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Perfect sex

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I still have no idea what's happened in the past month

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@moondogg said:

Why would the stairs to the third floor be there? Who was the architect for that house?

As an architecture student ^ that made me laugh out :D

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@bbalpert said:

Danny's reaction to Boyle, the most Irish Irishman.

Beautiful! :')

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Oh my god, the robot refusing to do what Vinny want and spouting random uninteresting facts while the the clock count down to an explosion is COMEDY GOLD!

All the robots seem super passive aggressive in this game.

"That is not an arm. That is me."

"Message received. There's a bomb." ROFL

A great GB classic QL after a really long time! This and the Long Night Ql brought back good QL feelings :D

I guess the GBeast move seems to be working out pretty well :)

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@tinodz said:
These kinda things are always pretty cool

Oh no... my brain T_T

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RIP Ryan

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This art style reminds me of my architectural college work -_-

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Hype! :D

Honestly, it's early setup stuff like this in new locations that have been my absolute favorite parts of Giant Bomb videory. When it's all slapdash and half the equipment isn't in place yet and the stuff that is there is held together with scotch tape and optimism. That is the goodly goodness.


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The game to end all games