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If the Terrorist Hunt is legit I will get into it I bet. I loved that mode in Vegas.

Just have a progression system and a good terrorist hunt mode.

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I wish it was more focused on a partner dynamic. I really like that formula. Anyways, not loving all the characters but overall I liked the feel. It was very different but still noirish (obviously some classic LA noir stuff going on with the story). I didn't love all of the characters or actors though. That's my big worry. Not much of a fan of Collin Ferrell or Vince Vaughn in dramatic roles.

There were also a few really goofy lines which dragged it down.

Complaints aside, it was not bad at all. I was expecting the worst from what I heard before but it could be promising. The creepy parts (the body in the car) reminded me a bit of Lynch weirdness (like Mulholland Drive) which was intriguing. It nailed a grimy LA feel that I like in a movie or TV show. I like noir a lot so I have interest in seeing how they take this forward with what we saw at the beginning.

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True Lies is in the top 5 like a lot of people say. Underrated movie in general.

Awesome action and it's funny. Tom Arnold is even good in it. I really liked the game too.

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The anger and hate you guys give this game is so over the top. Just don't buy it or support it! That's what I do. Not that you can't voice displeasure but saying the developers have social disorders and shit. Get real. This isn't Bungie being evil and everyone else in games being gold. Have we all not been paying attention to DLC pricing for a while?

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That "quick mercenary work" Metal Gear Rising Revengance was very well recieved.

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I agree with some of the others. You defintiely would need at least a prototype you can show off to get anyone to spend any money I think.

If you have a prototype and a quite modest goal, you can do it but I wouldn't expect to get much money and the odds aren't great. It's something I've thought about as well, and you should really get something playable up.

I think the best route would be to make a prototype or simplified version of your game then go to kickstarter and try to get some money to expand on that. Think like Westerado, for example. They had a simplified version of the game and then kept working on it for a full release. You need to prove yourself and I think that's just the smart way to go. Making games isn't easy and you should see if you can and want to do it before you're asking for money.

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The whole sailing part of Skellige is crap.

I'm doing it right now. Nothing dynamic or interesting happens at sea. The points of interests are almost all just Smuggler Caches with swarms of sirens around them. The sirens are so damn annoying to fight on your boat. You can kill them quick in the water but it's just busy work and not fun like the rest of the combat. Your boat will slow down to a stop to allow them to latch onto it (for like 30 seconds once it refused to move waiting for a monster to latch on). If a dumb siren sinks your boat you have to swim to damn shore as far away as that can be. And they can sink you quick if they just happen to attack the same part of your boat like twice in a row. Awesome! Just had to swim like 800 meters to get out of the damn sea to somewhere I could warp or find a boat.

That part of the game is undoubtedly bad. I stopped even messing with it because I was ruining my time.

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@ghostiet: Good post, I agree. GZ did worry me actually about V but then I have seen the stuff theyve shown since and it looks crazy. Especially if you look back at how these games were shown before release previously. Most sprung the crazy on you later. This has been showing craziness for a while (while also being heavy, it looks like the two will be balanced pretty well actually). Given the weight of some of what we see with the story I think we can say we need some silliness and wackiness. It's just so clearly there is all.

Maybe that issue with GZ is some of the reason people think this won't be a crazy game.