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Im 22 and my gaming history is - PC


Edit: Oh and some fake - ass consoles back in the late nineties which read cartridges that had games such as Mario, Double dragon, excite bike (I don't know which platform these originally belong to) and everything combined into one cartridge. So i've played hundreds of games of that era, but only on a fake imitation console. (We used to call it a - "Video game" lol)

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Let's keep this thread alive and active! (Like that wrestling thread that has 100 million posts on it)

Excited for today's matches, but MAN it's a really busy schedule for the teams this month till next. (Good for the fans though)

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Dragon Age 3

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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@humanity: Hmm alright. I was more annoyed by the diversity in the characters before I'd started playing the game (and in the first few hours) but 20hrs in I've begun to warm up to them - especially Solas and Cole, those being my favorites. The rest are all fine too. I still can't stand Viveinne and Sera though, always tempted to kick them out of the party.

There was a review or something that echoed my thoughts very well. It said something about how perfectly normal it would be for a game (Jade Empire) to be set in, say China, to have characters belonging to only that race, and that it would be fitting - not boring or offensive. Then he talked about how Thedas is a fantasy version of some European countries (France etc) and some characters don't really fit in. There's definitely more variety than DA:O. I just can't seem to find that article again though.

EDIT: Here's the article -

He explains it far better than I could

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@planetfunksquad: @humanity: Yeah but it just feels out of nowhere in this third game of the franchise.. As compared to the previous two. It just feels forced. It must feel natural, that's all.

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@bofooq said:

Looks like this guy from a polish film - with fire and sword

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Agree completely about the politically correct characters in the game. It feels like a collection of all possible sexuality and races jammed into the game. It doesn't feel normal, just very unrealistic. And since when did elves start looking the way Sera does? "Some of them, such as the “British elf ogre thing” (I quote from a fan forum), Sera, are outright awful"

That's spot on and made me laugh too. The variety is just too unrealistic and weird.

Waiting for Witcher 3

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Haha I just do that nonsense either by mistake or if it's right in front of me on my way to something interesting. Can't imagine actually putting in effort to do those meaningless things. It's not like earlier games when doing these kinds of things gave you some really cool weapons or story or something. (The demon doors in Fable 1, were fantastic, for example)

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I don't usually get emotionally invested in these awards, it's just a bit of stuff to watch to pass time for me. Especially since games like Risen 3 (this year) or Deadly premonition are usually my goty- Games that I don't expect to win much. (Risen 3 won't win anything, actually. Probably won't even be nominated)

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This year I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid it because seeing the blandest game I played this year be praised as this incredibly innovative thing and winning literally all the awards is super depressing.

Are you talking about Shadow of Mordor? I found that to be a boring, uninspiring experience too