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Did you say you lost your job because you're transgender? How are there no laws to stop that from happening?


That's actually a whole subject I'm not educated on enough to properly talk about but I do know that it's not entirely illegal, especially depending on which state you're in.

In my case it was less "we don't want you because you're trans" and more "You keep 'getting complaints' about you but we're never going to tell you what is being said about you or who is putting them in so you don't know what to work on and oh hey look at that you went from 13-16 hours a week to 6 and we've made working here miserable so now you'll quit.'" It's garbage but it's what happened.

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Now if only I could get it removed from my memories, too.

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Just in time for my two year tranniversary if that's true! It'll make a great present to myself.

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I can't pretend to understand what you've gone through, but congrats on getting to a place where you feel comfortable with who you are.

If it's not too personal to ask, is the HRT something you have to keep doing, or does it get to a tipping point where your body recognizes that this is the new normal, and just carries on without outside help?

I'll be on hormones for the rest of my life. I take spironolactone which is an androgen blocker and estradiol which is my estrogen. When I can afford to have my testicles removed, either on their own or for GRS/SRS/acronym of your choice I'll no longer have to take spironolactone as I won't be producing as much testosterone, but I will still be taking estrogen for life.

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I have got a question. You call yourself a transgender woman but at this point wouldn't you just want to call yourself a woman? I mean if we were walking down the street and passed each other I wouldn't think you were a transgender woman at all. Or is just labeling man or woman to vague a term now?

I do refer to myself as a woman but it would be downplaying the importance and significance of my being transgender if I were to omit the detail, especially in this blog where the whole point is to talk about my transition(which I did... poorly,,,, I was very tired when I wrote it).

It's a huge deal to me. Honestly, probably the biggest thing in my life and it will remain the biggest thing in my life until the day I die. Only those that have gone through it can possibly understand how darn much it means so I won't try to convince you but believe me, I don't hide it at all because there's no shame in being trans whatsoever.

There's alsoooo the whole "man and woman aren't the only genders" thing but that's a whole separate issue that I'm not looking to educate anyone on at the moment because I don't have the energy for it. There are better resources than I for that sort of thing anyway.

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It's awesome that you're doing really well, but I can't help but feel it's irresponsible to suggest that people transition if they need emotional support.

I worded it very poorly. What i meant was it's my go to thought, not my actual advice. When I see people are sad and need help with their lives as a whole, I think of what worked for me.

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The Brutal Doom shotguns are pretty much the best.

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I really enjoyed watching my friend play it at the time, but the way they handled Erica being trans was fucking abysmal. It's a Japanese thing and a Japanese viewpoint and I get that, but eeesSSSHHH.

That said, I think the gameplay looked fine and suited the whole symbolism thing the game was rife with, and the story was interesting and intense. I'd recommend it, yeah.