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Wait until you mention a game that you played and someone says, "I was born that year."

Also, SSBM is not that old...

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I'll miss you Duder.

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Fuck you Disney.

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The Quick Look of this game wasn't the best, but props to Patrick for trying and showing people that this game exists.

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I've been having a lot of problems with the new automatic drop-down menus that the site now uses. One major issues is that the bomb squad will talk about a topic that I'm interested in, and I'll open a new tab to check it out. When I come back to the site, my mouse will roll over a menu (typically, it has been reviews, which fills up a large portion of the screen compared to most others). More often than not, I'm simply trying to get the video started again, and it'll cause me to end up accidentally navigating away from the page, which forces me to reload the video, and simply annoys me.

I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem (I did a quick skim and didn't see any related posts), or if a solution is in the works. I figured that I'd get used to it eventually, but it has been months and it continues to happen.

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Same. I have 2.

Glad it has been reported.

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@Soapy86 said:

I really want to get one, but I refuse until they release the 3DS XL in that nice purple color.

I'm right there with you.

@Baltimore said:

Pokemon X/Y on pre-order at Amazon.

Glad I'm not the only one getting that.

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When my timer ran out, I was no longer able to move. Is that normal? I haven't seen anyone else talk about that yet.

Edit: restarted the game and could move again. Must be a bug.

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Work Time Fun.

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Getting women pregnant.