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Great clip.

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I really like it a lot. I haven't gotten too far in the story and I'm still exploring the characters. Taking them in practice mode, then doing the Towers with a lot of them. I love it from a gameplay perspective. I loved 9 and this is very good evolution of what that game was doing. It feels even friendlier to control and handle (in a good way).

There are a lot of characters I like to play as and I find it fun to mess with the variations. Some are very interesting and it's cool to be able to switch your moves up a bit, even if you are sticking with one character. It keeps things fresh and adds just a bit more depth. I don't love all of the new characters but I haven't played through the story too far, to be fair. The old favorites are all well done though. I like Jax the most probably (just like 9, though this one is even better I think). For a new character Ferra/Torr is really fun. I never have liked a larger character in a fighting game as much before. Erron Black, Sub-Zero, Goro, Ermac, and Kano (who I have never liked before in MK) I have enjoyed playing as a lot too.

Also to be clear, not much of an online guy. I play singleplayer mostly.

Other than the Krypt, I'm pretty happy so far. The Krypt seemed interesting at first but now seems like a chore as I see more of it. Kind of reminds me of some of the bad stuff they were doing with MK during the PS2/Xbox era. But I like the tone of the game (more serious and complex) and the look and it's really fun to play.

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Luckily, I am a rocket scientist and yeah the deal does seem to be pretty awesome.

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@krullban said:

@hunkulese: NBA2k15 on pc is the ps4 versiom

Yeah that was an unfortunate first version issue. Iskipped 14 and now I have 2k15 on PC and it's great.

Can't speak to all the online as I rarely play online, but for my franchise mode type purposes it's been really enjoyable on PC.

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Does it occur in all modes? Or is it just going into training?

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Buy the broken PC version. (lol... seriously).

I think Towers probably but not sure which one is quite the best.

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The more I read about this thing the more it sounds quite unique. Neither totally like Battlefront of old or like Battlefield. I'd really like it see it with a hud and such.

Yeah agreed, which is probably a cool way to go. I honestly would have been pretty damn happy with a pretty direct Battlefield Star Wars but this is interesting. They could do some cool things with modes so I'm interested to see more of that.

I just hope the heroes are handled well. That's one thing I was hoping wouldn't be in but maybe they are handled in a way that I like more here.

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@fisk0: Like I said I like the OS but I agree with you. It just felt faster, which was enough for me.

Maybe I just settle but I've been happy with Windows for a while. If it just runs better, is more secure, etc I'm pretty happy. The UI changes didn't piss me off at all either. just adapted pretty quickly.

I get why people wouldn't feel the need to upgrade at all.

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Game Engine footage

Yeah bullshit, there is no way in hell that game looks like that, runs like that and then also supports 40 person battles on large maps.

Game Engine footage can mean a lot of different things. It certainly doesn't mean that the final game will look like that, or that the trailer was being rendered by a PS4.

Yeah it just means: running on Frostbite.

I think you should take a lot of it basically as the action will look like this on a top level PC. I think the animations are where it's being prettied up most. Everything looks smoother than I'm sure it will and you can tell the animations are probably all unique little stuff that won't quite be in there. And yeah obviously on both consoles and lesser PCs it won't look that pretty.