. I don't even know where to start. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of a segment that wasn't dumb, and the entire integrity of the story has been completely shred to parts.

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Not really sure if it's a bad thing or not, but this was the first year you had segments on the night show I ended up just skipping. I'm guessing you just went for a more diverse group of people, but I can't really complain when that also means getting in people I really enjoyed hearing from. You guys keep screwing over Cowboy though. He's been there every time, but you always put him on with people he doesn't match with at all.

If I'm not wrong you also down-sized each segment a bit, which is good, although I think it would be better even smaller. Almost every segment has 1-2 people that just sits there and never gets addressed. Maybe be a bit more dynamic about it ? Like the segment with only Ed Boon was great, but at the same time stuff like the segment with the guys from Sony etc works great as well.

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These comments...

Anyways, I get where you're coming from, however I think your problem is that you're expecting the game to be a different genre than it is. You're playing an RPG, with RPG hooks, and one of those main hooks is the enjoyment of developing a character. The fact that the combat is based around first-person shooting doesn't necessarily make it into a "first-person shooter". It's sorta like playing GTA and being disappointed that the driving isn't 100% realistic.

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Checking out the unfinished video it looks like they centered it based on the "play area", as in they cut off the top part that is UI. If you consider the bottom of the health bar the top of the screen it sorta looks centered.

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I thought this already happened... Or did they announce only the buy-out a while a go ? Could've sworn I read something about the GT staff being replaced.