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I love the fact people are shitting on Robben when the biggest incident involving him was actually a foul. It's just Americans generally don't know the rules.

hey D: no need to bring Americans into this :(


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Mass Effect

Mass Effect could be very interesting. Stay with me here, imagine Epcot...but arching overhead is a roof with stars, planets, space craft docking all 'projected' overhead somehow. So, it is the wonderful lush indoor park with futuristic settings, rides, costumed characters, aliens walking around...but it looks like the The Citadel. It could even have all these Keeper robots zipping around and touch panels everywhere. Just like Epcot you visit different themed places that have different foods, different rides, and different sights & sounds.

And, just to add to the amount of aliens they could have anyone who cos-plays gets a $10 discount. Or, for $250 people going to the park can sign up ahead of time to be dressed and have makeup applied that makes them look like really good Asari, Drell, or Humans. One of 'rides' is really just a elevator that goes to Purgatory Bar. There every night a staff memeber dressed as Aria T'Loak is the MC for a huge dance party. There is a contest for worst dancer where people try to dance even more embarrassingly than Cmd Shepard in the game.

The concept would be this is a theme park where you are ENCOURAGED to cos-play. This is a theme park that appeals not only to ME fans, but to people who like sci-fi and people who like nerd stuff. Maybe, wrapping around one side of the park toroid would be a convention hall. So that Star Trek, BSG, Dr Who, Star Gate, Comic-Con, PAX conventions...whatever...can occur there as well.

So it is a theme park, a nerd/geek themed convention center, and a vacation destination all in one. Also, wrapping around the other side are TWO spa-hotels. One is just for adults (Club Med) where your significant-non-geek other can have a vacation spa experiences. The other spa-hotel is for families it has water slides and other kids stuff.

I want a ride in the Normandy.

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The cover art is all about boobs

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Might get laughed at for this but Coldplay - Ghost stories

Okay, logged in for the first time since ever to say me too-- but I guess I'm a weak bitch because I wouldn't have said it if someone else didn't first. I will even say liking this album made me go back and less-hate Mylo Xyloto.

He he good to know I'm not alone :D

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Might get laughed at for this but Coldplay - Ghost stories

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Sigh I'm unable to watch any of the Qls involving him anymore. They were the funniest, but I just can't enjoy them any longer :(

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The witcher 1

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Woohoo! So excited to play this!

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Let's do this shit. Maybe Divinity : Original sin?