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Dude sorry if it feels like I opened up a can of worms starting this topic. Just wanted to reflect on how people should consider their skill set and resumes before applying for any positions.

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No, you guys are absolutely right. I just wanted to express how I've come to more and more appreciate Dan's contribution to the site. That's all.

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Madness. Now that we look back at all this in hindsight, I think everyone should have a better idea of what Dan being the “best fit” meant. The majority of the content produced by the site are videos that explore the staff’s personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes and sense of humor. It never seemed (and definitely not now) the case that Dan was simply hired over others because he was a white male. It just so happens that Dan has the necessary assets (a sense of humor that jibes with the rest of the staff and an engaging persona on camera).

A lot of the applicants that vented their frustrations during that time simply did not show on a public forum (youtube, twitch, etc) that they were gregarious, laugh-out-loud funny and interesting. My general feeling is that these unsuccessful applicants swayed more towards a camp of individuals who wish to have serious in-depth discourse regarding issues surrounding the game industry.

In my opinion, Giant Bomb is not necessarily the easiest of places for individuals with mainly a writing background (note that Patrick, though primarily known for his writing, has extensive on-camera experience back G4TV) to land a job. Giant Bomb hires interesting personalities rather than games journalists.

Though I am only speaking from the perspective of a fan, I feel that applicants who want to get into these so-called “more mainstream outlets” should actually try to apply to “bigger” outlets such as a Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers and Game Informer first. They should also have developed a portfolio of on screen appearances (be it twitch streams, youtube videos, appearances on other people’s shows) before even attempting to apply. Outlets want interesting people, not just good writers. Also, throwing a tantrum about not getting a dream job doesn’t get you the job. Dan’s persistence and and never-say-die attitude is something I’ve come to admire him for. As someone who doesn’t work in the games industry, I’ve had my fair share of stumbling blocks. You just have to shake it off and move on.

The internet will always be filled with jerks who want to hurt others. I just want to put it out there that Jeff and the gang are definitely all about the games and having a laugh. ALWAYS. I’ve been following the guys since 2001 (Let's Gamespot! Whaddup, son!). They have always begin legit.

And really, come on, only Dan Ryckert is capable of this. Devious bastard.

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This sucks. I'm sorry. This just sucks. But I respect you, Vincent, I respect you a lot. So do us proud!

On a sidenote, fingers crossed these incoming newjacks are up to snuff. I guess at this point any new hirings are unlikely gonna be ex-gamespot folks (Carrie Gouskos would have been great...or whatever, just tell Rich Gallup to quit his social gaming fantasy gig and come over to the best coast). And I'm sorry Patrick, Max Tempkin is just too much of a hater; he just doesn't get the fun-lovin' culture that Giant Bomb is all about. And dude, bro, Vinny, gonna miss you and your antics. It ain't gonna be the same, man. It just ain't.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, reviewed by Brad back in the day.

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I bet the guy who was supposed to be there to "keep watch" was in on this whole fiasco. Either that or he was sleeping. Interrogate the crap out of him!