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1. RISEN 3 - Freaking amazing game. What a blast to play

I'm thinking of playing Risen 3 after I finish Metro 2033 Redux. I've heard really mixed things about it, but I'm a huge fan of the series and Gothic games. Would you recommend it to someone who has experience and enjoys those games? I always liked the learning curve Piranha Bytes offers, and I hear this one is made a bit easier for newcomers. That could be a turn off for me. Regardless, I'm still likely going to play it.

Wish their was a Quick Look of it.... :(

Since you're already a fan of the type of games PB make, i'd definitely recommend it. Yeah it's true, the game's a bit easier, but the main draw for me here is atmosphere, exploration and music.

Here's a detailed blog I wrote after my first 5 hours in. I'm 25 hours in now btw -

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Oohh and I forgot. Definitely try Mr. Nobody. Has that dreamy feel and really makes you think. Is a beautiful film as well.

You could also try The fountain

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Hmmm I have somewhat similar tastes..

Maybe you'll like these

In bruges


Into the wild

Okurobito Departures

Wonder boys

3 iron

A good year


Infact, here's my Imdb favorite list. Im sure you'll find some of your interests

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1. RISEN 3 - Freaking amazing game. What a blast to play

2. Divinity original sin - Sorta meh, but the fights are good

Upcoming probably amazing games -

AC unity

Lotr shadow of Mordor

Dragon age inquisition

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@xpolymorphic: Thanks for the idea, sounds pretty interesting :) I'll add this to our discussion

@rongalaxy: Thanks for the inputs :) More simple and relate able then maybe. Got to keep thinking then :/

@evo: Hmm alright we'll think of the ending in a little less melodramatic direction

@audiobusting: @shindig: Haha I could see that happening, but only in real life :P

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I don't even understand how this twitter shit is used. It's so clunky, I can't even read some conversation I that I might've been interested in reading.

I don't have an account and I never understood how this thing got popular anyway.

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Goa, India

Woohoo! Looks like i'm the only (active) one to represent India here! I sorta always knew it though

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@finaldasa: Thanks for moving the blog. Yeah I hope you have a good time playing it! :)