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@corruptedevil: Yeah I'm not looking at 3D, I totally dislike it.

But I've read that Plasma burn ins don't really occur with normal TV usage, which is why I'm still considering them. It requires a certain image to be stuck onscreen for a while right?

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I dunno.. I played about 80% of Spec ops and then never went back to it due to boredom. The story didn't pull me in either :/

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So we're looking to buy a new Tv (preferably around 40" size wise) in place of the 28"ish (720p) one we've had for the past bunch of years.

Being new to this, I have a couple of questions, plus some models that I've selected that fall within the price range.

1. Type - Is getting a Plasma a better option? I've read picture quality wise its the best and everything, but is its possible upcoming extinction a cause for worry service or anything wise?

2. Resolution (games) - Since its 40", is full HD the correct choice or would 720p be better? I connect my laptop through HDMI and play games on the TV, and the 720 p resolution of my previous TV helps games run faster (lower game resolution) Would a full HD tv look as good running a game at 720p, or would I have to run it at 1080 and suffer some loss in performance? (I'm willing to suffer the performance loss, but I just wanna know how a game will look running at 720p on a 1080p tv. Through earlier research I know that 720p on a 720p tv looks as good as 1080 on a 1080, or its unnoticeable)

3. Resolution (Sports, movies and concerts) - I also want to use the TV to watch those three. Would a 40" 1080 with equal resolution of movies etc look much better than a 40" 720p? Or would it still be unnoticeable? (I'm guessing the answer is 1080 looks better, but I still want to make sure.)

Here's a list of models that fall within the price range (I live in India, so prices are in Rupees. I'm looking to stay under 40,000 R btw)

LG 42LB550A 42 inches LED TV (Full HD)

Samsung UA40EH5000R 40 inches LED TV (Full HD)

LG 42LB5510 42 inches LED TV (Full HD)

Panasonic 40B6 40 inches LED TV (Full HD)

Samsung 40 Inches 40F5000 Full HD LED TV * this one looks good

Samsung 43H4900 43 inches Plasma TV (HD Ready, 3D) 1024 x 768

LG 42PN4500 42 inches Plasma TV (HD Ready) 1024 x 768

Panasonic TH-50X60D 50 Inches Plasma Full HD Plasma Television 1024x768

I'd be REALLY grateful if you guys could help me make a good choice here. Thanks a lot! :)

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I only watch the Quicklooks

@random45 said:

Honestly the only content I watch are the Quicklooks anymore, and that's only occasionally. I visit this site more for its forums than the actual content it provides.

yeah ^

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Risen 3 for me - but that may not be to everyone's taste.

Divinity was okay too I guess, got tired of it after a while though.

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I had this phase once.. It'll pass soon enough. It happens :)

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@pimblycharles: Wow thanks! Haha that's a bit of pressure on me now :P I really hope you enjoy the game ;)

@ezakael: Wow 45 hours! I'm only still 25 hours in (Busy with college work and everything) The Demon hunters is a pretty cool faction to join, and their quests are pretty interesting too. I'm happy to see that the game satisfied you overall.