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de Blob makes up for some shortcomings with brilliant mechanics. 0

    The revolution is at hand! Sure, you may have heard that tons of times in the different worlds that compose the unified videogame ultraverse, but never have you heard it like this. de Blob's weapon isn't firepower or a superior naval force. His power is color, and never has color kicked so much ass. It may have a few minor setbacks, but de Blob overcomes them and delivers a great adventure that helps establish Wii's dominance over the realm of fun, creative IPs.    So, the game takes place i...

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Mushroom Men is simple, classic fun on a system that needs it. 0

    Mushroom Men left me feeling a little confused on what to give it for this review. On one hand, the game's protagonist, Pax, is charming and likeable, as are his allies and companions. The design for the characters is also superb, as is the entire look of the game, which is in no small party due to the phenomenal art direction at work. The game also has the musical videogame debut of Les Claypool, bassist of Primus, and he produces some of the best videogame tracks I've heard in a while. No ...

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Corruption is the "Prime" example of the Wii's true aim. 0

    The Wii gets a lot of flak, and I mean a lot of flak for its control setup. Often called "gimmicky", "pointless", or "childish", it is the bane of all that the traditional gamer stands for, or at least that's what some select haters would lead one to believe. The points made on why the control setup doesn't work were completely shattered with Metroid Prime 3. While the game is fundamentally very similar to the prior two games, it represents better than any other game on the market what the W...

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Condemned is great fun, despite some issues and inconsistencies. 0

    First person games are few in far between. Okay, let me slap myself in the face for lying to you. OK, first person games that aren't shooter-based are few and far between. While they can be used for superb immersion, many people look to other styles for their non-shooter games. Condemned is a welcome exception to this rule. While there are guns in this game, they are a smaller part than most other FP games, which makes it unique from the start. Couple that with a genuinely interesting story ...

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Oblivion is one of the biggest disappointments in years. 3

    Let's get right down to it: in a slew of Xbox games, one game stood above all, even above Halo. That game was The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. It is a staple in modern gaming, creating the best game world yet to be seen. You could spend hours upon hours playing this game, but the odds are that you wouldn't see everything it had to offer. It is, to put it simply, a masterpiece, and easily one of the best games yet created. It's because of this that Oblivion is such a massive disappointment. Wh...

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Boom Blox offers great gameplay for anyone, especially groups. 0

    I don't think anyone really thinks Steven Spielberg made this game, or even had a large role in making this game. It was probably more so that he helped to make the concept, and let the developers put his name on the box to bolster sales. A cheap move, really, putting someone's name on the box when they weren't all that involved. Oh wait, this is actually good. Really good. While some modes are bland, others are fantastic, and almost every game in the package uses the Wii remote well. I can ...

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It took alot of failure to make Red Steel bad, but they did it. 1

    I got Red Steel a few days after we got a Wii, so sometime after Christmas. My brother and I were excited to see a shooting game on the Wii, and also wanted to engage each other in sword-fighting duels. In fact, everyone was interested, and had hopes in  the clouds for this game. Unfortunately, the game seemed to have only the bare minimum. All things aside, this game is one or two bugs from being broken.     You play as a Japanese American named Scott, who is called "Scott-san" to my great ...

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GTA4 is proof that realism isn't always the way to go. 0

    Let me start by saying that I've put in at least 200 hours cumulatively into all of the Playstation 2 Grand Theft Auto games. I loved and cherished them. They played well, had good humor and made you feel like the world's greatest badass at times. Grand Theft Auto 4, with a budget of $100 million and a development time of over four years ultimately proves that Grand Theft Auto relied on more than just the city to play in. How you play in that city matters even more, and this is where GTA4 fa...

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Dementium is shockingly scary for a DS game, but has its issues. 0

    Horror games don't work well on hand-held gaming systems. This is a fact that people have accepted since the dawn of time. A scary game has to be atmospheric and engrossing to be scary, which is something that a hand-held can't dish out. Hand-held systems are for Pokemon and Tetris...right? Wrong. Dementium: The Ward successfully shatters the myth of horror games being exclusive to consoles, gives a great control setup as well as a buggy save system to make a game anyone looking for a good f...

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