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I'm also annoyed Finland did not get through, I thought it was a foregone conclusion that they won't win the finals but seeing them play there would have been great. They were shoe-in but steaming turd songs Armenia, Estonia and Greece got through.

I've got Israel's song stuck in my head now because it is kinda great in mid-2000, *NSync x Holly Valance way.

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It's a shame there were only three soccer games out this year.

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This collection is the entire reason I bought two lottery tickets for tonight.

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Is there any news on what happened yet?

It doesn't appear in my wiki history either when I wrote quite a bit of text for it.

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Ten minutes after it happened it decided to update Dota 2. I am going to say it's Dota 2's fault.

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@zeforgotten: But does that mean they have the power to instantaneously launch Big Picture mode from their end without our consent?

What else do they have control of?

Our... MINDS?!

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This seems like an early start to some E3 mysteries.

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This is strange but Steam Big Picture just opened randomly about 12:30am (UK time) and checking on Twitter it did the same for alot of other people. Has anyone else had this happen to them just now.


Edit: Plus their site just went down. I think there's a conspiracy afoot.

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@uberdubie: Bingo. You and I are alike. Indistinguishable!

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I haven't played much of it to be honest, but I did buy the album as soon as I finished my first session from it and I continually listen to it to this day. It's probably my favourite video game soundtrack ever.