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@HT101: somebody already made that, but I can't remember on what page...
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I wouldn't call that the most disturbing but it isn't far off. I would definitely put it on my top ten most disturbing list. "
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" I've definitely heard it mentioned before E3. So if you really want to know, listen to all of the bombcasts before the event kicked off. ;)Good luck. "
Just wait till google makes a sound-search-engine :D would be kick-ass
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I think I'm going to stop making these for a while, I'm out of spice.

Now all you other peeps go make crappy internet-ripoff images.
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Jeff is totally stoked about this thread:

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  I  If you only see a head floating, update your flashplayer :P or leave it that way and enjoy
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A tribute to Ryan's dislike for helicopters
Just warn me when I'm producing quantity more than 
funnyness (you thought I was gonna say quality, didn't ya :D )