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" Oh god. I just thought of what would happen if the Metal Gear fiction and Assassin's Creed fiction crossed over into the same universe. I think my brain is breaking from the completely crazy/stupid/over-rot/awesome story that would produce. "
The Patriots were actually Templars.
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" @iFail said:

" @J12088: What wars have they really rolled in completely solo? I can't remember many, "
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@DarkTemplar said:
"  Pretty much every war since World War II has been fought incorrectly. America is just fighting lightweight wars, which is terrible. This is the reason we see wars last a long time (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). If we actually invaded our enemies, things would be different. Right now we worry more about collateral damage than we do about winning the war. It's supposed to be a war, bad things happen from time to time, we have to roll with the punches. Had we launched a full scale invasion of Iraq, I guarantee you the war would be have been over almost instantly. Same goes for all of the other wars America has fought in since World War II. Politicians are making military decisions, and that is why we are stuck in unnecessarily long and bloody wars that last 5+ years. It's gotten so ridiculous now, if a soldier is being shot at by a terrorist, but the terrorist sets his gun down and just walks away (but doesn't surrender), you aren't supposed to kill him anymore, despite the fact that he was trying to kill you a second ago, and will most likely try to kill you or another American later. "
This is why the rest of the world thinks we're fucking retarded. Thanks.
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That bitch either had the clap, you have a bladder infection, or you're dehydrated. Get a drink before you die either way.

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Post occasionally. The Sisters of Battle page is almost all mine, though I'm incredibly unhappy with it. That's about it. Not as much as I want to, more than I thought I would.

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Yakuza 3, definitely.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" in COD years, MW2 is a 10 year old game.. we're done discussing it, its ancient history "
If MW2 were a ten year old game, it might actually be a little fun.
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@thehuntsmen5434 said:
" I did the tutorials, I must of missed it.  When the guy starts talking I like tune him out........... he's annoying lol. "
Did you just call Stephen Fry annoying?
Man, you are gonna get your ass beat so hard.
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Russian, French and Japanese. I find Russian and French to be very sexy to listen to, and Japanese because I might get some use out of it here or there.

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To me, the lack of cover or bullet time or a fingerless glove meter has always been part of the appeal of Doom. I still go back and play the first two because they're just fun. Sometimes, I don't want a fancy story or gimmicky game mechanics; I just want to switch my brain off and blast demons with a shotgun.