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@karkarov: Holy crap that does look great. What's the main cause for that.. sharpness though? The resolution or texture setting? (mine is 1600x900 at high textures)

Man that must be fun to play with

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@kmg90 said:
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@kmg90: Gaffer! Gaffer! :D


One of the npcs kept shouting that in the video you put up -_-

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This game is beautiful whether you play it on ultra or even the lowest possible settings (which is what I'm playing at)

Downgrade or not, the game is still visually beautiful, whether it's the sunlight streaming through the leaves during exploration, or a beautifully framed shot in a cutscene. Share your best screenshots here! (and try being selective, so that we have a collection of quality rather than quality! :D )

If the image contains story spoilers, please hide it in a spoiler block. (Try not glancing at the quest tracker on the right side of the screen, that'd contain spoilers too)

Also, try posting the settings on which your game's running at (low/ medium /high). It'll create a nice database for basic comparisons.

I'll start: (all shots taken on lowest possible settings, but textures on high)

(think this one might've been on medium settings, as i'd just started the game)
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Perfect except for dat nose

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@fredchuckdave said:

I've learned from the last few pages that as long as there's boobs all is well.

I mean.... they were awesome.

I know right! :D

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@artisanbreads: @mb:Well I got the 1.04 patch, undid a setting that the patch bumped up (which was the cause of stuttering that some people encountered with the patch), and switched to playing on my TV which allowed me to lower the resolution from 1600x900 to 1280X720 (as the difference is almost unnoticeable while sitting at a distance), and moved up from 13-18 FPS to 20-28! It's finally playable! :D

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1. The Witcher 1

2. Mass Effect 3

3. Dragon Age: Origins

4. TES IV: Oblivion

5. Mass Effect 1

6. Fable TLC

7. Fallout 3

8. Gothic 3

9. Risen 3

10. Witcher 3 (Only last because I've just started playing it, I'm sure it'll be top 3 once I'm done with it. Memories / nostalgia have yet to be made!)

Also, I'm loving the love The Witcher 1 is getting :D

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@grtkbrandon: I didn't get into a fight in the tavern and yes, there are no issues with the guards later on. You can just stroll in. Infact, I didn't even know those bandits were his guards until I read your post!

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I hope they feel a bit different movement wise. Like how catwoman offered a different experience to Batman?

I'm not necessarily talking realistically here, just thinking gameplay wise (I wouldn't really know how real women control) ;)

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@cale: Oh my you're seriously a jank master! I don't mind bugs and glitches much either (love any euro-rpg that comes out, Witcher 1 is my all time favorite, love games such as Risen etc) but losing hours of progress would totally kill me :/