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@Jams said:

@Tennmuerti: I read your tips before I jumped in and had no problems with the mouse ( was expecting the worst from some naysayers).

People are just being exceptionally whiny. They focus too much on the tiny problems and rather than get used to them, write the entire game off as being broken.

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Already my GOTY whenever it comes out.

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Please do not remove me/Jezail Lunaescent from the guild. I recently built a new computer and the whole thing just exploded. My backup computer does not work either, so I have not been able to play.

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oh my god

i did not think i could get this excited for video games anymore

oh my god oh my god

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I've entered it multiple times but it seems to disappear every time.

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Are invites still going out? I'd very much like to join.

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I too suffer from carpal tunnel that is rapidly turning into tendonitis. I found using a wrist brace really helps with the pain, as does wearing armwarmers for some reason. I prefer the armwarmers because it gives me full range of movement with my wrists. Your mileage may vary.

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@Canteu said:

I preferred War. I don't like Death's style or lack of clothing.

However, I just want Pestilence and then I'll be happy. If my friend War get's a game, then so do I.

Also, War is voiced by Liam O'Brien, so yeah, nobody else stands a chance.

Dude, Michael Wincott. Come on. I love me some Liam O'Brien, but Michael Wincott.

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I bought a sound card for my computer a few weeks ago. I had played beta before then and now playing it after having one, the sound quality on all of the voice acting is really poor. You can tell that they're all in a studio and it is REALLY distracting.

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Added myself last night.