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Oh my god, the robot refusing to do what Vinny want and spouting random uninteresting facts while the the clock count down to an explosion is COMEDY GOLD!

All the robots seem super passive aggressive in this game.

"That is not an arm. That is me."

"Message received. There's a bomb." ROFL

A great GB classic QL after a really long time! This and the Long Night Ql brought back good QL feelings :D

I guess the GBeast move seems to be working out pretty well :)

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These kinda things are always pretty cool

Oh no... my brain T_T

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RIP Ryan

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This art style reminds me of my architectural college work -_-

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Hype! :D

Honestly, it's early setup stuff like this in new locations that have been my absolute favorite parts of Giant Bomb videory. When it's all slapdash and half the equipment isn't in place yet and the stuff that is there is held together with scotch tape and optimism. That is the goodly goodness.


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The game to end all games

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Your time has time sounds scary

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Loved Armageddon, and might check this out when it releases. But judging from the trailer, it doesn't look like it's progressed much over the years...

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Lol this was a funny review :D
I'll keep away from the game and stick to playing Gothic 3 for now then

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Man, there was a time where I was outright addicted to The Sims. Sunk a ludicrous amount of hours into the first two games, but The Sims 3 just didn't quite capture the magic for me again. Well, part of that was down to once again losing all of the features from The Sims 2's expansions packs... they even took out pets again for the base game.

Still, The Sims series hold a special place in my heart. Always had great music, too. I've always especially liked the build menu themes from The Sims, which eventually made into The Sims 2 as its 'New Age' radio station I think.

Yep exactly the way I felt. Nice to someone else also found Sims2 as special as I did

While the Sims 2 was obviously better, nothing will ever replace the first Sims for me. I remember everything from that game. Even the cheat codes I used later on. When I first got the Vacation expansion I was blown away I could leave town.

Man... that game was so great.

Yeah I guess it's about what makes you more nostalgic. I never played the Sims 1, only saw it at my friends'. The Sims 2 on the other hand was one of the first proper games I played after spending most of the years before that playing older games such as Roadrash, Mario, some dos games etc. (since I had a weak PC and no new consoles)

Sims 2 after that was like magic to me. I remember being impressed by the detailed texture of a barstool when I zoomed all the way in :D