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This sucks. I'm sorry. This just sucks. But I respect you, Vincent, I respect you a lot. So do us proud!

On a sidenote, fingers crossed these incoming newjacks are up to snuff. I guess at this point any new hirings are unlikely gonna be ex-gamespot folks (Carrie Gouskos would have been great...or whatever, just tell Rich Gallup to quit his social gaming fantasy gig and come over to the best coast). And I'm sorry Patrick, Max Tempkin is just too much of a hater; he just doesn't get the fun-lovin' culture that Giant Bomb is all about. And dude, bro, Vinny, gonna miss you and your antics. It ain't gonna be the same, man. It just ain't.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, reviewed by Brad back in the day.

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I bet the guy who was supposed to be there to "keep watch" was in on this whole fiasco. Either that or he was sleeping. Interrogate the crap out of him!