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I'd love for them to undercut the Xbone by 50 or 100, but realistically they'll probably be in that same price range. Man, imagine if it's cheaper due to not requiring a camera. That'd be bananas.

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Metal Gear and Witcher stood out the most to me, and in more ways then one.

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@angrighandi: You'r right about that, but what really bothered me was the lack of zaniness that was present in past Dead Risings. Without the wacky servbot heads, crazy characters, and the timer it's just a zombie game. The gameplay looks solid enough. I'm just not sure that's enough for me personally.

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Some of these games looked fun, but the Xbox One still has its terrible DRM. So yeah, love some of the games, still hate the console.

Dead Rising 3 really bummed me out though. It was my most anticipated game going in, and it looks bland and uninteresting now. Thanks Capcom.

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The chances that Bethesda won't use Skyrim's "engine" are pretty slim. I'm sure they'll update it slightly, like in the jump from Oblivion to Fallout 3. The more important thing to me is that it's on next gen hardware. It could be more prone to bugs and the like, but the upsides would be worth it.

As long as the game is an improved sequel, I'll be happy.

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If the problem was population splitting then why not just throw it in the normal rotation for players who have it?

Logically, putting it in the rotation for players who have still splits the playerbase according to who has the pre-order map.

I think it's kind of dumb that they removed the playlist but it's also dumb to have a pre-order map which isn't going to be a freebie for everyone at some point so that you can play the thing. Maybe they'll give the Nuketown 2025 map away at some point so that everyone does have it and then they can slip the map into the rotation proper. Either that, or give it away with the first map pack and include it in the playlist for that.

But why completely remove the map from matchmaking? In past CODs, DLC maps would have they're own hoppers or would be mixed into existing hoppers. They would shuffle things around, sure, but never remove a map from the game. Treyarch did an irrational thing and gave no reason for doing so.

They added it back in one hopper with other maps(Chaos Moshpit), not into the normal rotation, so population splitting wasn't the issue. It would be nice if they gave it away for free, but since this is Activision we're talking about, it'll probably come out with the first map pack.

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For the life of me, I can't understand why they removed it. It was a small fast paced map, which inherently means faster XP, but if that was the problem, why not just adjust the values like they do for other playlists? If the problem was population splitting then why not just throw it in the normal rotation for players who have it?

If they are doing this to make an incentive to buy the next map pack/season pass, that would have to be the shittiest anti-consumer practice.

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A Jack Nicholson-esque character? Well done Rockstar, well done.

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Point Lookout and Old World Blues were both fantastic. I like Old world blues a little more. The comedy and the quests were all so great.

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The last thread was great, glad to see a sequel.