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What a match!

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Movies I watch repeatedly:

Into the Wild

other two are hard to decide. There are a lot of movies I love, but I don't usually watch movies more than once. All the same, I'll mention some

The intouchables

Motorcycle Diaries

In Bruges

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@festeringneon: Enjoy those two games. I'd recommend them in any situation :) And don't be put off by the slow initial pace of the Witcher 1. That game is a beautiful masterpiece and I enjoyed it more than I did TW2. also, the story will matter a lot more once you've played the first.

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Nice pictures here

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It's just not as fun/funny anymore without the regularly awesome quicklooks

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@jadegl: That track is recognized by many as an awesome credit track :/ Evoked a lot of emotion as I ended this amazing start to an amazing trilogy.
Well atleast you enjoy it now :P

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Good comeback, and great to watch a young team like Belgium gather the enthusiasm to get a result from behind. Hopefully we'll get to see a more interesting match next time, but overall quite pleased with the result and the performance :)
(Rooting for Belgium this time as they look like an exciting young squad. Also, Hazard)

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I cant decide.. Is this a lifetime thing or in a given situation?

Don't make me choose! :(

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Missed this thread somehow :/ Supporting Belgium because they look like an exciting team this time (interested in seeing if Hazard can shine)

Hehe also I remember I'd made the official WC thread in 2010 :P

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That's def Jeff