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The only game I'm looking forward to is Giantbomb versus the Electronic Three.

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Bike fights we can believe in. I could only see Jeff and Dave Snider doing this one though.

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Giant PupCast with Matthew "Boss of Bosses" Rorie. Boom.

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This is my second favorite after Fast Five. It was super dumb but I was entertained. Kurt Russell looked like he was having fun, and Jack Burton Kurt Russell is the best Kurt Russell, suck it Snake. The whole Abu Dhabi sequence with Michelle Rodriguez fighting those female bodyguards then Ronda Rousey then oh hell Vin Diesel and Paul Walker go building hopping was so stupid and wonderful. And that was in the middle, they still had to go back and blow up L.A. Oh it was great. Also, nice heartfelt sendoff for Paul Walker. No more funerals indeed.

Note: I saw this in IMAX-ass IMAX, and they even redid the IMAX countdown titles with the sounds of speedy racecars. IMAX rules.

38 feet of concrete and steel separates Jason Statham and the Shaw brothers' storyline getting wrapped up. I'm pretty sure that's where Furious 8 will go. I just wonder if the series will wrap after that. Vin Diesel is 47, I have my doubts about a Furious 9. I don't know, somebody needs to say at some point that they are too old for this shit.

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$110 million

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I am a meat popsicle.

#8 Edited by ArmedBear (241 posts) -'s Naked Snake and Major Zero, therefore Naked Scanlon and Major Dan? And Para-Jason. Sure. Why not.

Edit: Major Ryckert, yep, that's the ticket.

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Just an honorable mention: I really loved the Graal Spike Thrower from Mass Effect 3.

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25.3 millions of moneys