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Yo Halo 2 came out in 2004. How has Bungie, the progenitor of online matchmaking, forgotten to include such a useful feature?

It hasn't been forgotten, it's been intentionally left out.

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The concept excites me. I don't have people to play with, but that's easily fixable so long as you do a little bit of networking and why wouldn't you when you're on a website like this one already? GB always has been getting together to do dumb/cool stuff together and I am excited to get some high end content done with some duders.

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It's never good to hear about people losing their jobs, especially ones they've held for so long.

I hope for the best. Most of these people have voices that deserve to be heard.

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@artelinarose: I saw you in the roof of the messenger in the Tower 2 days ago...

Pretty funny seeing these pictures here.


If you see me doing anything, I'm probably taking screenshots at some point along the way. I've been taking a LOT through both the alpha and beta.

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@probablytuna: Oh, the Moon skybox had a bright Earth that seemed way too big, some huge nebula thing, and tons of stars that should be hidden due to the Earth's brightness. I know none of this matters, I just like to see sci-fi done in a more plausible way. I guess once you have space wizards it's all out the window. I mean, call them something techy and give them high tech gadgets to explain things, don't call anything "magic". :( Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, after all. But it's not magic to the characters in this world when you can do things like fly at hyper speed to the Moon in a star ship you just scrounged up out of a junk yard. Cool believable future tech: good, magic forces of "darkness"? Groan..

The point of Destiny's fiction is to be like a futuristic version of old legends filled with larger than life heroes, magic and absolute evil. It's their version of knights going forth from their castles to destroy evil, pushing back the darkness invading their landexploring s, the mystical and the unknown and bringing light and hope to the people.

If it's not for you, it's not for you, and that's okay. But it's kind of the whole thing that they're going for, with wizards and powerful (space) magic and absolute evil versus absolute good. "But why not just make a fantasy game then, Lina?" Because it wouldn't be as interesting, and they're good at shootmans.

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oh boy here we go

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More social options, honestly. There are four emotes and none of them ever really convey what I want.

The ability to type to talk to other people would be nice, too... I feel like a total dork when I'm running Devil's Lair or out and about and there's players nearby and all I can do is spam wave at them and point at a chest I want them to have, too. Just let me tell them "Hey, I found a chest." I won't do it with voice chat because immature boys on the internet will probably just say "yeah its on you lmao a/l are you hot?????"

Still stands! I cannot properly express what I mean to other people. I find chests all of the time and I try to point them out to new players or just anyone in the area, but waving and pointing doesn't get anywhere and just makes me look like a spaz more than not.

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Terminator 1. As much as I love 2, I have a lot more history with 1.

The first has always been a bit of a surreal experience for me though. Linda Hamilton in that movie looks almost EXACTLY like my mother did when that movie came out; if you put pictures of them side by side from the same year you would seriously think they are closely related. Which is totally weird, because Linda Hamilton has a twin sister. Also my mother's maiden name is Linda Hampton. !!?!?!?!?!!!!!

So watching the first Terminator is like watching an hour and a half of a future murderbot try to get my mom.

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1. I hope the level cap is higher than 20. Leveling up to 8 took like 4 hours.

2. The load times need to be cut in half.

3. I hope there are multiple areas per planet. If Earth is just Old Russia I think that would be disappointing.

I really like this game.

The Earth map has more to it than just what's shown. There are several blocked off areas you can't get into just yet, like King's Watch and the Dry Sea.