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I have no idea what's going on. What exactly did Ouya do wrong?

Making indie games on Kickstarter become 6-month timed exclusives to their console. I think.

Reading comprehension?????

Ouya is awarding money to successful kickstarter campaigns that give them exclusivity, BUT many of the winners are suspected or have been outright caught gaming the system by getting friends/family/investors to pump their kickstarters with cash. This recent post by Ouya has just rubbed salt in the wound by not addressing any of the concerns people have had for weeks.

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@paisan13: He's a spokesman as well as the head of the Interactive Entertainment Division, so he had oversight on all the policies that were so ill received these past few months.

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The HTML5 player has given me trouble since it was introduced. Every few months I'll give it a try when the flash player messes up (which is rare) and it's as broken as ever. Seems to work perfectly on my Android phone though.

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Don't even bother reading that, it's very obvious this person does not work for Microsoft and sounds about as much like an engineer as a teenager on 4chan repeating everything Microsoft has said so far. The blathering about the cloud is literally some of the stupidest writing I've ever seen.

The cloud capabilities is the shit they like the most. We basically made a huge cloud compute shit and made it free. What people are doing with it is kind of cool. THe original intention was to get all the Multiplayer servers not requiring 3rd party costs (Like EA shutting down game servers to cut costs), as well as taking all the games that servers hosted by the clients (Halo, etc), and have all that compute done in the cloud allowing more CPU cycles for gameplay. That will really expand what developers can do. Anything that doesn't need per frame calculation and can handle 100ms delays can be shifted to the cloud. That's huge.

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If you want a good place to wander around for an afternoon in Tokyo you can go to the amusement park on Odaiba. It's an artificial island that used to be a cannon battery defending Tokyo harbor but now it's loaded with shops and a Sega theme park called Joypolis. Also hit up the department stores/arcades in Akihabara, each floor will blow your mind. I remember Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa being very impressive, great statues and Tori (those big red gateways.) You'll probably end up in Harajuku at some point, make sure you see the Togo shrine while you're there, it's so quiet and peaceful compared to the surrounding area.

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I like this podcast, it reminds me how lucky I am/have been. I'm sure you two feel the same being from different countries and meeting on, of all places, a video game site. Those stories were pretty amusing, though some seemed pretty typical run of the mill "I like this girl...what should I do? does she even like me?" The real winners are those posts that provide context and highlight the person's quirks and odd misconceptions. Here's an extreme case of both lots of context and severe misconceptions.

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Tragic. Just goes to show how volatile this business can be, even long time titans of the industry can go down hard.

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Really liking season 4 of a Archer, I watched the pilot again recently and the show has really evolved since then - writing and art is real sharp.