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Today while driving around Liberty city i was listening to independence FM (Custom radio).
The DJ in that then started introducing the next song saying things like - "This song reminds me of loss" & " loss of wife, children "etc. and also "We sometimes get lost" and lines like those.
Since i had put Coldplay's Lost in my custom radio, i started wondering how weird it would be if the intro was for that song.

And guess what, it WAS the intro for LOST.  
Completely strange..
Did you ever experience anything like this?

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A) Karnov (who are they?)

Q) What reason would you give your mom if you came home late?

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Likes fps and survival games..
also likes posting on forums

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I too had the tetris effect! But only after playing Qub3d in gta iv
Yeah i DID look at sunset one day and the thought came to my mind.

...When you are in a parking lot and look around for enemies crouching behind cars

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A) Biology lab

Q) Did you pee in your pants when you played either Bioshock or fallout 3?

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Complete that sentence above : )

...when you look at a great landscape view and say - "Wow! great graphics"

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i think may be Tarantula, since its only one thing ( however big and disgusting it may be. Plus you can knock it off.

Would you rather play gta iv or fallout 3?

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@ crunchUK Just answer the question pal.

Guess id kill myself when id get bored of trying all the things mentioned by others. ;)

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I liked Megaton. In a land full of hostiles, a friendly place is good. Plus there are a lot of missions, shops, and even a house that you can get over there.
No reason to blow up a safe place just for some money that you can get anyway

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Complete the sentence above. It could be any random thing that happens to you in life and tends to irritate or frustrate you.
We all hate and love life at the same time...

Ill start by saying-
...You lie in bed for three hours without being able to fall asleep              (happened to me yesterday night) :)