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Ok regarding the rummor that NJPW has bought pro wrestling NOAH here is the interview where it all started its in spanish but let me give you the important stuff, super crazy says that NJPW and NOAH are "united" and thats how you got things like the WK9 match, he says the politics have change and only people that draw will be the ones called back and its NJPW they one in charge of bringing people in, he goes to say that New japan wants something like next I imagine he wanted to say NXT but who knows, NOAH felt they were going down so New Japan came in to help and things will change going foward, so there you go the way I see it NJPW might have bought NOAH but will use it to get new stars and try things but will keep it as a separeted so thats cool.

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And following Samoa Joe steps Kenny Omega has a videogame show and here is EP 1 damn know I have that song stuck in my head.

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Is this a feeling that most have at some point about the WWE and if so how the fuck have you all dealt with the bullshit of it for so long and continue to watch?

Oh yeah there always comes a point when you watch WWE that makes you question why are you watching in the first place, and its always booking, at least the way I do is thanks to the chat, its surprising just how much bs you can stomach when you have other people that feel the same way, also watch good wrestling like NXT or NJPW. So you can remember why you started watching in the first place.

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In another Krazy story of the Day it seems that Table of Japan original youtube acount is back online, thats 200+ videos that even maffew tought lost as always there are a few videos missing but he already said he is uploding every new botchamania going from 215 foward so if you want to check that out go for it.

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@wmoyer83: @amp_1986: that was/is the Rock way of doing promos, the problem with doing that is it takes the focus from Roman to him thats why that interview was weird, the whole point was to make people cheer for Roman and as you see what people got out from that was man the Rock is a dick.

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After thinking about it I feel the reason that a lot of people are canceling the network is not only the fact that Reigns won tonight but the realization that after all this time after all the promise of change nothing really will happen, for all the bad things WWE always does there was that hope that sure Cena is the top guy but someone will get there to youll see, hey NXT is pretty good I cant wait for this talented guys and girls to go to RAW and get what they deserv, is that last part that I said many time, but I forgot about one very important thing I was saying that under the impresion that things would go the way I saw it, not the way WWE sees it. For all the good Mania 30 did, almost all was for nothing, Cesaro is in a worse place now, Bryan didnt had a great run he got injured and coming back only to loose in the rumble made it worse, Ambrose was so hot so over and then they made him into a guy that is so dumb that he lost a match by himself, NXT did better than the main show then rumors start that Vince says "I guess that mean we need to kill everyone that comes from that place", look the Acsentio have ALWAYS suck and them getting buried was nothing to me but the idea that this was going to happen to Charlotte, Neville and the rest that is what finally made me say after all this years no more, not counting the time I was not able to see WWE because there was no feed here or internet I will stop watching RAW until things change. I feel bad cause I want to support guys like Seth, Dean, Cesaro, Bryan, Rusev hell even Roman but they way they are doing it right now I cant support that anymore.

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@csl316: to keep it simple is not that everyone hates Reigns is the way they are putting him as the next big guy and how little time and care they put to the other guys the crowd love, example Danial Bryan who is probably the most over Baby face was eliminated in a simple spot and he was there only for 10 mins tops, WWE wants to go one way but the fans want another one so no one wins, and the sad part is that brock, Cena and Rollings put an amazing match but no one remembers that.

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Welp if this doesnt open some eyes nothing will, also it took 2 back to back 5 star matches to make me forget about that ending.

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I write this while watching Kenta vs Suzuki from 2005 LETS DO THIS

The New Day vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose - Kickoff 6-Man Tag Team Match

  • Winners (2 pts): New Day
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Kofi Kingston
  • Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Adam Rose

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension - Tag Team Match

  • Winners (2 pts): The Ascension
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Viktor
  • Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Billy Gunn

Paige & Natalya vs. The Bella Twins - Tag Team Match

  • Winners (2 pts): The Bella Twins
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Nikki Bella
  • Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Paige

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

  • Winners (2 pts): Mizdow
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Damien Mizdow
  • Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Jay Uso

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins - Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • Winner (2 pts): Brock Lesnar
  • Method of victory (2 pts): Pin
  • Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Brock Lesnar
  • Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Seth Rollins

The 2015 Royal Rumble Match

  • Winner (10 pts): Daniel Bryan

Bonus Questions!

  • Name 3 surprise entrants (Cannot be on the main roster, but can be on NXT) (5 pts/correct prediction): Buddy Ray, Adrian Neville, Jake The Snake Roberts
  • Name the person with the longest time in the match (5 pts): Dolph Ziggler
  • Name the person with the most eliminations (5 pts): Reigns
  • Name #1, #2 and #30 (5 pts/correct prediction): Dolph Ziggler, Jericho, The Rock.
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Its that time again, let me tell you brother, the wizard belt has been the one thing to escape from me, time after time I have been 1 step away, from president Jack @papercut using his power to deny me or even my best friend @rabid619 getting more details than me. I have been calling myself the Original Wizard, on Royal Rumble 29 other poster will try but it doesnt matter, the LOC belt doesnt matter its only when you have the WB in your logo that you have made it in the wresling thread and I will probe that I AM THE WIZARD with my pic for Number 23 Dean Ambrose Woooooooooo.