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As much as I love me some Halo(re: a lot), if I were to be entirely truthful, I'd say Myth: The Fallen Lords. It was my first foray into RTS games back when Lina was just a widdle tiny person and I have many good memories attached to it... I used to watch my father play the second one all of the time(he was way into one of those mods that made it all Army men and shit), and he let me borrow the first one after a visit and I was soooo excited to try it. I was never very good at it because I was young and bad at video games, but there was an immense sense of pleasure found in blowing up like six dudes at once with a single satchel charge from a dwarf.

And that Siege of Madrigal track... goodness me...

"Once they ranged across The Province in the millions, but in five short years the man now known as Chicken Berel hunted them almost to extinction. Only a handful of these noble beasts remain."

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"We are Diamond Goats."

chevres sans frontieres

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"We are Diamond Goats."

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It's this and the Too Human video for me.

I had never seen this before and jesus christ i teared up from laughing so hard

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It's your birthday again, Ryan. I wish I could afford to get you something, but times are rough in the Lina Rose household.

I'm sorry I never appreciated you while you were here. I'm sorry.

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I feel like all the stuff that came out after the shooting claiming that it was the fault of misogyny or something like that completely missed the main issue here. The perpetrator of the shooting was insane, not sexist. He went out and shot people because his brain was malfunctioning, I don't care what he "claimed" the reason was. Its because he was fucking nuts. Like, full stop. CRAZY.

Misogyny is very much a part of this incident. Like, actual misogyny; not the way that word is thrown around to describe Mario and other video game shit. An action predicated on a hatred for women, and in this case also jealousy of other men.

Whether it's a severe reflection of some societal sexism or just comes from the sexual frustration of a narcissistic and angry kid, or some measure of both, I suppose is the conversation left for us to mull over (along with the conversation of how, rather than why).

In any case, were it an act of racism, we'd call it so, and we'd also still call the perpetrator crazy. Both racism and misogyny are, after all, pretty fucking insane.

He was a narcissist but he was also autistic.So some Autistic people who does not know the norms of other human beings will think that other people knows what he thinks.

So because he had autism, he was a murderer? Or because he had autism, he was more predisposed to psychopathic tendencies, which led to murder?

His autism had NOTHING to do with the actions he decided to undertake. His world view as a young man poisoned by exposure to bad opinions, his belief that women owed him something because he had gone down some sort of checklist and his perceived expectations as a man were what lead to him killing people.

ANNNNNNYWAY. I honestly can't think of a game I played recently where there was some sort of romance (sub)plot involved. Like, Wolfenstein I guess, but that wasn't some forced love story nor did I feel like it was misogynistic in any way. People might point to Bioware games as being the main offender for "forced romance subplots" but I also believe this is false because the plots aren't forced down your throat. They are there for you to pursue if you are interested in that sort of things, but by no means are they a requirement.

I dunno! Not really feeling it as I type this. Bringing up a discussion of feminism or misogyny here always seems to turn real bad, real fast. Can't bring myself 100% to it.

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Gender roles - males always wooing females

Yes we are cultured and intelligent beings, we should be different from animals and their basic functions, but at the end of the day we are biological animals that evolved from cells in the sea, so how do you explain the fact that almost EVERY species has the males doing all the wooing and the courting showmanship? I believe in equality in rights between the two (human) genders, but I do not deny gender roles because they are a part of nature and biology, which is evident in all other living beings. The fact that the male does the penetration and fertilization during intercourse, for humans and animals alike, really symbolizes this IMO.

How do people who deny gender roles explain the fact that in nature, it's always the male who does the dancing, the wooing, followed by the f*cking? I'm NOT saying they're wrong, I'm trying to understand their point of view, because as of now I don't.






also "both genders"


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I am REALLY enjoying Zephyr. I didn't think I would but I would say she's my favorite, actually. It's so fun having that much mobility. She's SO fast in the air.