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I think everybody is reading way too much into a single line from a video which is essentially a tutorial for those who have early access to the game. It was a joke, guys. And totally valid. Developers have the right to make fun of shitty critics as much as critics have the right to make fun of shitty developers.

Agreed. It's cool for the developers to have more of a voice too like it seems this has.

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Developers and publishers have done this kind of thing in an out of game way for a long time. Those complaining should do some research.

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The end killed me.

Yeah you can taste the pizza roll in there.

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Thanks for the review man. It was just what I was looking for. I also still really like a game that's just a take off on Resident Evil 4 so you convinced me to give this a shot.

I basically was just worried it'd be more Last of Us (which I didn't care for) but looks like it lets you really start shooting after the start.

And on the story front, I think RE 4 was pretty terrible but the atmosphere was outstanding. That's all I needed.

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I went in expecting this to be overblown and to not think much of this but it was just way too much for me. The intent of the character and then the amount of the video that was civilians laying on the ground and screaming while you murdered them was way more than I expected. It doesn't even have a tone that allows it to get a lot of slack.

A disappointing factor for me is that I actually think the basics of the game and the tech look fun. I would play the game if it didn't have... everything else.

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How hard is it to repeat the last thing you heard with a tone of annoyed confusion?

haha this is my response to a previous complaint about how Snake used to be chattier. A lot of it was pointless response.

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@cornbredx: The problem with your post is this isn't just voice acting anymore. Actors are in the same room, speaking in person to each other, and physically acting. It's acting.

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@yummylee: Do you think the close camera is intentional to reduce FOV and save on resources? If the game is dipping below 30 fps on PS4 even with the "cinematic" letterboxing, it seems reasonable that the camera would be tightened up in an effort to gain a few extra frames here and there.

I don't know if we can say that but regardless the letterboxing does those things for performance, which yes has even worse things to say about how it runs. I think there's obviously an intention to create a small FOV for survival horror reasons, but I'm not sure how much I would like or dislike that. Interested to play it.

Overall I like how it looks quite a bit. I'm betting on PC it gets a Dark Souls style fix.