Every Year's GOTY

Thought I'd make this list for my own sake and might as well write a blurb or two about the games I'm putting down.

List items

Posted by EpochError

Nice list. Are you going to go earlier than 2001?

Posted by Artie

I just added up till 1998 but any sooner than that I don't feel comfortable saying one way or the other. 
For example, my personal pick for 1997 would be Goldeneye because that's what I played all day every day that whole year. But FF7 came out, which is arguably a much better game, as did Diablo 2 and the original Age of Empires. And before that I wasn't really playing enough games to make a good judgement. Many of the games pre-1997 I played after they came out not in the same year of their release. 
I should also note that the names for those years is entirely due to "COMPARED TO OTHER GAMES THAT YEAR." That's why Zelda appears twice, gta appears three times. But yeah. Glad you enjoy the list.