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Anyone else looking forward to the collectors edition dual layer blu-ray disc "Behind-the-scenes look at the development of Duke Nukem"?

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Where is my Aliens game!?.........

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Lets just say that when my friend told me about this, I thought he was joking.

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At least we will have some AWESOME quicklooks cause of this thing, didnt expect much more to be honest... :)

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Well hello there! 
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@Semition said:
" So is there any chance us Giantbombers without a beta key will get a friend's invite? "
Lets hope somone doesnt have any friends... and give us instead :D
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  "  That's just the single-player portion we're talking about here, though. EA is taking the highly unorthodox approach of developing Medal of Honor's campaign and multiplayer portions at entirely different studios (EALA and DICE, respectively) and even on different engines (Unreal and Frostbite). And there won't be "exact parity" between those two components; things like run speed, aiming precision, and the feel of the weapons won't necessarily be identical across the entire game. Instead, EA says it's literally shipping "two games in a box" with the Medal of Honor name on it, and one of those games--the multiplayer--we haven't gotten to see at all yet."  
This part makes me chill, I want ONE game, with ONE feeling. This makes me extremely skeptical... I dont want a game thats all over the place trying to much.    

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It seems nobody knows...tho I like the short description about the guy, especially the ending.
"  The outcome of the lawsuit is never revealed and both id Software and Activision has been quiet about it ever since.
Adrian Carmack's whereabout is unknown."

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If there is anyone who have a SC2 beta key and dont wanna play nor try to sell it, you could make a guy very happy!  
Yeap, I know its a loooooooong shot..

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@FlemmingM said:
" I have a question for all of you who got a key.. are any of you, from outside the U.S. ? "
this, anyone?