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I think Hot Fuzz has a wider appeal than SotD because besides comedies, both movies also kind of become what they are parodying.

World's End is definitely in 3rd place for me, it's not as funny and I didn't relate to the serious bits as much either.

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He might not love it, but it's clearly like Nights and Yoshi and a bunch of other stuff where he plays up how much he dislikes it for comedy's sake quite a bit.

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Eh, Kojima's probably barely necessary in the development process of a Metal Gear game.


All of the MG games have been extremely "auteur" type of games.

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Nice list. Well except for Far Cry 4 :P, which i feel really is just more Far Cry 3 with a different setting.

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I worry about the art style. With a novel series like ASOIAF, there is a timeless universe being created. The stuff that comes out as a companion to the novels should try and be just as timeless. Like the games. I would have gone with a more painterly style so that it could stand the test of time a little better than this game will. Will people even be able to look at that game in ten years and want to play it with the style it has? IDK.

But it already is pretty painterly, I think this will probably hold up better in 10 years than, say, Kevin Spacey in CoD, which just goes for 100% realism and doesn't quite get there.

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I don't care one bit how cheesy the show is as long as there are some good reveals.

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I get that people don't like UPlay and also want all their games in one, already proven, distribution source.

But you can't expect companies, especially bigger ones like EA or Ubisoft, to potentially lose money on their bigger releases because Steam is just the default platform. It makes more sense to track play time, sales, and other player behavior on your own Steam-like platform than take the percentage hit on sales.

Nah, it's like refusing to sell your product all Wallmart because if you sell it out of your own garage you get to keep all the money. The problem is the extra money per copy doesn't compensate for the much lower traffic overall.

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I don't know how much this influenced their decision to port the game but I think it would be nice to mention the petition that has been going on for a while now :

I mean petitions aren't always useless : look at bloody Dark Souls. We might see more ports from Sega in the future.

If you read the thread on NeoGAF about the petition there's some comments there that make it pretty clear the petition was a big part of it, which makes Patrick's "Nobody was really asking" comment sound kinda uninformed really.

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Bring on Bayonetta (maybe not so likely now) and Vanquish Sega!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccck I'd really like to see Vanquish come to PC.

This port is the result of a petition campaign started on NeoGAF:

The same petition also also mentioned Vanquish and Bayonetta, so if you want to see more Sega stuff on PC this you can help out by signing here:

On a related (?) note Kamiya just posted this picture of him at Valve:

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Nice interview Patrick.

Besides the first three games there was also Haunting Ground, which was pretty much Clock Tower 4 in everything but name. It didn't have a Scissorman though. :P