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@sweep: Thanks for the article link :) Yeah you're right,I don't plan on doing VFX. But I also don't expect to start my own project right off the bat. I would probably start as an assistant in cinematography, editing or even directing - and I'm pretty excited for that too. Also, how was your experience of working in Mumbai?

@infamousbig: Thanks! That's a lot of unorganized but really useful information. About the "just start filming" part, I've been trying to do that at every opportunity during my 5 years at architecture. Now that I can focus on film, I'm sure I'll be able to devote all my time to it. If I join a film school, then it'll add to it (Plus free equipment!) (Also, architecture acts as my second basket for my backup eggs :))

From everything else you said, you think it would be a better idea to grab any opportunity I get in India itself, make a name for myself and rise a bit, and then think of moving on to opportunities elsewhere? Or do you think moving out immediately and studying film outside, then transitioning to a career in that same country would be more preferable? (I realize there might not be a "right" answer for this, but I'd like to know your opinion all the same)

@demokk: Thanks, you've given me plenty to think about :) Also I hear it's easier to move to Canada. Maybe I should try working my way through there? (Even though Canada's the butt of all jokes for some reason, don't really know why :P)

@naoiko: Thanks for the advice :) Every bit is useful.

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@cmpltnoob: I'm planning to join a school in India, but have only given the entrance exams as of now (while also giving my final exams for architecture at the same time) Yup, getting into the industry would definitely be tough. Thanks for the tip about choosing the location to work in according to the kind of market it supports, that's the kind of thing that might help me ease into the industry proper.
Also, it's funny that I do know some established directors back here in India. If I chose to work here, it'd probably be less of a rough start and I'd be earning steadily sooner. But that's the choice I've got to make - taking a risk of moving to another country for more creative freedom or playing it (comparatively) safe and staying here.
As for the departments involved in film making, I enjoy cinematography and editing (Of course, I have to do everything when I make my short films/ music videos, but those two processes are my favorite) I'm not very good (yet) at writing scripts. Also, from what I read it looks like you're involved in the industry. Is that correct?

@demokk: Hmm, that's interesting. So you'd suggest starting a film course in, say, US itself?

The reason I wanted to do it in India is, first of all, that it's much cheaper here. From what I've looked up so far, it's apparently so expensive in US that many people suggest skipping film school and just working directly on making a good portfolio (through reels and short films). But I really want to get first hand experience with and understand the equipment and process involved, which I'd be able to do for much lesser money here.

But from what you've pointed out, maybe I should re - look at the option of studying in US and check it's practicality.

@hermes: Thanks for the advice! Yeah, hopefully in my (upcoming) 3 years of film school (which is here in India), I'll be able to build a solid portfolio. I'm not really sure what I'll do once I pass out, but I do have some contacts here who would involve me in their projects. So maybe gaining experience with them before thinking of moving out would be a better idea.

@believer258: Thanks. That's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to know more about.

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Hey Giantbombers! In all the time on these forums I've learnt that you guys are quite well informed about a variety of topics, plus I'm quite comfortable posting personal questions/ thoughts here, so I decided to get your views on a dilemma I'm currently in.

So I'm about to join a film school (having just finished with my 5 years of Architecture college while making many short films along side), but I'm not a big fan of the film industry in my country.

I live in India (the industry being Bollywood) and so the "foreign countries" that I mentioned in the title here includes US (and therefore - Hollywood.)

The thing is, I love films but hate what Bollywood puts out. The problem here is a bit complex and I'm not sure whether I can or should write an analysis of why here. Dance, music and absurd stunts are all that the audience cares about. It's hard for me to watch any film without face - palming or getting thoroughly depressed due to the trash that gets released.The handful of good films (maybe one every year or two) that do come out disappear into the unknown after a few weeks. So here are some reasons:

  • But it's not just why I don't like Bollywood, more than that it's why I'd prefer working somewhere else - Hollywood films (and some other foreign films- mostly east Asian) are what made me fall in love with films in the first place. You can check my all - time favorites here to get an idea of what kind of films I like. There are some mainstream greats, but also other critically... disliked (?) films that I just find beautiful (The last samurai, Secret life of Walter mitty, Oblivion) In Bruges is probably my all time favorite, along with the Intouchables. These films have inspired me, and in many ways, changed my life. No Bollywood film ever did that. (Also I love the way Hollywood uses soundtrack. I'm a soundtrack lover. Hate how Bollywood does it)
  • Also, I'm a big fan of historical/ fantasy films (I even watch the ones that are cliched and don't receive much critical acclaim)
    I LOVED the atmosphere and soundtrack in The Last Samurai (and actually loved the film as well) That kind of stuff just doesn't get made or asked for in Bollywood. It'd be a dream to be involved in a project like LoTR or something. (Also, my favorite genre in games is RPG - Fable, Oblivion, Witcher, DA:O, Mass Effect etc being my favorites)
    The reason I started making films is because of films (and games) like those. TV is pretty great too (GoT, Lost, Twin Peaks).
    Don't get me started on TV in India. It's almost criminal that they make what they do here.

Here are my questions/ concerns:

  • I assume that migrating for a career such as films would obviously be very different from say, migrating for a career in the IT industry or something. In IT you'd probably have placement and a checklist of qualifications that your resume would probably have to fulfill, what about films though?
  • Knowing the (pop?) culture of the country I work in would probably be important. All I know about the culture of US is what I've learnt from films, TV, video games and the internet. Still, that is ALL that I've watched all my life. Also, I'm not very familiar with Indian media/ pop culture because I've mostly avoided it. If I watch as many films, games and TV as any average American guy, I'm I still far behind? Does not being born (and brought up) in the country become a major hurdle if I eventually want to become a director in films or TV in that country?
  • In short - I really want to be involved in the type of films that have inspired me all my life - historical, fantasy and even the little feel good ones etc at least at some point of my career (I love making and watching all types of films now, but I still love my original inspirations)
    Also, I don't want to be involved in these Bollywood films that, when I watch them, suck out all my inspiration and make me question my career choice.

I know this is a somewhat vague question (maybe it's the way that I put it across) but hopefully I was able to convey the gist of it, and you guys can give me some good information on which I can make further decisions.

Thanks duders!

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Come on man. Not again. Wish the reboot had never been announced in the first place. Giving us hopes and then repeatedly smashing them up

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2007 = Mass Effect, The Witcher, Portal, Crysis, TF2, Bioshock, CoD, Assassin's creed.. The year was so awesome that it bled into 2008 as well.

2013-14 have been boring

Also, I'm mad at you for not including the Witcher in 2007

You didn't even include Fable in 2005/06. Focus man!

2014 = Big names, Sh*t games

@jimbo said:

'07, comfortably. At least the poll knows what's up.

The Witcher, Assassin's Creed, Crysis and Uncharted all deserve a mention from that year too.

You sir, are correct. I like you

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@fobwashed: Alright :)

Vasco, Goa, India

Let me know if you have trouble finding it on the map or something

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I'm still not on the map (since India's empty)
Should I repost ? :/

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@etpc: Hey I'm an Indian who's never stepped out of India and I don't feel alienated at all. In fact I find Dan to be the only other funny/interesting person remaining on this website apart from Vinny, without Dan GB would be a lot more boring. Then I'd be disinterested in this website. Plus I can relate to Dan despite all the racial etc differences

So even as a minority or w/e, I vastly prefer a funny personality over a representative of my race (can't really say about gender since I'm male)
Maybe other minorities feel differently, i'm not sure.

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Be like me. Have no idea wtf is going on and why everyone is angry and then be forced to read about it on wikpedia after a couple of months and still remain confused.