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Unfortunately the clan is full. I'll see what can be done about it.

Well, some idiot destroyed our Storm Barracks so that's in the process of being rebuilt so I can push us up to a Mountain clan.

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Unfortunately the clan is full. I'll see what can be done about it.

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Modern Warfare 2. Eeeeuuughh. God of War 3 is a close second.

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I've been getting into DOTA a bit recently. I went back to try League of Legends now that my "i hate all mobas forever" attitude has left me, and I just don't like the way LoL feels. It's a faster paced game, but it feels like... refined, I guess? In the sense that there doesn't seem to be as much going on. There's less complexity. I'm a big Deny sort of player when I play Dota, I like keeping the enemy from getting gold and experience. You can't do that in LoL. Bleh.

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@pr1mus said:

I just want to post in this thread to say i was here.

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@csl316: Yeah the Megan's Law bit kills me every time. Jeff takes a second as he starts to get it, then lets out a bit of a chuckle and a big smile, then fucking rolls with it because he's a goddamn professional. It's not a video of him losing it (though Ryan really gets a hearty laugh) but the chuckle that came out was earned. He thought it was really funny even if he didn't externalize it too much.

That is actually my favorite Ryan laugh of all time and has been since the day that video went up.

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@artelinarose: Have you got any henchmen/companions? I found there was a point where the two-person party just wouldn't cut it, but it became a lot more manageable (although not easy) once i picked up to to NPCs in town. I've also not necessarily noticed the enemies taking too much advantage of the interactions between status effects - although they do make a lot of use of individual effects, and they can really screw you. Poison isn't too bad, but being on fire can really take its toll on the hit points, and having someone get frozen for three turns can really make things tricky!

I have a four person party, yes.

I think the point where I just said fuck it and turned it down to easy was a bit where my tank would go from 240hp to 30 in less than one full turn because one enemy would hit her with poison and then the second would explode it with fire. I could NOT get through this encounter without her being killed almost immediately.

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This game is hard as fuck. I had to push the difficulty down to easy after a point because I was tired of losing at least one person per fight.

I feel like one of the issues is the enemies are TOO smart sometimes; they know how everything reacts with everything perfectly and they combo it all up like crazy.

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All showers are both before you go to sleep and after you wake up, if you think about it.