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Little annoyed that I can't use my PS3 controller with MotionInJoy.

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Didn't get into the Firefall beta, or the Raiderz beta, and I'm not in the first wave of the-fpsmmo-that-shall-not-be-named beta. And Darksiders isn't out until the 20th here. Bollocks.

Want to get into the Firefall beta? :)

Well hey, if you're just giving them out, I've been excited since PAX 2011...

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I've been revisiting GW1, and just beat all 4 campaigns in it so I'll probably try and do the post-game stuff that came out after Eye of the North since I haven't seen that before.



Can't tell if serious.

Every mission in Factions is a major kick in the nuts, at least.

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I've been revisiting GW1, and just beat all 4 campaigns in it so I'll probably try and do the post-game stuff that came out after Eye of the North since I haven't seen that before.



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I have a pair of Sennheiser PC151's that I have owned for about two years now. GREAT headset for $60. Best sound quality I've gotten out this price range, though I just got a sound card so I think it's time to upgrade. But Sennheiser has outdone every other headset I've owned in the last decade with one model so I recommend them.

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Uuuurg you make it sound so easy. I have yet to find ANY coal or iron or any other metals aside from silver, and I'm on my fifth fort.

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The puzzles are needlessly complicated, the controls are a bitch, most of the time when I die it's because I've accidentally fallen off the side of the cliff or it's registered "walk" and "push a block" and it's fucked me over. The game play has exactly one trick, and I'm sorry but slightly different blocks do not make it interesting.

The story is kind of interesting, but even though I pretty much told Catherine to fuck off VIA TEXT MESSAGE the game still acts like you haven't made a choice. Not to mention some of the moral choice questions are so fucken arbitrary, they lose all meaning when judged as black and white. The game basically shoves down your throat that marriage is good and not wanting to get married makes you Hitler. There is no middle ground, where you can remain loyal to Katherine but not want to marry her straight away.

Also, some of the questions are so vague you have no idea what it actually means until after you've answered it. One I remember was something along the lines of "Do you prefer to stick out or fit in" and apparently sticking out meant you liked to be unfaithful.

Finally, some of the questions they ask you to determine what kind of person you are, are downright ugly given how one answer is “good” and the other is “bad”. The question that made me rage quit was “What do you consider cheating” and the two answers were “Emotional interaction” or “Physical interaction”. Emotional interactions was considered the “good” choice, so basically the game is telling you having sex with other women is alright.

This game is disgusting…

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Catherine is a very under appreciated game. I find it amusing that people bitch and moan all the time about the lack of new and creative, original IPs and then thumb their noses at a game like Catherine. I can see why some people may not like it. but that doesn't change the fact that it was an excellent original title.

Just because something is new, doesn't mean it is good. Reaching a point where gamers will take any crap that comes along just because it is different is no better than gamers accepting the same games to come out time and time again.

I would just like to say that when you beat the game, it says that it wasn't an alignment meter, it was more if you are "conservative" or "liberal" when it comes to love. Blue for Katherine, red for Catherine. Katherine represents a more powerful view of love that enforces strong emotions and ideas such as tradition, fidelity and the desire to be with one person and devote yourself to them. To her, marriage is THE thing to do to prove that you're actually in love with a person.

Catherine represents the idea that the previous idea of love is a stifling, oppressive monster that chains a person down. To her, love is a thing, but it isn't all consuming; the emotion of love shouldn't lock you down and force you to change your life. You should still be allowed to do things that make YOU happy just because they make you happy and forcing yourself into marriage just makes the whole thing feel sour. If you pay attention, a lot of Catherine's interactions with Vincent are actually her pitying him for being forced into so many shitty situations because she thinks Katherine is stifling his life.

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While not technically "menu" music, it did play when you started up the game so it counts GOD DAMNIT.

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First you need to find a vendor. Buy lots of water, and ammo, and maybe a couple guns. Just be careful not to shoot the vendor, or they might go ape shit on you. Wielding the sword of vathral helps too. Don't forget to forage often and avoid dinosaurs. Good luck.

I would play this game.