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Microsoft has officially announced a Rare game as part of their launch exclusives they're going to release but from what Rare franchise, no one knows. We'll find out, though, at E3.

If it's a Banjo Kazooie game, we win.

Either they're going to make to make a true sequel to Banjo Kazooie or they're going to expand on this game. Both games I would totally buy.

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I have to pay to watch them screw around for thirty minutes on a couple games? I'll pass.

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Still $15 but I'm sure you can get it even cheaper at your local game store.

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Seriously? 200+ views and only 5 replies? Don't make me laugh. If you see this thread and you have an account, you are obligated to post something here, you jerk!

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I really didn't like the single player for this game at all as compared to Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie but the vehicle building itself... So good... It's worth the price of admission alone. In fact, if they unlocked all the parts for you, took out the single player and just had the garage and multiplayer, I would still buy it.

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Post here if you see this thread. I want to know how many people come to this board only to leave disappointed when they find out that a solid year has past since the last post (besides this one of course).

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Protip: Wait until they release most of the map packs for free. Or they may do it ODST style and package a multiplayer disc in their next game with all the maps on it.

Ultra Protip: Build your own maps in Forge.

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@EXTomar said:

- I also feel something was squandered. I was intrigued with the idea left at the end of Halo 3 where Master Chief and Cortana where headed to parts unknown without support. This should have been a great blessing to 343 where MC and Cortana don't need to follow any orders, play by anyone's rules, and would have allowed them to explore completely different things. Instead we are back to the same old stuff with "aliens enemy+" style monsters that carry the same weapons that animate and glow differently and we are back to "Earth's in danger!" Think about what happened to Cortana at the end and how it would have effected Master Chief if they were isolated at the edge of nowhere.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. This is (kinda) how Halo: CE started. Marooned on an ancient alien ring. You may have been fighting with some survivors but at the end of the day, you were all alone. There was no big ship to back anyone up and no hope for support from Earth until they could get off the ring. And even with the survivors, they were few and only had enough man power to perform simple guerrilla ops. And then it didn't really matter anyway because almost all the humans died on that ring anyway. That was one of the themes that Halo: CE conveyed and I feel that opportunity to start the trilogy out with that isolated loneliness and wonder that really made the Halo: CE campaign was sorta lost in the rush to get the story moving and to finish it.

So, in wrapping up again. I will forgive Halo 4 for its shortcomings and back 343 up for now but come Halo 5, I will have no mercy. Now there will be no excuse to not break that mold that Bungie has broken all these years.

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Every time I go to some Halo 4 forum (Especially the Halo 4 Waypoint forums. Ugh.), I see people type up these huge walls of text of how Halo 4 just ruined everything. I have read them and they all have a common cause. Nobody knows how to treat Halo 4 properly. You see, I know people will probably disagree with me when I say this but Halo 4 should be treated as the start of a new game trilogy rather then the fourth Halo game a la Halo: CE. When Halo: CE came out, what did it have? It was a pretty simple package. A great campaign and some fun, slightly configurable multiplayer and that was it. That was IT. No map packs, DLC, etc. None.

But you know what? That was OK because it was the start of something completely new and promising. We didn't give it crap because it was the first game in the series of course. Halo 4 should be treated the same way. 343 may have some veteran Bungie employees with them but they are few and far between in the studio's extensive staff. For the most part, they are definitely new and inexperienced. Heck, I remember that they said in a Sparkast that they spent a big chunk of time and money just proving to themselves and Microsoft that they could make any sort of Halo game.

So, before you post that huge rant that you've spent all of an hour writing, think about it first. 343 isn't out to destroy a beloved franchise of who knows how many fans. But they're inexperienced as far as industry experience goes and as they have said many times before, they have a whole lot to live up to.

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@EXTomar said:

It seems like he is posting on a topic that asks a question he has an answer too. If there is a problem with that then maybe the question shouldn't be asked.

Who are you talking to?