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@jeust:Thanks :) Yeah it's a transitory phase, but it's also sucking my enthusiasm out of me, and that's difficult for me to live with :P

That's why you have to accept it, and embrace it. So you can live through everything and have the ability to work in the direction you desire. It is and not solely a test to your ambition. It is also a state that you will learn to deal better with, and be happier.

About the games, I also love the original The Witcher to bits. But what I find in these games, is that they are long and complex, so it drags my desire to replay them, while Fable is lighter, more non-linear, giving me more possibilities to roleplay, even though it is a simpler game. So I find myself returning to Fable more than to Mass Effect. It's funny.

Very true. I'll be better off after this weird period the same way that I am better off after the tough college experience I had

I actually never replay games, so that I can maintain my feeling of nostalgia. Funnily enough though, I've played Mass Effect 1, TW1 and TW2 all twice because I needed to carry over their saves and had lost them the first time around :P So I've only ever replayed those games which are actually long

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@liquiddragon: As for figuring out my department of choice, I'd (hopefully/ eventually) want to be a director. I'd want to be in control of the matter as soon as possible too (editing, choreography and script) After I take my course, hopefully I can work as an asst. director to someone, or maybe try starting as an indie filmmaker.

@personandstuff: Good idea ;) My favorite combination btw (cheapest combo in India)

@jiggajoe14: Thanks a lot :) And your reply makes me feel a bit more confidence in myself and my life plans (which is what I really need right now, with all the self doubt hanging over my head) so thanks for that too :)

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@jeust:Thanks :) Yeah it's a transitory phase, but it's also sucking my enthusiasm out of me, and that's difficult for me to live with :P

As for your question, I feel an immense amount of nostalgia for Fable. Thinking about that gives me all tingly magical feelings and I feel nostalgic and long for an experience like that. But I guess that's what it is, nostalgia. As for TW3, I haven't finished it yet. I guess I'll know better once I'm done and can look back on my experience. (BTW, TW1, is my all time favorite game, maybe that'd be a better comparison. Here, check out my list :P)

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What are all those things you've always wanted to do but never had enough time for in your daily life? What new things would you learn, or skills would you polish, or creative projects would you do if you had a month with no work/ school/ family/ responsibilities etc and had all the time to do whatever you always wanted to do?

When I had college I was always brimming with ideas and inspiration for creative projects (painting, making film, making music) and things I wanted to learn, but I never had enough time. Now I have all the time but am completely uninspired. Also, I currently can't travel anywhere, and all my friends are busy.

So what would you do if you were by yourself and had a month to yourself? Don't worry about sticking to my situation, I'm just curious what others would do (preferably at home) with all this free time, and hopefully I can inspire myself by reading about other people's enthusiasm :)

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Had issues with Witcher 3 running on Nvidia's Kepler cards. It's still an unsolved issue (whole controversy about nvidia underpowering their old cards to promote sales of new ones)

I finally have a somewhat stable performance - locked at 19fps. Obviously, still not good enough, but relatively feels smooth. Affected my enjoyment of the game majorly.

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@armaan8014: Where exactly is Skellige did you stop? The whole choose a leader thing is dumb but it's pretty easy to get through and it sets up important story beats for later.

Well I did the whole main questline with Yennefer first, and about 5-6 side quests along the way. I didn't touch the leader questline, but I was about to go looking for Crach's daughter when I stopped (which I assume is the start of that quest line)

I ended up looking for a light, fun and a little older game to take a break from TW3. So I got Bulletstorm for now. I'll blast through that till I feel the urge for TW3 again :P

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The Witcher 3 has been a bumpy road for me. It took a while to get into, then I was riding high during the events of the Bloody Baron's quest. Now I made it to Skellige and I haven't touched it in a week. With Batman out this week I'm not sure I'll return for a while.

Skellige has a real weak start but it both picks up pretty quickly and the game doesn't have you stay in Skellige for too long. You just need to power through the hour or so of fantasy viking bullshit.

Skellige is the best area in the whole game.

I don't have anything against Skellige in particular, that's just where I was when I ran out of steam. Maybe I'll return to it after Batman.

I stopped after Skellige too. I was really in the flow before the Skellige part, and enjoying myself around Novigrad, but after the few main quests in Skellige (after which the main story leaves the Skellige area) I don't really feel excited about playing the game. Which is odd because Skellige looks so damn beautiful.

At this point I felt playing the game had become a routine, so I just stopped playing it. Don't want to waste the experience

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@jeust: Hey, thanks for reading and taking the time to respond :) I see what you're saying, the need to find balance between planning ahead and taking it one step at a time as well. Also your post gives me more confidence for the future. Thanks :D

As for college, it was at first useless, but as I realized towards the end, very very useful. The difficulties of surviving an architecture college has prepared me for a difficult professional career, and made me realize that I can do good work if I put enough effort into it (as opposed to what school did) Overall it has been an invaluable experience. And now I can finally follow my passion with confidence :)
If you don't mind sharing, what is it that you did for a degree, and what is your passion?

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The only choices that matter are the ones that affect your Gwent collection.

Always be Gwenting

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*shakes head at people voting Skyrim over Oblivion*

Skyrim feels like a zombiefied TES game. A reanimated corpse with no life :/