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i was confused between music and games.. but i picked games

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There can't be a better way to describe epic.. The first time you get out of the vault 101.. with the wasteland in front of you for the first time..

killed around 20 in one battle..

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@Kiemoe said:
" @Geno said:
" @armaan8014: What game is the bottom half of your screenshots from?  "
That's Risen. Only reason I know is there's a demo on Steam "
Yeah that's Risen.. It's an awesome rpg by the developers of the Gothic series.  The atmosphere created because of the two opposing factions is amazing and choosing your path from between them is fun.. Get it if you like rpgs, but then get it only for the PC.. x360 one is bad..
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@Romination said:
" @armaan8014: coughspoilorzonthefirstonecough "
sorry! didn't realize it.. removed it now..
hope i didn't spoil anything for you..
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HAHAHA!! what a retarded song!! Whats the genre?

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THE WITCHER: EE  ... One of the awesomest story with great setting, theme, music, story, decision making etc..
other than that Fable : TLC was one of the first Rpgs that i liked, so i've got to include it...
other than that Oblivion and Mass Effect

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giantbomb makes me sad sometimes..

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@TheFreshmaker said:
" I really enjoy them, they have yet to put out a bad album.  Too many people only focus on their singles, but they have a multitude of really great, albeit lesser known songs.     The Giantbomb user's hatred (I'm generalizing) of Coldplay are nothing but a reactionary minority, who denounce Coldplay at the top of their lungs just because its such a popular group.  Just because music is popular, does not make it trash.  Some groups are popular because they deserve it--Coldplay is such a group.    Everyone has different tastes though, its ok to like them, and its ok to not like them. "
Thank you!
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Yea i miss pepsi blue too.. Don't think i had it more than 5-6 times
People used to call it kerosene though