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Yay for more Mass Effect! :)

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Extreme thread necromancy at play here...

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A lot. Brings back all the good memories :)

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Unity, middle earth

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Good, valid blog :)

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Lost jumped every shark there is third season. This video sums up my feelings about Lost almost perfectly (spoilers, not that it matters for reasons that quickly become apparent.)

Abrams & co admittedly made some awesome shit, and then resolved absolutely fucking nothing.

Wow that video looks like a lot of hard work!

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Wow dunno how I missed this. Would love to hear a dedicated lost discussion.

Are they still uploading the podcasts? :(

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Really excited. Gotta thank Giantbomb for introducing me to this show. Saw it right after GB finished the Deadly Premonition ER :D

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That test seems like a lot of work :/

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I focus on only one RPG at a time (if im enjoying it, that is) and play all the main quests, and most side quests until I reach the story's end (I avoid collection quests)

I don't spend more than an hour or two due to time constraints. Unless i'm really enjoying it, in which case I sleep a little late :P