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Risen 3. Played Divinity, South park etc in the first half of the year, but none of them managed to entertain very much.

Thankfully Risen 3 came along and I was able to survive the months leading upto the holiday releases (ACu, FC4, DAI)

Great, beautiful and engrossing game. Only competition for Goty it has from my side is DA:I. (Have just started DA so can't say yet)

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2013 even, for me (On PC. Consoles had some good releases) Only memorable experience I'd had was with Black Flag. 2012 was the last of the really satisfying years in terms of games. (ME3, Sleeping dogs, FC3)

Dragon age 3 and witcher 3 should hopefully be looking to change that, though

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@shrekeh: I think it's great for the historical setting, and they manage to pull something beautiful and emotional even with all the corporate stuff that keeps it running. The ending of AC4, or Edward's life in that story, was quite a good example of that. They also have some great soundtrack (Homestead AC3 and couple of AC2 osts) to go along with the beautiful visuals. I quite appreciate the beautiful bits, with all the problems and everything :)

I made a vid which might explain it better though

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Anything by these Katy Perry etc type of people. All rubbish.

Also, that one Pitbull song where he rhymes Kodak with Kodak used to drive me up the wall. You're being paid approximately 15 bajillion dollars to write these songs and you can't come up with a different word to rhyme with Kodak? Really dude?

Ughh yeah that one seriously drives me up walls faster than.. Arno (I'm better than Pitbull already lol)

@yukoasho said:

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"Thank for my breasts so small and humble

So you don't confuse them with mountains."

What fucking song is that? Never minding that "humble" and "mountains" don't rhyme, but what?

"Lucky" that my breasts are small and humble actually ;P

"A huge amount of stuff Anthony Kiedis writes for the Chili's is just random words cobbled together,

Lol I love rhcp for that, no one cobbles better :D "Use two sticks to make it in the nature!"

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My god..

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Can't wait to play it T_T Starting Dec 1

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Hell yeah! Always for games. That with a X360 controller is a great upgrade in experience (especially cause it's a laptop)

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Eh Mordor... Don't know what people see in that game. Good mechanics and all I guess, but a super uninspiring world and setting.

DA I looks like a strong candidate. Hope 2015 is a better year for games all round.

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Been reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.

Plan to follow it up with Walden by Henry David Thoreau :)