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The Telescore from a French Appliance Manufacturer.  To be precise is the Telescore 752 (teh deluxe vesion). And was released in 1977.
I had the optical gun with it.
All the games were derivated from Pong. And it was of course Black and White
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Never heard of it, how did the gun work with games all being similar to pong?
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Hi , I did some update on my post.
The gun was playable with 2 games.
 A big white square was usually going from one sire of the screen to the other.
The First game he square was just travelling, and you have to shot it.
The Second game is was the same as the first game but it was bouncing on the top and bottom side of the TV.

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That looks like it could kill me, or at least to serious harm...

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This is mine. A litle boring, but what can you do.
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@Mordebir: An Old Classic...but a classy Classic..I wish I had an Atari.