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Actually its not true that only Metro apps will be sold via the store. All traditional applications based on XNA(which is C# based) & even C++ apps will be sold Via the store i.e. MS wont host the files(i.e. games in this case) but will provide a link to which to download from. This allows them to recieve the recognition most of them deserve but MS does not charge a cut as they are not hosting the files which only seems fair.

Also, by integrating Xbox Live service & UI(as an app) they could potentially open up XNA games to even more folks ( this is my guess & nothing I know has been announced along those lines)

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I think its fun, games should sometimes make you look like an idiot. Cant wait to get mine. Problem seems to be is that with more and more of these cameras, I cant seem to find place on top of my 32" TV. Was planning to get a new TV but after seeing Sony's press conference I will wait till 3D TVs drop in price to reasonably levels ( 2012 u think ?)

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This strategy of making franchises or "brands" is so shortsighted. I might be a completely ignorant idiot about the game industry but this could not be good for the long term success, can it? Quality will always  quantity in the long term. As someone who follows the industry as a fan, I am just sad. Bring something new to the table guys, and you will be rewarded-

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The word in the background of the picture of the Elephants is most likely Hindi and says "Nashta"  which means snack(s){usage could be used as both singular or plural, depending upon context}.

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Nicely done.

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Wow sweet statue.

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I can and will fly in for this game

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Need it!!

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I so want to play this game. I love shooter RPGs & after ME & Fallout, I just want more. Confirmed -- Day 1 purchase!! Is there a collectors edition for this game?

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NOthing as nasty as most people on the forum but was playing with a firecracker and it blasted in my hand way before it was supposed to and it literally peeled the skin of my right thumb like a banana. I could see the muscle on my finger. Suprisingly did not bleed much but my hand was covered completely with gumpowder which burnt like hell(not literally, just the feeling).  Luckily my uncle was close by and after washing it, he literally dunked my hand in ice which completely numbed the sensation so the pain did not last long thanks to him.

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