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Alright then, I'll play as much as I can then, but I'll explore as well.. 
That will probably stop me from completing the game in one day so I can immerse myself more, and the rest litlle bit that will remain I'll play little by little some days in between my studies..
This is going to be good!
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Weird threads nowadays..

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@pause422: That's great news.. M gonna install it now and keep it for tomorrow!
@SuperSambo: Well, my friends must have already started studying.. I'm just delaying my free time to one more day..  
                                      And I'm gonna be quitting games until my exams are over, (don't wanna get distracted)..  so this is going to be just one last game!
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I just have one free day in hand before I get back to studies, and i really want to spend it well. 

So tell me, if I play through Bioshock quickly, like, not do much exploration and not die much and all, will I be able to complete it in a day?

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@Mr_Bubbles: Awesome dream dude :) Im going to start Bioshock.. Let's see if I get any!
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@raiden2000: A very interesting read! especially since i'm looking to get into the gaming industry as well someday as an artist.. i'll be watching out for the remaining parts!
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@ajamafalous said:
" @FeatheredRainbows said:
" Many would say Jessica Alba, or Megan fox who I think are attractive in a way but not in the way I find interesting...  I don't like the term hot for some reason. It sounds weird to me. "
Dude, I feel the same way.     Also, I've got a huge crush on Ellen Page.   Also, "hot," "sexy," "attractive," "beautiful," "gorgeous," and "cute" all have different meanings to me. Anyone else feel me on this, or is that weird? "
Yes! I would never call the same person beautiful and hot/sexy..
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@VanderSEXXX said:
" Im not a fan of any Bollywood movies at all but I find this bollywood actress REALLY HOT!!! 
 Katrina Kaif
 Katrina Kaif
                     HOTDAMNN!!!!! "
WOOHOO! Im with you man!! give me a high five!
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So would u people recommend  a Wacom Bamboo?