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You should check out gamespot nowadays.. it's completely dead.. Whenever i check out some news or watch a video, there are only about 8 to 10 comments on it.  The community is boring there..
I only check that site sometimes nowadays when i need second reference on games and need accurate release dates..    Sigh.. that site used to be my homepage once...
Giantbomb rocks ..

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Being an artist would be fun, either that or a soccer player or a musician

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" Man, good test run with the camera.  If this is any indication, I'll have to subscribe to whatever porn site you'll be starting up! "

sure! subscription will be free for all giantbomb members ;)
For the location, i live in a coastal city called Goa, a big tourist place..   (in India)  Took the river -dam pics in the same city and the rest were taken in a hill station closeby..
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wow... howd the muggers manage to slide it UP THERE?

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" I love the pictures and you have encouraged me to upgrade my old Powershot a510 3.5 pixel camera. My question is, how much is a camera like that running for these days? "

glad a new guy like me encouraged you to upgrade your camera!    If your question above is about the prices, my model's for $130. (i live in another country so the currency here is different, prices could vary).  
Or you could always look it up online.
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thanks for the comments ppl! 
 Thing is, i am not much of a photography guy, but getting my first digicam got me inspired to try my hand at it..
maybe an year later when i join college, i could think of getting a DSLR so that i can check out another hobby i had never thought of.

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which team r u?

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So we got this new camera (nothing professional, just for taking good quality photos), and thought i'd display some of the pics i took.. Its a kodak c1013 10mpx, if u want to know.   We'd been going to some places and here are some good pics i took. 
Tell me what you think!! :)

 There's supposed to be a beautiful valley down there... but its completely hidden by the fog... guess that's beautiful too..

 The road to heaven... (literally)

 Ok.. this is dew drops on a spider web.. something unique.

 Also went to a small dam..

 That's it... looks cool.

 artistic angle (I guess?)

 Another angle..

 cool angle from below..
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@Killjoy said:
" @Metal_Gear_Sunny: Its the Indian genes man, we are all destined to look like teenagers. Personally, I grew a goatee to look my age (26) . Its weird when a 18 year old girl hits on you, especially when you're her TA >.> "
you indian too?