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Better then the original 0

I feel I was one of the few that actually enjoyed FFXIII. But by the end, I felt I had had my fill of the world and characters. So when I read that a direct squeal to FFXIII was going to be released, I kind of shrugged it off. And then I read that the shift was going to go to a more open world type game (which the linearity was one of the aspects I enjoyed of the original) made me less enthusiastic. But after sinking 50+ hours I feel that this was better then the original.Game play: The major ch...

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Gorgeous and insane 0

Go on any video game forum and the number one complaint you hear from gamers is that no one in the industry takes risks. That every game is a rehash of the same old stuff. Well, El Shaddai is here to demonstrate that developers can still go on a limb and do something crazy.Game play: The very definition of a character action game and probably the most normal element of the game. If you have played Devil May Cry, or any game like it you will know what it is about. But it works, with tight control...

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The next step in the Final Fantasy series 0

Its not like any other Final Fantasy game that I have played, and maybe that’s a good thing. It took me a little over 57 hours to beat FFXIII, and looking back I have to say that I enjoyed my time playing the game. Its far from the best FF game I played, but its still a quality title and I feel the natural progression of what Final Fantasy has come to become. Not really a role-playing game, but an interactive story.Game play: If you take the game, not really as an RPG (or even JRPG), but as an i...

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