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I'm still not on the map (since India's empty)
Should I repost ? :/

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@etpc: Hey I'm an Indian who's never stepped out of India and I don't feel alienated at all. In fact I find Dan to be the only other funny/interesting person remaining on this website apart from Vinny, without Dan GB would be a lot more boring. Then I'd be disinterested in this website. Plus I can relate to Dan despite all the racial etc differences

So even as a minority or w/e, I vastly prefer a funny personality over a representative of my race (can't really say about gender since I'm male)
Maybe other minorities feel differently, i'm not sure.

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Be like me. Have no idea wtf is going on and why everyone is angry and then be forced to read about it on wikpedia after a couple of months and still remain confused.

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@rafaelfc said:

This game should never come to PC.

It's good that there are PS4 exclusives, it's good that there are Xbox One exclusives and it's good that there are PC exclusives.

Well I played that Dark souls game that did come to PC, and it put me to sleep couple of hours in. So.. I'm okay with this not coming to PC :P

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WITCHER 1 (Esp before W3 comes out)

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@zella said:

It runs pretty well on my laptop with a gtx 760m. I don't have it maxed out but I have it running at around medium settings and I get 55-60 fps consistently. I would imagine an actual gaming desktop would handle high settings just fine.

Same here, with most settings on medium - high (frame rate around 40s) 1920x1080.
Also, my card is a gt650m. I could easily make the game run on 60fps but i'd rather see the sea in all its glory :D

Enjoying it so far. It's giving me the tingling excitement of freedom the way black flag had. And Unity couldn't.

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Loved the voice acting in Sleeping Dogs

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@belegorm said:

@armaan8014: I mean it only makes sense, I still know squat about the innards of computers (just buy what my friends tell me to), but I would be pretty sure that your computer is quite a bit more powerful than a PS4. And while in the future games will have stiffer requirements, you're still at least going to get them looking and running better than on console, especially considering games usually are more optimised down the line.

I really didn't expect that (especially since I see people with somewhat similarly decent laptop configs asking for help on forums, in dealing with bad framerates. And the response is mostly that their rig is not suitable for gaming)

Overall, I'm pretty surprised and happy at the same time from a PC/ laptop gamer perspective (at least for the next 1-2 years before I buy a desktop PC that I can upgrade.) Now if they could only start making interesting games again :P

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@mb said:

@sparky_buzzsaw said:

I'm just not fond of dicking around with minutia settings any time I get a finicky game not agreeing with my graphics driver or some such.

That isn't really a thing anymore. Well, it may be if you are trying to run games on an old laptop or something.

I agree, when you buy/build a new PC you just run everything on high/highest for a while, then mid settings, then either upgrade or run it on low. If you really want to dick around with settings than you can, but really it doesn't matter because as long as you've at least hit the low-mid settings at an acceptable framerate then chances are you've already got a better looking game than the PS4 version, and at a higher framerate too.

It's a really stark contrast, this console generation has only just begun and the PC is already about a generation ahead. And that gap is only going to widen.

I'm really surprised at how well my 2+ year old laptop is holding up (core i7 and gt650 m) I just finished DA: Inquisition at medium - high settings with a solid 40fps! Heck, even unity, with its terrible performance reputation, ran at medium @ 30fps

I thought this generation would bring my laptop to its knees, but thankfully that's not happened. Also, I seem to have some weird good luck with games performing smoothly when they shouldn't :P