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How do I do it? I've been trying to figure out how to do it for a while now with my AnimeVice, Screened, (etc) profiles. I have no idea how to do it. If I try to log into AnimeVice or Tested, it tells me to change my username because my username is taken - by me.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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@RobbleWobble said:

wow. Did not see this coming

Tell me about it. DS, not 3DS. Black 2 and White 2, not Pokemon Gray.

Also, is it just me, or do these Pokemon look extra weird and ugly. Worse than G3's Pokemon (The generation that made me say, "ok, you lost me").

Nintendo, what the hell are you doing?

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@prodigy_T said:

Soooo..... I have Photoshop, painter, gimp, and various other paint programs that came with my 3D softwares.. and I have a cintiq 21ux... Why would I have ever wanted this on my PS3 or whatever the hell it was on, THQ. PAINT seemed better then this back in the day. Good job THQ suffer the consequences of not being awesome.

Saint's Row: The Third was not awesome?

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Yeah! Clickety click click! Right on the money.

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@sungahymn said:

Getting a 404 error. Is it because I live in China?

It works for me and I'm in Xi'an.

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Midlife Crisis?

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@aku said:

i dont see anything wrong with that email. its the same email every company sends to get you to play their game. its a marketing email. i dont see it as being more "gross" than the other ones. i received one from wow, final fantasy, and matrix back then when i quit.

Yeah. This type of email isn't news to me either. I'm more surprised that Jeff is surprised by it.

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I think it's rather selfish for someone to say "don't post this" just because someone doesn't like it. If that were the case, I think most people wouldn't be posting comments.

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Quick, everyone buy stock in THQ!

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