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I will probably end up regretting sharing this but whatever. I'm a closeted trans person. I don't plan on coming out anytime soon because I'm afraid my family will think I'm a freak. Being trans has never made me consider suicide, but my family hating me probably would. I also don't think handle people staring at me for being trans. I would probably become a shut in or something. The good thing is the depression I experience from it doesn't seem as bad as other trans people. Not sure if it will ever get worse, but right now it is something I can deal with.

Since this is a video game website and all I'll also add that playing as a women in video games always seems to make me feel better for some reason. It is a little sad I guess, but whatever.

That's awesome! I mean, not that you're closeted, but that you'd share that you are trans. I can really respect that, because, as you said, it can be tough for many people to understand or accept.

There are some other trans members on Giant Bomb who are really cool, and I'd recommend getting to know them if you haven't already. They're better equipped than I am to discuss where you're at. I have been so encouraged by @artelinarose in particular; her strength and confidence is a real inspiration. :)

That is very kind of you to say u//////u I often worry I am just coming across as a jerk.

Wait, encouraged how?

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Good on you for accepting it and coming out, duder.

Question for you, though; are you bisexual, or pansexual? Yes, there is a difference.

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I had a really big thing typed up but I figured this would suffice

Congratulations, you've won the "shitty things cis people say and do to delegitimize the experiences of trans people" bingo in this thread! You only missed two or three squares!

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Special reminder that OKCupid's call to boycott Firefox for instating a homophobe as CEO came on International Transgender Visibility Day. And that they still don't have any options for identifying as transgender on their website, nor any tools to create a safe dating environment for trans people.

but its not like anyone is surprised that people dont include us right

hurray for trans erasure being acceptable

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You're looking really good. Totally convincing. Did you pick a female name?

I would like to respectfully ask what was the (for lack of better articulation) "breaking point"?

At what point did you decide you wanted this and actually go through with it? I'm just curious about the process from thinking about it to the actual transformation.

When it comes to dating are you "gay" if you date a female? Do you ideally want to be with a female, male, or a trans? I read you had a girlfriend, what's her thoughts on this? Is she technically a lesbian?

Sorry if any of my questions come off as ignorant. I honestly want to learn about this stuff, but information is scattered and I've never met a trans in person.

I forgot to point out that "female, male, or a trans?" is bad because it stems from the thought process that transwomen and transmen are not what they identify as. Transmen are men, transwomen are women. They're not "a trans."

May have already pointed it out, but I'll do it again for emphasis just in case: a few of these questions stem from the thought process "lina is a boy" which is incorrect. I was born male bodied, yes, but I identify as female, express as female, ergo, I am female. What I was born as does not define who I am; who I am defines what I am. That sentence might make zero sense to anyone not educated on this sort of thing, but I promise, on the other side of this knowledge hole, it will.

It can be difficult for those not accustomed to this sort of thing to wrap their heads around the concept of sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexuality all being completely separate from one another, but once you do, I think you will be a little surprised with how much the world opens up to your newfound understanding.

I second that. Not a lot of people know what's appropriate. Some people barely know trans folk exist outside of weird porn and drag shows. Clarification of how trans see sex vs. gender is needed. There's the biology of what a male and female is. That is binary in terms of the body, then there's gender. How those two relate really seem to confused people. Information on that isn't exactly widely distributed.

Also here. Drag shows have next to nothing to do with transgender women. Common mistake, but no less important to address.

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Nyx did a really really good job of explaining things without coming off as a jerk. Should listen to her.

If you come in and try to tell two trans women that they are using their community's language wrong and they don't know what they're talking about, surprise! You are exactly the kind of person they are talking about when they say "fucking cis people" because in this context, it means "those who are famously ignorant of gender minority issues and don't bother recognizing it."

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ok, ok I give up, what the hell does cis stand for?

a google search could have helped you

Cisgender. Somebody whose gender identity matches their biological sex.

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Glad it is going so well for you. I would love to start hormones myself at some point as the results sound amazing.

As part of a gender change thing or just for the soft skin?

Why would go through a hormone change if all I wanted was softer skin?

Luxurious velvety skin is pretty awesome.... :3

I'm REALLY underselling it. I'm softer than every cis girl I know. It's a pretty common thing for trans women to be softer than cis women and hooooly shit am I soft.

Boobs are also great. Yes, my boobs are natural. No, they're not different. They're just boobs.

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I apologize if I come off as abrasive or even aggressive in some of my responses. I tend to be a bit firm when I discuss issues like this. I promise I'm not attacking anybody, and that I usually don't mean anything by it beyond exerting a little pressure for emphasis. I've meant being a little rude twice in this thread. Try to find them!

I believe you said you were 22? Correct me if I'm making that up. Males don't reach physical maturity till around 24. How do you assure you're manipulating your hormones safely? I assume there are doctors that specialize in this stuff.

It's not as hard as you think it is, especially since part of the process is actually blocking the production of testosterone. You block T, slowly replace it with E. My doctor is FTM so I trust his judgement on a lot of this stuff, seeing as he deals with many MTF patients and has personal experience with at least the other side of the process... but endocrinologists are hormone doctors(though not JUST), and many people who transition see one for a more personalized transition.