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Whenever I open a page, the page loads, but the play button does not appear. It looks like this:

This started 2-3 days ago. I've never had issues before.

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$24.2 Million based off of previous films released around the same time for a similar demographic, and I'm price-is-righting it compared to other guesses so far.

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I would greatly appreciate more feature/editorials from Jeff.

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Patrick, Shadow Fiend has not been changed mechanically. The image you've posted shows Shadow Fiend as he's been for the past three years. That's even the old-model, not the new one.

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@fuzzy_dunlop: FFX is a genuinely good game. Most JRPGs have bad writing but I wouldn't consider FFX to be one of them. There are plenty of gaffs and attempts at humor that fall flat but the moments that matter hit effectively. It's really a very good story, especially for JRPGs. The quick look isn't indicative because you need context to the world and characters. It's one of those things where if you show a clip of "HA HA HA HAH AH," yeah it looks dumb, but in the context it makes sense. I've played FFX a lot and even I thought the "WHY WONT YUNA STOP DANCING" seemed weird in the quick look. People who have no context on what's going on will think it's just some dumb translation.

But it's recent and very friendly to newcomers. It's linear but not restrictively so. You know what to do next and there are things to do if you want to take a break from the main quest. It feels like a modern game in design, even if the voice acting is dated.

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@masternater27 "There's plenty information out about what it is." Actually the repeated line I saw about Gone Home was people worried that explaining it too much would ruin the experience. The game was recommended by Patrick Klepek and Anthony Burch (two people whose opinion I value) so I took the plunge without reading any further than the high praise and who it was coming from.

I should mention that I did enjoy the game. I probably enjoyed as much as anyone else did (although I think Anthony was being REALLY hyperbolic to the game's detriment). The issue isn't that I didn't like the game, it's that I didn't feel it was worth the price of entry. So much so that it overwhelmed my thoughts of the game. There have been times where I felt I overpaid for something but this is the first time I can remember where it bothered me so much that it negatively affected my experience. Thanks for calling me a bitch though.

@Humanity Your point about Action games and their opposite is actually very interesting. I had never thought of that before. I feel a lot of the review industry tries to justify the existence of games like Gone Home so they'll go out of there way to defend it instead of addressing concerns like the one you brought up.

@TruthTellah You're likely the most mature response in this thread.

Most other people ITT: People claiming I said that Gone Home should've been 100 hours long because the only thing I value is length of the game.

I don't even specifically point out how long I played it, I just said the value of the game was not matching with the price. I compared it to other games that are of equal length (Death Esther, Journey) and said those games have better values because they're cheaper and it's a lot easier to see what the price is going toward (like varied environments, more original music and etc.)

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Can Patrick or Alex give us a recap of if this video is worth watching, insane/delusional or pointless?

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I like how this article reads like an Obituary.