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That video is so ... bad. But it has some funny moments, if you're into that stupid-funny stuff.  
The voice does remind me of that 50-DKP minus guy, for those who are familiar with Warcraft culture.

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I jump a lot ... a bad habit I picked up when playing FPS games back in the day.  Although, I find myself jumping less and when I do downward attacks, like Juri's dive kick, I do it when jumping backwards or upwards, but rarely forwards.
Maybe I should try dashing or cancels.

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 I wouldn't mind playing PC games more if it weren't for the odd kinds of DRM that publishers have been coming up with lately. It's crazy. Ubisoft primarily as they make some nice games, but I'm not too certain about the DRM they currently use.
Maybe I shouldn't worry too much but I'm kind of leery of what kind of craziness publishers will do to minimize piracy, and how it might affect me as a consumer.

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 Personally, it's one of those few things that I don't notice too often.  I guess I don't really care much of it.  

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I have yet to spend more time with Rufus. He's just so interesting to get around with. You just don't see enough fat people in fighting games all that often.

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 It has been ages since I played online, but I do remember a few occasions where my opponent's nerd-rage erupts like a volcano. It's somewhat hilarious hearing the other guy go bent out of shape all because of a game. On the other hand, I have had a few compliments along the way.