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It's a shame there were only three soccer games out this year.

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This collection is the entire reason I bought two lottery tickets for tonight.

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Is there any news on what happened yet?

It doesn't appear in my wiki history either when I wrote quite a bit of text for it.

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Ten minutes after it happened it decided to update Dota 2. I am going to say it's Dota 2's fault.

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@zeforgotten: But does that mean they have the power to instantaneously launch Big Picture mode from their end without our consent?

What else do they have control of?

Our... MINDS?!

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This seems like an early start to some E3 mysteries.

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This is strange but Steam Big Picture just opened randomly about 12:30am (UK time) and checking on Twitter it did the same for alot of other people. Has anyone else had this happen to them just now.


Edit: Plus their site just went down. I think there's a conspiracy afoot.

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@uberdubie: Bingo. You and I are alike. Indistinguishable!

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I haven't played much of it to be honest, but I did buy the album as soon as I finished my first session from it and I continually listen to it to this day. It's probably my favourite video game soundtrack ever.

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Yes, let's bring even more needless attention to this highly-sensationalized "hot-button" news topic.

Am I "for" bullying? Of course not. What bothers me is how all this "bully awareness" is ultimately just a disingenuous gesture with no real purpose behind it (unless you call merely having "good intentions" a purpose). All the talk is only over grade school children, specifically after a mass shooting. So say we live in a dreamworld and all forms of bullying are abolished in schools. School is a utopia and everyone gets along perfectly there. Then these kids get shoved into the real world. But being an adult is unchanged. Their workplace may be FULL of bullying, whether it be from their boss or their co-workers. And that's even if they can even get a job that they're proud of, or any job at all. Drivers on the road flip them off yelling "LEARN HOW TO DRIVE YA DUMB FUCK" for doing nothing wrong. They may have to ease back on paying some bills because they can't afford them, and soon utilities are turned off and perhaps they end up homeless. So... now that they're grown-up, exactly what good did all the feelings of safety and bully-awareness do for them?

Adults murder other adults who hurt their feelings every day. Adults kill themselves due to depression every day. But it's not a hot-button topic on the news today so nobody cares about that right now. So even if you don't want to hear "just deal with it" or "you must learn to fend for yourself" because it's just too darned unfair to children or teens... eventually they're going to have to. The world IS a bully. Because unless you're dirt-stinking rich, eventually, there comes a day where nobody is there to coddle you anymore. And there's no way to prove that preparing yourself for this realization at the age of 28 is any less beneficial to a 12 year old.

The only ones benefiting from all this "awareness" are the ones planting the seed: news media, and higher up, politicians who merely use it as a platform to advance their own careers. For the rest of us, it just breeds increased feelings division, distrust, and over-defensiveness (just like nearly all over-hyped stories in the news today)... just look at these comments and the proof is right there.

So, I urge anyone bullying-er, "preaching" bully-awareness: just... stop. The whole bullying campaign is nothing more than that, a political campaign. Making it the subject of a video game only makes it even more reprehensible.

Lemme talk to you about chemtrails...