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@marcsman: True story:

[spoilers because this is probably extremely gross! You've been warned. Stop eating. I hope this isn't mod-worthy; sorry if it is; it is basically the Something About Mary situation for women]

When I was in junior high, I lined up near the door because the bell was about to ring. I finished my assignment early, so it was only me and this outcast girl at the door; everyone else was still absorbed in their assignments. I was a good ten feet away from her, and I think she thought I wasn't paying attention, so she... umm... reached "down" into her pants, then brought her hand up to her scalp to slick back her hair... or something. I don't really know exactly what she was doing... I didn't ask. Maybe she was attempting to smell herself, but then thought someone was paying attention and pretended to be fixing her hair instead.

Thanks for the story T_T

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Dan Ryckert is a 8 year old who got Big'd and is now 30 something. He's full of childlike enthusiasm but also thinks you can eat egg shells and forks.


Jump on the butt!

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Are you guys playing premium or without voice overs? Is it still funny without the vo?

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I am not sure, but honestly, I wouldn't care all that much. The thought of someone wasting a day on looking at my favorite websites is their loss. If I had a bunch of personal, important, or irreplaceable information on my computer, I wouldn't even test it, but if Facebook wants to know that I visit Giantbomb and only have 9 dollars in my checking account, be my guest.

Yeah, I guess that's my feelings about it too.

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@theht said:

I'm playing through AC4 right now, and it's sure making me sad. :(

Was gonna recommend that, it gets pretty interesting especially towards the end.

Also, maybe the Witcher 1. Doesn't make you cry but... Has a really great story. You might cry cause you finished the game.

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Yay for more Mass Effect! :)

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Extreme thread necromancy at play here...

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A lot. Brings back all the good memories :)

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Unity, middle earth

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Good, valid blog :)