This is a public service announcement.

This is a public service announcement regarding some statements being made on various websites, including Giant Bomb, that we need to call to attention.

First off, from IGN. This is a comment on Wii Music plastic shell peripherals.

DarkRedSky2008 said: (I subtitled to make the black easier on the eyes)

Nintendo is genius. I don't care if all their little gimmicks are for kiddies, the people over at the big "N" are brilliant! At least they know how to make money. These silly additions will probably sell a lot of units and I would guess it costs Nintendo next to nothing to produce them. They probably only have to sell fifty units to cover their cost. Good job N! Way to ignore those of us who made you what you are today. Whatever, at least we have... nothing to look forward to.

And now, one from Giant Bomb, pertaining to the REmake for Wii:

Albedos_shadow said:

So, it's a remake of a remake. Good job, Nintendo. Always with the originality.

Okay. Now we have set the ground work. What is my point?

The Wii Music peripherals are made by ezGear, not Nintendo.

The REmake is made by Capcom, not Nintendo.

My message is:


That is all.


The first thing to come up for every letter on Youtube.

A - Akon

B - Britney Spears
C - Chris Brown
D - Disturbia (A Rihanna song)
E - Eminem
F - Funny (acceptable)
G - Green Day
H - High School Musical 3 (Very unacceptable)
I - If I Were A Boy (wtf?)
J - Jonas Brothers (Equally unacceptable)
K - Katy Perry
L - Lil Wayne
M - Michael Jackson (probably the only good one on here)
N - Naruto (Probably the worst one on here)
O - Obama
P - Pink
Q - Queen (I take that back. THIS is the best one on here)
R - Rihanna
S - Shakira
T - Twilight (Probably the worst thing ever)
U - Usher
V - Vanessa Hudgens (WHO!?!)
W - Womanizer
X - X Factor (Some lame-ass talent show . . . I don't know. Blame the British)
Y - Young Jeezy
Z - Zac Efron (Ending on a high note . . . uh huh)

I feel like shit now. With the exception of maybe two of these, this really makes me feel bad.

Pandora is awesome.

If you like music, you'll definitely get a kick out of this. Basically, you enter a song or band or genre, and it will create a radio station around that. So, I entered Alice in chains, and I get stuff from them, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Tool, etc. Better yet, you have the option to say you like and don't like songs they bring up, as well as see why they chose certain songs for the playlist. It's free, from what I understand. Give it a shot, and I bet you'll like it, even if it might piss you off from time to time. Van Halen and Rush are not similar.

What is this MySpace shit!?!?!

Okay . . . okay, gotta calm down.

There's this local band where my cousin lives that we rag on alot, because they made this. Anyways, my cousin pointed out a picture of his drumset set up. The only problem, other than the fact that he was shirtless when he shouldn't be (pale white kids . . . eww), was that his china cymbal was upside down. I decided, after 6 long years of protest, that I make a MySpace account to correct his mistake in a polite way.

So, I go through the creation process and everything, and go to the picture to post a comment, but . . . I had to be his friend to post a comment! What the hell? What is MySpace teaching kids, that they can just have a bubble around themselves free from criticism? Anyways, I figured I'd send him a PM, but it wouldn't let me do that either!

Okay, here comes the rant and profanity.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?! Now I understand what's wrong with kids in this world. MYSPACE! They think they're all hot shit because no one ever takes them down a notch because they're not allowed to. Kids are protected from every single legitimate criticism and correction, so they see themselves as perfect. FUCK, MAN!!! I swear to god, MySpace is killing the earth, and I hope it dies soon. This is easily the biggest load of bullshit EVER.

I have a strange question for Giant Bomb.

Is it possible that a man be so "in touch" with his femenine side that he not only has PMS, but is stuck in a constant PMS-like attitude?

I ask this because all of the guys I know that are in touch with their femenine sides are bitches. What would you say the scientific possibilities are of this?

Fallout 3 just wants me to hate it.

I have serious issues with Fallout 3 from the get-go. The shooting is bland, the third person mode is bad and VATS are too much the focus. Having said that, the game refuses to try and please me. It just wants me to die.

OK, so there I was, out and about, exploring this and that and whatnot, when I find some raiders. I kill them, around six or so. When I'm done with the killing, I start walking and I realize I should save it. As my finger reaches for pause . . . landmine. I lose twenty minutes of play time. Fair enough, I guess. This time, I: go in a different direction, and I find more bandits. I dispatch three bandits and two dogs, and am out of ammo. I'm also low on health. The last dude comes out, so I pull out my chainsaw and run to cut him up. He, unfortunately, has a flamethrower. We're draining each others health when I realize that I can't win without VATS. I'm standing right in front of him, which I'm sure of because I was just meleeing his ass, and it gives me, for % to hit . . . 0. It says I'm TOO FAR AWAY. I could tell you what his breath smelled like, for Christ's sake. So, I die. Again. Another twenty minutes. God damnit.
This time, I decide to just skip bandits and go right to Megaton.When I enter the city, the fucking sky is falling. I don't think I've ever seen such massive graphical bugs in my life: people were floating, massive gray bars sprouted from nowhere, things were flickering . . . really? Seriously?

I've resigned myself to disliking the game. Sad, too. I just found Dogmeat.

Chuck Berry!!! Where are you!?!

I've heard some of the songs from Fallout 3. I like a lot of them, but there's some that they NEEDED to have. I'll list them here, with videos.

Maybelline - Chuck Berry

This is the big one. I even made my character a black man named Chuck Berrow in hopes of hearing some of his stuff. If there's a fight song that fits the style of music in this game, it's his stuff. A lot of people go to Johnny B. Goode for Mr. Berry, but I think Maybelline fits better. Hearing the line, "OH MAYBELLINE! Why can't ya be true?" while blowing off some raider's heard is just perfect.


Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash has a great sound that captures the fifties well, but Folsom Prison Blues's application in Fallout 3 are extraordinary. Talking of shooting men to watch them die, hanging you head and crying, being tortured by people better off . . . Hell, apply the opening lines involving Folsom Prison and replace Folsom with the wasteland, and it makes sense in itself. Sorry for the retarded vid.


These songs would fit too well. There are others, but they aren't coming to mind right now.

G.L.O.W, by the Smashing Pumpkins, review.

    I've been a Smashing Pumpkins fan since I was a wee boy. My dad would always play me Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie, and I really liked it. I like it even more now that I've had an introspective reniassance, and not one of those gay ones where I end up as an emo kid listening to My Chemical Romance. A good one, where I appreciate the higher value of a song. I really appreciate Smashing Pumpkins older stuff, but was completely put off by the trifling "Zeitgeist." Here we are again, with a new single, entitled G.L.O.W. I wasn't expecting much of anything but at the same time expecting them to blow me away. What I got was somewhere in the middle.

    From the beginning of the song, I found the effects put on the bass to be muddy and filth-encrusted . . . and I got excited. It sounded more like Smashing Pumpkins than any of ZeitGeist. When Corgan comes on with the vocals, though, it starts to somewhat fade. It's not entirely the singing, which he still needs to fix (more on that in a second), but more an issue with the lyrics. The line "I'm so alone," is repeated over and over in this song. It's not a great line, but the fact that it's repeated makes me beat it to death. Back when the Punpkins were big, they sang all about being alone in their angsty woes, which was fine, since they were young. Their loneliness was more of being alienated from society than anything else. Here, at the old age of 40, it sounds more like pedophelia. Corgan is having a hard time growing up lyrically. Vocally, there are also some issues. The vocal line sounds alright, but Corgan has been having issues with his voice since SP reformed. I think it's something with the mix; back in the old days, the vocals were loud yet soft at the same time. Here, they seem less intense, but are more prominent. The mix has issues all around, really. The guitar and drums are too quiet, especially the guitar, and that's coming from someone who plays bass. He's gotta crank it up and really let it sing. 
    As far as the actual song goes, though . . . it's not bad. the drumming is awesome (as usual, really. Chamberlain never disappoints) and the guitar, while quiet, is very Pumpkins. The song would have done itself alot if it would have mixed up the lyrics more, as well as taking it in a less standard direction. I know I've compared their current sound to their old stuff a lot, but I'm not saying that they need be the same as they were. To give a great example of how I don't prefer this, look at the band Rush. Astronomically different from who they once were, they've always been fresh. The album they put out in 2003 is possibly my favorite album by them because of their successful redefinition of who they were. Geddy Lee lost his wailing ability, so he took a much more melodic route, and I'm one of the few people I know that like the direction he went in. The Pumpkins are having a slightly harder time of that. They don't sound bad, but they don't sound terribly unique., which is a damn shame, because Corgan is a unique singer if there ever was one. I think this song is a good start, and I'm excited to hear the album. If I'm disappointed, so be it, but there's potential in what I hear.

My score: 4/5. Check it out below, sorry for the poor quality.




If any of you have these games and would like to play them online with me, send me a PM.

- Tetris Party
- Bomberman Blast!
- Brawl
- Mario Kart Wii

I'm looking for people to play with and the Friend Code topic is totally dead. Send me a PM and we'll play the day away.