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I'm downloading the Fifa 15 Demo right now though :P

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This thread's been made a couple times before.

I said Risen 3 in the previous one, followed by Divinity

I add Sims 4 to that. Having way more fun with that than I expected.

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@tourgen: The room is completely dark with the lights off. We have heavy curtains completely blocking the windows, so light is no issue. In this case, is a glossy screen cooler than a matte? We had a matte the last time.

About latency etc, I play from my laptop, so I only sometimes hook it up to my TV for playing some games with good visuals (Assassin's creed etc) My laptop isn't much of a powerhouse, so I already run games with a bit of lag and 30ish fps :D I've been pretty happy with whatever experience I had while playing games hooked to my previous tv, and didn't notice anything of the sort (because I'm okay with lag, due to a weakish laptop) So I think it's not much of a problem that way :P

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@mbradley1992: Thanks! That's pretty helpful advice :)

The model you mention actually isn't available here from what i've learnt though. Any other suggestions? How about those first 4 LEDs I mentioned in the OP?

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@kevin_cogneto: @bigsocrates: Hmm that's interesting. Yeah it sounds like plasmas have the best picture quality, only thing is i'm unable to find many of them still on sale (or affordable for the right size) There's little variety from what I can see, that fits into the full hd, 40" requirement of mine.

Many that did fit in are no longer in production, and Panasonic seems to have stopped production on plasma tvs altogether :(

The only problem with plasmas is that nobody really manufactures them anymore, because people actually believed all this burn-in nonsense and they never sold as well as LEDs. So they're actually getting pretty hard to find.

^pretty much the problem

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@alexw00d: Yeah I found it odd that all of them had specified 1024x768. Would've expected them to be 1366x768 (?) or something.

Soo you're saying as long as the size and resolution between different tvs are saying, they're pretty much the same experience? Nothing about brand or specifications that separates them?

Lol yeah it's Indian rupees. 1$ is approx 60 rupees, so I guess the prices are normal :P

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@corruptedevil: Yeah I'm not looking at 3D, I totally dislike it.

But I've read that Plasma burn ins don't really occur with normal TV usage, which is why I'm still considering them. It requires a certain image to be stuck onscreen for a while right?