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@armaan8014: Totally agree. The first time I left the sewer my jaw dropped and I spent the next day (not an in-game day either) just looking at trees, watching sunsets and glitch-climbing mountains.

Oh man yes! Great to know people do stuff this way :D Watching clouds and sunsets while sipping tea, perfect! I remember jumping around naked in a waterfall once on my way to Cheydinhal (?) and then climbing the hill next to it, and watching in awe and wonder as the weather changed so smoothly and dynamically from a sunny morning to an overcast, and eventually rainy afternoon. Sigh

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This may not be a bug, I may just be dumb.

I'm on Chrome v38

When I quote a user in the forum I can't seem to figure out how to get out of the quote block. My cursor lands underneath the quote but to the right of the vertical line that appears. I can't seem to find a keystroke to break out of that block so my response is not indented into the quoteblock. Hitting enter just extends the quote block and the indent buttons don't shift me any further to the left, and I can't seem to click my cursor out below the line. Like I said I am probably just being dense. I seem to be able to get out of the block by Editing but that's not ideal.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

You are not dense it happens to me all the time.

Here's my workaround if it helps. What I usually do is type some of what I plan to write first, Place the cursor at the very beginning of my writing, Hit enter,leave the cursor in the new now first blank line and then hit Quote.

I deal with it this way as well

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If we're discussing "beautiful", it'd have to be Oblivion for me. Memories of wandering through Cyrodill are gonna stick with me forever. Here's a blog about it.

Here's some comments people on youtube had written on the soundtrack for the game:

hlvrn :

This clip reminds me of traveling in the great wilderness of Cyrodiil. The stars shimmer above me, like diamonds in the dark, endless firmament. Accompanied are the moons of Secunda and Masser, illuminating the environment with their mystical moonlight.

I am alone, yet I do not feel alone. I feel safe and peaceful, as I run through the countless of trees, to finally reach a hill - looking down at the mighty Empire of Cyrodiil.

Standuble 2 ^

This song reminds me of melancholy, loss and grief. It's the feeling (especially at time when the song uplifts from the sorrow) that everything is always changing, what is lost is perhaps lost forever and for good or ill we must be strong and move on without it, hopefully into a new, yet different golden age of peace or happiness. This is what this song reminds me of, its so beautiful. I was in love with it as soon as I first heard it, far above the other songs for me.

How i would love to live in these times. Hunting with my brothers, Searching Unknown lands, Drinking ale with my Friends after a hard Days work, hiking mountains and hunting deers. Has anyone else looked up at the night sky in oblivion and seen its beauty and wished for a world just like it?


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Didn't read or watch, just came to say that the Mass Effect trilogy are the best games ever.

Yep. Agree 100%

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Almost all of the content nowadays is premium only >:(

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@Karthas said:

@mwng: It's featured in this video kinda explaining how that all worked out to his benefit:

This answers the question perfectly

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@pimblycharles: Glad you're having fun! :)

Oddly enough, I haven't finished the game yet :P Work and other things got me busy, plus Sims 4 took up my free time as well :P

But I think the game would last for about 25-35 hrs depending on how you play it, from what I've heard.

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Some interesting replies on this thread. :D

Once you come to terms with your own mortality, you will be able to lead a fuller life.

I know I'm going to die. I think about it often, and I'm perfectly fine with it.


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So we've finally narrowed down our search and decided to get a Sony BRAVIA KLV-40R482B 40" LED TV (Full HD)

I haven't been able to find too many reviews online about the TV, but the ones I did read have given it a pretty solid rating, praising especially its picture quality. Seeing it live in the shop was also pretty satisfactory, and the only other one we were confused about was the LG 42LB550A 42 inches LED TV (Full HD) ( which lost out due to inferior sound and less depth in blacks)

Thanks for the help everyone :)

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I'm downloading the Fifa 15 Demo right now though :P