Dumb things that you should probably play

Hello, world! I am here to tell you about things that I have discovered on the internet, either recently or many months ago, that I think other people need to know about because I haven't seen them posted anywhere else. I would like to say before we begin that I am not Scoops, I was not born with the required superpower to find all of the cool things the internet has to offer. But I do like fun! So I will share things with you that I find fun. I am not sure how it will show up when I click the submit button, but all of the paragraph headers are links so click 'em to see cool stuff!

also i am on my work laptop so i cant really search for images without risking blowing this poor thing up from trying to run flash seriously it is from like 2004 it barely does youtube and giantbomb at the same time

Brutal Doom

If I had a giantbomb soundbite to use as a reaction to playing Brutal Doom it would be Ryan from the latest Sleeping Dogs quick look, Year of the Snake. The way he screams YEAH! YEAAAAHH!!! when the game launches the car into the stratosphere is definitely the closest thing to the emotions I have running through my system when I flying kick an imp in half and shotgun a pinkie demon into fourteen different parts in less than two seconds. If you own Doom 1 or Doom 2, or have ever enjoyed Doom, I feel you owe it yourself to give this a whirl because it is so good. If I still haven't sold you on it, there is a dedicated button for making Doomguy shout quotes from the Doom comic.


That really adorable Doom roguelike that was just released

I am starting to see a pattern here. Don't care. Throw this in your computerbox and put on a big dumb smile. That this exists is such a wonderful thing and reminded me that, while this is a little simplistic, video games are such a great thing.


You probably know about Warframe because it had a quick look on this site. It's pretty good. What you might not have known is that it is no longer in closed beta and you(yes, you!) can play it now. For free! oh gosh what a deal

Get in there and start playing with duders! It's free, so you have no real excuse not to if you have an adequate peesee.

Under The Ocean

I'll be honest with you here, I have not actually played this game nor even heard of it until yesterday. It seems kind of obscure, and I am not really a video game hipster. I just thought it looked cool. I am a fan of this new fad for making video games about gathering resources and building cool stuff and this honestly seems like the step in advancing the formula. If this manages to pull of its ideas the way it wants to, I think we will have a game on our hands that we will be talking about for quite some time.

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Posted by Blu3V3nom07

Wow. That Brutal Doom. 'Reminds me alot of how those Colombine kids would modify Doom so its way bloodier and one-headshots.... . Well, its true!
It still looks very cool. Just awesome stuff!

That Warframe stuff looks so neat! It kinda reminds me of Dirty Bomb, Splash Damages' new game. That QL was pretty cool.

I should find out what Under The Ocean is, though. Hmm. Some like theres' some 'splorin to do!

Posted by ArtelinaRose

I'm at work right now so I am not really finishing my thoughts as well as I should because I feel rushed to get this done if customers walk in. I probably could have explained a lot of that much better and made it more attractive to look at. Perhaps I'll clean it up when I get home.

Brutal Doom is awesome. It completely redoes all of the weapons making each one viable for a different situation rather than a linear progression of weapon power because why on earth would you ever use the pistol once you have the shotgun, gives most of them alternate fire modes, retweaks enemy AI, damage, health values, etc, gives more combat options in ways like being able to kick the explosive barrels around to create traps, kicking enemies off of ledges, taking enemies as shields, overkilling enemies for extra health, using the fatalities to your advantage because it gives you invulnerability for the duration of the animation... It is also completely compatible with just about every single Doom .wad out there, AND it has 64 player multiplayer, competitive or cooperative. It's so good!

Posted by Demoskinos

That is...brutal. Pretty neat stuff.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait a minute, you can link headers? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Posted by Pr1mus

Brutal Doom looks pretty sick, will have to try this out.

Edited by SpartanAmbrose

Thanks for exposing me to Brutal Doom! That video plus your incredible description make me super excited to try it out!

I've only played Warframe for a short amount of time, but I've already had a ton of fun with it.

Edited by ArtelinaRose

I've only played Warframe for a short amount of time, but I've already had a ton of fun with it.

They completely redid the mod system to its current state with the last patch. I did not like it at first, but now I am REALLY enjoying the game with the way it's set up, it was a smart thing they did to completely change the game to allow players to keep the mods they want and upgrade them to improve their character while also playing for new ones. The old talent tree system and the randomized mod stats was much less interesting than the current state the game is in.

Posted by davo

I've been wanting to play Brutal Doom for the last couple of weeks but I'm too lazy to get it all working. That, and the fact I don't own Doom. Looks great.

Posted by ArtelinaRose

@davo said:

I've been wanting to play Brutal Doom for the last couple of weeks but I'm too lazy to get it all working. That, and the fact I don't own Doom. Looks great.

Ultimate Doom/Doom 2 are $5 USD individually on Steam. Go search your couch for change and then get to playing!

Posted by 9cupsoftea

Under the ocean looks utterly gorgeous.

Posted by believer258

I've heard of Brutal Doom but never played it. Now that I've seen that video, I have to get around to it at some point.

If you're looking for cool free things on the internet, you can get the Marathon games here. Don't worry, they might be Bungie's first series of games but they are nothing like Halo. They are, however, great old-school shooters that are more complex than Doom was, especially in terms of story.

Posted by SpartanAmbrose

@artemesia: Interesting! I'll definitely have to try it out sometime soon... right after a little more Brutal Doom.