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bump? :(

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I don't even understand how this twitter shit is used. It's so clunky, I can't even read some conversation I that I might've been interested in reading.

I don't have an account and I never understood how this thing got popular anyway.

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Goa, India

Woohoo! Looks like i'm the only (active) one to represent India here! I sorta always knew it though

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@finaldasa: Thanks for moving the blog. Yeah I hope you have a good time playing it! :)

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I just want an action adventure third person role playing game featuring you as Ash from the very first episodes of the series, featuring only the first 150 pokemon, allowing you to explore an open world and giving you the opportunity to capture any pokemon you come across.

That's what I wanted as a kid atleast :P

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I didn't learn my lesson when I bought sim city and I also didn't learn my lesson when I bought Battlefield 4. I was excited for the sims 4, then they said there would be no pools or toddlers and I said to myself thats ok just 2 features gone. Now the sims community made a list of 89 features that were in sims 3 and wont be in sims 4 or are crippled. I've heard rumors of why all these things cant be part of the game. One popular theory I heard is that sims 4 was going to be online like sim city and that it uses the same engine so its easer for all computers to run. This game is actually going backwards if you compare it to the sims 3. No open world, no create a style, no editing to public spaces, much smaller spaces, all terrain is flat, worlds of less than 25 lots compared to 150 in sims 3, no story progression, buildings in background are not playable, floors limited to 3, map is one dimensional, no ghosts, no aliens, no cars, no swimming. These are just some of the many features that are missing from the sims 4. As a player of sims 2 and 3 I would suggest that Maxis and EA do everything possible to at least add some of these things to the game. If any of these features are possible to add and EA decides to add them via a payable expansion pack I would really be upset. They should delay it 2 or 3 months and work on it some more.

Wow that sounds really crappy. Sims 2 remains the most satisfactory and enjoyable experience for me so far.

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@branthog said:

@mb said:

@branthog: Now you've done it...standing by for the Sims Defense Force to start registering when this topic pops up on Google!

It's okay -- my homestead is well fortified against toddlers and middle aged women. :P

But... I'm a man!

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Is there a Giantbomb league for this fantasy football?

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@athadam: Well.. I'm not subscribed so I don't get to see any of that. But I do feel jealous for missing out. Like how they'd already played "Mount your friends" on Upf, but I didn't get to see it until the QL