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Wolves, dogs etc are not unfair in combat at all. They're mostly one hit kill if you use igni. I mean, a pack of wolves is supposed to be dangerous isn't it? As for liking the style, it might be personal preferance, but I like it cause it feels it has depth (and not shallow like SoM as someone mentioned) I'm having fun with it. But then, I had fun with the combat in Witcher 1 as well! (and also Gothic 3, as this discussion reminds me of that)

Maybe there's an exploit that you can use (spam dodge and slash), but we could also try to be more creative and try out all the available options! As a witcher, you've got a huge array of tackling a combat scenario, and that in itself is exciting. It's not the kind of combat I'm used to, so it feels fresh. I feel it's not clunky, just something different, and that's enjoyable. I'd be bored if it was something like SoM or Batman which would essentially remain the same in its style of play from the 1st hour to the 200th.

If you have a problem with the floaty, Geralt-on-skates kind of walking/ running style (especially on controller), then I completely agree. Guess they kept the ice skating feature in after all eh? ;)

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@tennmuerti: Man that sounds great. Can't wait to dive back into the game again :)

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Despite all the controversies (downgrade, performance issues) that have been going on, this game is undeniably beautiful and emotionally moving once you sit down to play it. This is why The Witcher series is my favorite, and this is why I waited about 3 years for this game.

I'm still in the first few hours (white orchard), so I thought I'd start this thread where everyone could share moments or experiences in the game which they found especially moving or beautiful (be it within the story or just an experience during exploration of the open world)

(Please name the quest/ area and spoiler mark as necessary to avoid spoiling the story bits!)

So I was doing this quest in White Orchard where I needed to meet a herbalist in order to prepare for the griffin fight. The herbalist was tending to a patient who was on her deathbed, who I could choose to save by giving a swallow potion (while running the risk of it failing and resulting in an even more painful death) The girl had apparently been injured by the griffin when she'd gone to meet her lover in the woods, at night.

The way the herbalist recounted this story, with half a sad smile as she tried to explain the reasons for the girls naivety, with that slow beautiful music in the background, created a really sad but beautiful scene. The backstory of the girl played in my mind, making me think about love, life and death, and about a beautiful young girl who was certain to die. Beauty and horror often intertwine in the world of the Witcher, and that somehow makes it even more beautiful.

There was something about the way the herbalist's face animated as well. So.. beautiful. I felt drawn to her, and felt that Geralt and she shared something in common. But really, I think they modeled her expressions really well or something. I gave her the potion, risking a painful death, but at the same time not doing nothing. The herbalist mentioned this as well.

Man I'm really gonna enjoy this game :) (hope the performance issues are sorted out soon though!)

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I can't decide. Running feels light and weird as if it lacks mass with the controller. Will see if KBM is any different.

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Wait, is no one excited about the re inclusion of blood on the water effect? Cause everyone was pretty disappointed when it was taken out earlier. Or am I confusing things?

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Addicted to this game, loving it.

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I'm liking everything you're writing :D Can't wait for my copy.

Also, does anyone know which feels more responsive on a PC? KB+M or a X360 controller?

Menus are pretty much made for the controller. You can also check out here

Ah thanks! I had actually read that thread but somehow forgot about it :P Thanks for reminding me

Edit: Now I see that I'd even posted on that thread. Silly me -_-'

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Armaan is my name, 8014 is a random number i attach in case Armaan is already taken.

I loved the original Fable, so that's my avatar. It looks pretty sweet if I say so myself :P

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As everyone has said, it's probably cause it looks cool.

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Somebody's been shooting it with a sniper rifle.

Dunno if I remember correctly, but was that a cheat in Vice City? :D

EDIT: Ah yes, most of the GTAs infact

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Man the narrative, the quests, the voice work, the animations, the choices - everything story focused in this game is just fantastic!

I keep getting impressed time and time again.

I'm liking everything you're writing :D Can't wait for my copy.

Also, does anyone know which feels more responsive on a PC? KB+M or a X360 controller?

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T_T waiting for the game to get delivered today