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Damn I kinda want one now...what with my meager 20gb HDD and seperate wireless adapter >.<

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I'd say a really high majority of them were legitimate questions that weren't answered...I watched the entire series and a LOT of those questions were never answered.

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1. Diablo (franchise) - yep.
2. Mass Effect (franchise) - Space opera's never cease to amaze.
3. Uncharted 2 - it's like Indiana Jones! In present time! With Nolan North!
4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - best OMGWTF moment ever.
5. Warcraft (franchise)
I know there's tons more I really enjoyed, those were just the first 5 to pop into my head. And I'm sure there will be tons more to come.

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OR! We could invent a NEW moniker for this day and age...instead of SPACE it could be something else...I shall ponder this and get back to you ASAP.

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My only problem with this proposal is that the phrase is kinda out-dated don't you think? I mean, what IS "space age" these days anyway with everything that's being invented and coming out all the time it's just the progression of, I don't really think anyone would respond to that kind of marketting anymore anyway what with all we know about space's not so mysterious anymore!

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I wish I could help ya dude, I've been listening to the podcasts for quite a while before I had to take a break and I honestly don't remember any of the early ones being JUST Jeff and Ryan but I could be completely off.

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Welcome to the site! You should definetely enjoy this eclectic and amazing place on the internet devoted to video games! Check out the podcast on tuesdays dude! Oh, and follow me, I need 10 more! LoL

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Hmm...might have to check it out? =S