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To this day it's still my favorite GTA. I prefer it over San Andreas even.


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@ntm: Yup, near the beginning

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@ntm: I'm at the part where April steps through the portal for the very first time (behind the theater) I've just stepped into the other world and have yet to explore it.

I'm liking it quite a bit so far. Surprisingly, I feel it has aged very well (at least with the Nvidia AA settings pushed up) It's probably because it's a point and click adventure game, so it feels very much like a great indie/ mobile game of the present day.

Even more surprisingly, I had tried this game out more than a couple of years back, and didn't even last more than ten minutes. I don't think I even exited her home that time around! Guess watching Dreamfall chapters really made me want to play through them all this time around.

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Hahaha great thread :D

You have to assert yourself. Whenever you see your cat napping in the sink, scoop it out and nap there yourself. Let it know that the sink is yours.

And pee in it too. Mark your territory.

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@ntm: I haven't started chapters yet. I'm playing TLJ at the moment, will play the sequels after that.

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@ntm: I decided to get the game once I saw that part with the musician guy in the QL. It was funny, but also really, really beautiful.

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Ive just started The longest journey and am pretty excited to play this one eventually :D I wouldn't be able to wait if I were in your place, I think.

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I like the direction this thread has taken..

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Bad kyrat drivers

I had the EXACT same moment at the exact spot after helping these same guys fight off the enemies. The girl said thank you, the other soldiers started firing into the air, and BOOM. (only the car came from the other side) I couldn't record. Couldn't see it coming! That's why I came back to this thread to check if there's a button to save replay or something of the sort.