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@s80007: WHAT. Omg this is so stupid! Do they want people to play their games at all? First Denuvo drm, now this.

I'll find a way though. HAVE to play this. EA is seriously living up to its worst company award status.

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@fetchfox said:

Great finds! I'll read through it all when I get the chance. I recently played and finished the Witcher 2 for the first time (and loved it), so I'm very interested in how they started it all.

Give Witcher 1 a try (Especially if you're planning on getting W3)

Generally speaking, its a great game with a great plot, and is much closer to the slavic kind of theme and tone than TW2 turned out to be

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It seems that the story and writing is the strongest point this time around. I was more excited for unity than I was for this.. but.. The reviews say something completely different :/

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@asilentprotagonist: Hey hey he updated the thread and has a good framerate now after updating drivers etc.

With the new drivers, and TXAA disabled (I'm on 4xMSAA) I get around 45-50fps during regular gameplay (in the beginning scene that I also used to capture those screenshots) and cutscenes. The cutscenes still drop into 20s though whenever there's a closeup on a face for some weird reason

Go to around page 4-5 and people seem to be more satisfied with how its running on the PC.

The OP then also said -

Runs better than Black Flag guys. lol On my machine.. at least.

Sounds good!

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The PC version seems to be not-too-bad from what I've been reading

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So I was browsing through some articles on Eurogamer, where I (first) stumbled upon this article on the first "The Witcher" game that was being made (in 1996 by a studio called Metropolis) It's a really interesting read about the game that was never released. In a way, I'm glad it didn't, because that allowed CD project to eventually get the license and make the 2007 "The Witcher" - which remains my all time favorite game to this day.

The first Witcher- by a different developer- which was never finished

That led me to another article, which turned out to be even more mind - blowing- The article tells in detail about how it was founded by Marcin Iwiński, starting from the humblest origins as a distributor/ localizing company for other popular games (They localized Baldur's gate for Poland)

It's an amazing, almost rags to riches type story, that details out how Marcin and his company held on to their principles, and really makes it clear as to why the company follows these particular set of ethics that have now made them popular among consumers.

There's also a somewhat entertaining alpha build video of the Witcher 2, with a surprising story behind it that explains the leap in terms of quality (Which I won't spoil for you ;) ) but the embeded video doesn't work - so I'll leave a youtube link here. (vid not embedding for some reason, therefore the link)

It's really quite an inspirational story to be honest, and its great to see what they have achieved over the years. I really respect Marcin now, and I hope my life can turn out as awesome as his! (Man I wish I was a developer at CD projekt!)

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I still feel the last Game of thrones video game was pretty damn awesome. If only they'd had a higher budget...

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Both, but priority is Unity.

Also, Far cry 4 comes on the same day as inquisition.

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Risen 3. Best game to come out this year (as of now) imo.

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On that note: Fuck Matt Damon, what the fuck are you doing in my movie you fucking asshole; get the fuck out.

This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I'd be 10X times happier going for this movie if it had Tom Cruise instead. He was great in Oblivion (and Edge of Tomorrow) and seems to fit the genre of Sci-fi/Action quite well. And even better, he seems to enjoy doing these roles. I know everybody hates him, but I like him quite a bit as an actor. (Magnolia being my favorite performance of his)