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Hey hey. This thread's irrelevant now. Dan's here! :D Dan + Drew and Vinny + Alex Qls have been the best in a long time and it's fun seeing GB videos again.

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@ezakael: I hadn't really explored the depths of Calador earlier, sticking mostly to the areas around the Citadel. But now I got this crew member (William?) who had a quest that led me into the interiors of the island and man! What a beautifully mind blowing location it is! I loved all the rolling hills and ruins he took me through, and later I took a route a little off into a forest, and that place as well was really beautiful. All those flying fireflies, the dark/ damp and mysterious forest, full of extreme amounts of detail was a real pleasure to wander through.

Then I totally lost it when I stumbled upon a hut occupied by three hunters, all three of them with different personalities. Wandering off from that point towards a waterfall was great too.

I have to say, when I'd written this article, I was impressed with everything I'd seen and felt that it was a reasonably good game that was receiving unjustified negativity from some journalists. But now I'm beginning to feel like it's much more than that: It's a damn good game, and deserves more recognition. The atmosphere, the music, the npcs really make this a fun adventure.

@baal_sagoth: Yup. I hope the game becomes a sleeper hit of some sort, though its hard to believe it could happen. But I'm sure it'll be loved amongst the hardcore fans of the series

@sterling: Good luck with your console then duder :(

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@ezakael: How are you enjoying the Demon hunter class as of now? Do they have the ability to use magic apart from scrolls? I'm confused between the lively and engaging camp of the mages and the interesting personality and story of the Demon hunters.

Also which island did you find the most interesting? I'm loving Taranis(?) as of now, it's pretty lush and mysterious :)

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@sterling: Well I guess I could suggest you consider starting off with the mages island first (tarannis). I've found it the most engaging and interesting island yet. A couple of hours of quests there should give you a good idea about whether you'll continue to find the game enjoyable ir not.

I've really been enjoying myself on this island, but even the demon hunters one, Calador, is impressive

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Gah. Is he about to mount his friends?

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@palmlykta: Thanks :)

@sterling said:

After seeing these PC screen shots, I so regret buying the PS3 version.

Well.. these screenshots are on the medium settings :P

How are you finding the game though? Have you joined any faction yet? I'm torn between joining the mages or the demon hunters.

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Yeah I've watched these videos and have been equally excited before and after them. Game's looking good.

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Unfortunately I always just listened to Radiohead since they sound good, and didn't get too deep into understanding them. So I can't understand this.

Also never played any MGS game

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@tennmuerti: Yup I know about the church in Tacirigua, I recognized it in the game. Still, I felt it had improved graphically. Also, I liked how they replaced those sugarcane fields there with burnt up ones instead.

Fortunately for me some of the repetitions that seem to exist don't bother me too much. I'm enjoying the atmosphere and flow of the game. Still, the experience will probably be largely affected by what mindset you enter the game with, and whether you want to like it or not, so that's an important thing to consider for people who'r not too sure about getting it, especially with the kind of games coming out in the next few months.

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@tennmuerti: Guess I can't compare it to Risen 2 as I'd quit that game after an hour or two of playing it :P But I guess that's the difference from my perspective; I quit that game out of boredom and lack of motivation while I'm excited to keep on exploring the world and its people further. (P.S you can swim and sail in this one, though I haven't reached the ship battles yet)