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This is my lady.

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@SynisterSpacer said:
" Bungie hasn't updated my Spartan model for a while now :( I may take an in-game screenshot. "
Yeah, my Spartan hasn't updated at all and I got the game the day it came out. Bogus.
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If I get blown up by a stray grenade or rocket or something, nah. Shit happens.
If we're alone and he just straight up shoots me in the face until I die, fuck'm. You're out of my game.

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No, he's got a point.

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I think my favorite was Reach. While I was still basically just a faceless space marine, giving me the option of creating my own character instead of forcing me to be the big angry green booger again went a long way to helping me connect with them and care about what was going on. Plot holes and retcons be damned, when the end came, I actually felt something akin to sadness.

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GIantbomb: Artemesia
Gamertag: Mr PIHB
Location: West Coast of the United States, California specifically.
I'm looking to play... just about anything. Matchmaking, campaign, forge, custom games,  whatever.

I try to log in a few hours during the day, but sometimes I don't play at all due to our Xbox being in the living room and living with a family who is addicted to prime time cable. I don't have any people I currently play with(isn't it sad ;_;) so I suppose I'm looking for some dudes to roll with and just have a decent time playing some gosh darned video games with. I don't take the game too seriously, and as a self judge I don't think I'm all too great but I at least tend to break even, so that's a start. I have a weird, abstract sense of humor that ranges from pop culture references to downright what the fuck, and an equally skewed view of the world. I swear like a sailor on leave with a hooker and get easily frustrated, but rarely, RARELY ever angry. Make sure you sign the waiver before inviting/adding me. I also won't take the initiative and invite you to my parties and whatnot, so you'll be holding the reins in this relationship.

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Unlike Modern Warfare 2, which does much more for the campaign by not thro-
Alright, so Killzone 2, that does-
Okay, FEAR 2, that was pretty awe-
Every FPS is about throwing waves of dudes at you so you can shoot them. Deal with it.

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Limited. I don't make enough money to justify $150 on a McFarlane statue, no matter how nice they are.

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