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Thanks for a great article, Patrick. I played this a few weeks back and was blown away by it. I have a lot of loved ones who suffer from depression, and it helped me understand their struggles a lot more deeply, and let me adjust my own behavior to better support them.

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I'm really having a problem with the way this game is designed too, and it's really killed any enthusiasm I had for finishing it:

  • there are too many insta-fail missions, or ones where they don't tell you what you have to do. I've engaged in a bunch of chase missions I failed the first time because I didn't know I wasn't supposed to kill the character I was chasing.
  • Having the optional objectives sit larger-than-life on the screen at all times also kinda kills the dramatic tension of the game since the player (well, me anyway) tends to focus on completing the objectives presented, even if they're optional, which can often end in repeated frustrated reloading
  • I barely know what I should be doing at any given point - there are just too many systems in play at once and I don't know which need priority. Do I send my assassins out on missions? Liberate more townpeople? Liberate a fort? Trade goods? Go on the frontiersmen missions? Hell, I totally forgot about the naval and homestead missions until I read a thread where people said those were their favorite bits
  • I don't even know why I'm doing half the stuff I'm doing - they do a poor job of providing justifications for a lot of the systems they have in place. Liberate the forts? For what story purpose? I guess I get a tax break or something, but if I never trade, why should I care?

Weirdly enough, even though I'm pretty soured on the single player, I'm still pretty satisfied with my purchase of this game since I'm getting into the multiplayer. It's sort of the greatest cat-and-mouse hide-and-seek action around and provides tension like no other game out there

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Even though I don't really like the character design, it's the backgrounds that I find unappealing- as others have said, they're somehow simultaneously very blurry, bloomy, over-saturated, over-soft and too high-contrast to the point of distraction. Everything is lit like it's in direct sunlight, even when in gloomy forests or in caves, where the light should be softer and more ambient. Combine this with the low-contrast brightly colored character sprites, everything seems really off-kilter - like putting Colorforms on a thrift-store painting. Nothing looks like it fits together.

Also, the guy just doesn't know how to lead the eye with anything other than animation, and it causes the visual focus to shift around all over. I think this is one reason why it looks okay in motion but like garbage when still.

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I like that they update their UI regularly and am looking forward to this one