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The game isn't amazing, but it's alright. By removing it from the Aliens canon in my brain and simply viewing it as a first person shooter that I only dropped $30 on, I enjoy it.

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I don't like these games, but I do luuuuuuuurv me some Hokuto no Ken.

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Please, don't buy this game. Don't fuel them.

Sorry I want to play a fun game, but I promise to get on the next holy game crusade!
It's fine if you enjoy it. It is like people that enjoy watching shows like Duck Dynasty or I think the show is called American Diggers... You know, those people... This series has been bastardized from what the original felt and played like. If my mom doesn't hate Dead Space 3, then I won't buy it. ;). God I hate EA at times...

what does your mom have to do with anything? read some reviews and make a decision.

Part of EA's marketing campaign for Dead Space 2 was showing a bunch of older women footage of Dead Space 2 and filming their reactions, touting the game as good because "mothers hate it." It was widely regarded as, ironically, juvenile.

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motherfucker its like they knew the only thing that would make me interested was simon templeman

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Man, the armor in Too Human has always looked awesome to me. I'm really disappointed there won't be a second game to fix all the dumb stuff about the gameplay. I really thought it was interesting.

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Not much reason to get this again with Starbound coming out relatively soon.

That game is never coming out and we all know it

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The Brotherhood segment was exactly why I hated that fucking game. The full sync and DO NOT BE DETECTED bullshit just ruined the whole thing for me.

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OH MAN I used to play the SNES one so much when I was younger. This just set off so many memories.

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@Iodine: Yes, and I guess I feel a bit choked about Giant Bomb specifically as I've been following these gents for about a decade and its disappointing to see them fail to evolve with the times. They don't seem to be asking tougher questions about why it is they like what they like, and I truly find that disheartening. Patrick seems to be coming around a bit on Far Cry 3's shortcomings if some of his comments in the deliberation episode are any indication, but I would have said the same thing about the thoughts expressed some weeks ago when Jeff and Brad both expressed their disappointment in the storyline and the misuse of Vaas as a character. It just makes no sense to me that such grievous missteps can be forgiven because its really fun to drive around on an ATV and shoot sharks with rocket launchers. That is such a low-bar for a passing grade it just seems worthless.

And I do pull from as wide a variety of sources as I can, but they are largely very uniform in terms of criteria. The one noteworthy exception I've found is Idle Thumbs who absolute deconstruct every single bizarre decision contained within Far Cry 3 in their latest episode. It is definitely worth listening to. THAT is the kind of in-depth analysis we need more of.

So it's unforgivable if the story in a video game, something judged on how fun it is, is overlooked because the game is fun to play? I don't get it.