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" Always bet on Dookie.  "
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I had the dumbest smile on my face watching this. What a genuinely amazing person.

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"buh buh buh the graphics are so bad lol who would buy this crap"
Ffffffffuck you.

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I actually really liked this game. The last hour or so was one long, boring GET ON WITH IT but other than that I thought it was a very well put together cinematic rail shooter.

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Jim Cummings, motherfuckerrrrssss  
Looking forward to this. Even if the game sucks dick, the plethora of wonderful voice talent they have on board will make my inner voice nerd weep with joy.

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@Sunjammer said:
" For the love of god and all that is holy; THEY ARE ENGINEERING TOOLS, HE WAS NEVER A MINERrrraghghhrh.... I guess it doesn't matter.  "
The tools used in Dead Space 1 were MINING tools because they were on a MINING vessel. If you go and read the descriptions for some of the weapons, their use in mining shit is even explained. Last time I checked, using a plasma cutter to chop rocks to bits is not an engineer's job.
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This is the best wrestling game trailer of all time. OF ALL TIME. OF ALLL TIIIIIIIME.

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Oh man, I am digging the music here. Hope they release a soundtrack.

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I like how everybody is saying this game is immature and stupid as shit.
I dunno, I think it looks pretty fun. It's more "pure old school" video game than anything else I've seen recently.