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I wish I could watch excessively too :/ I've been completely free the past couple of weeks and I still couldn't keep up with all the E3 stuff. Only really watched the Xbox conference

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Whoa! Necromancy!

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Crafting, building houses, settlements, and exploring while cool atmospheric music plays.

I'm easy to please :)

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@zeik: Hmm.. yeah. There's that too. Although I'm not sure whether that time together was in the normal world, or on some island in another dimension or something? (Kinda remember something of that sort) Maybe the huge buildup to finding Ciri, and the emphasis laid on that makes this look even more casual relatively. Well, I haven't met up with Yennefer in Skellige yet, so there's probably some catching up that they'll do which may satisfy me :P

@mentaldisruption:Yeah the story between Geralt and Dandelion is pretty interesting, especially in the first two short story books (where their stories together are lighter/ humorous) And yeah, CDPR's faithfulness to the universe really shows in the writing and character interactions :)

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Something about a sequel re-creating a location from the older game just never gets old, whether it's Grove Street, USG Ishimura, or Kaer Morhen.

EXACTLY. I always want games to do this but somehow they never do, it's a pity. I wish they'd also designed Vizima from TW1. Visiting that in TW3 would've been amazing.

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@terminatorz: I guess it's a bit like playing the Sims for me. I create an amazing house, put days worth of work in it and enjoy the process, give my sims enough cash so they can move in, and then.. stop playing. Then do it all over again after a few months. I guess I enjoy playing the actual sims more when they're poor and are living in the cheapest house possible. Once they're rich enough, I get bored and leave the game :P

Of course, Fallout by itself is already a game that I love, so that shouldn't be the problem here.

The dlc in Skyrim was Hearthfire.

Not Hearthstone.

Reaaaly you guys, get your shit together, this is embarrassing. Jeez!

Hahaha I'm sorry :D Thanks for pointing it out

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@mentaldisruption: Yeah, I sort of get it. (Also their part in Sword of Destiny had slipped my mind) I actually enjoy their conversations, (or light arguments) which sound very much like a real, or in a way, modern day relationship. How it's based more on the turbulence of their relationship than on stability. But I guess after hearing so much about their relationship in the earlier books, I guess I expected them to experience a bit more of the story together.

That said, I wish Geralt and Yennefer had had a bigger reaction to seeing each other for the first time after the books' ending where they died (as clearly told in the games, so not really a spoiler. Haven't finished the last book yet either)

But I guess that's how their relationship is. I loved the dialogue Yennefer said in Vizima (when you meet Emhyr in the beginning) while on the topic about Triss. Geralt says he was sorry about it but he did have amnesia, to which Yennerfer says - (screenshot -->)

I liked that. The writing there was quite similar to the books, and it continues to show their relationship as quite complicated (probably due to the fact that it was caused by the last wish)

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The weird thing is that she doesn't have that much of time with Geralt in the books either. Sort of light book spoilers (elaborating what I've already written) You'd expect there's a lot of relationship development as they move through most of the story together in the books, but really it's about... one book (Time of Contempt) when they're really together for most periods of the books.

Compared to that I think Triss has had an equal (if not more) amount of time spent with Geralt in TW1 and TW2 as Yen had before her in the books. That's the sort of confusing part for me. I mean sure, they're bound by the Last Wish and everything, but I expected there to be more to their story.