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These are PS4 codes.



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Kinda sad that there's not much more than there was in the Alpha. I've been following beta info pretty closely, and they made it sound like there would be a lot more content than they had in the Alpha, but... oh well. At least there'll be stuff to look forward to.

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I snagged this one! Thanks a ton, duder! They didn't send me a code for some reason, even though I preordered a while ago... if I happen to get it later, I'll be sure to post it in here!

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If anyone has a spare PS3 code, I'd really appreciate it! It's for a friend, not for me; I've already preordered on my PS4.

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Bremerton, WA, USA

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I walked into the men's room for twenty two years of my life.

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Redline is so awesome in so many ways. But if we are talk Anime for non-anime users, what about Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade? That movie is bordering on a work of art.

Came in here to suggest Jin-Roh. Goddess, what an incredible film.