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I wanted that Celtics win! Came within open shots falling of beating the Warriors. Up 26 in the first half. :(

I hate moral victories.

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This is just here because I started listening to Dan clips on the podcast.

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Also makes it harder to be sympathetic to Solidus when he's working with a straight up Nazi.

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You will be for a stretch early to mid game but soon you'll have enough. I had power to spare and at some point did like you and just focused on the main story. Took me 60 hours but there was tons I didn't do and a few areas I didn't unlock at all.

I'd recommend not unlocking anything extra if you aren't interested and just spend some time clearing areas. Even the easy quests in the Hinterlands give you power for doing them for example.

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Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature, dude.

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Dan thinking the Order and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse are bad games are funny to me , honestly :)

The whole Giant Bomb crew talking the Order must have been a laugh riot for you then.

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Yeah this looks really fun actually. Waiting for a price drop but I'm excited to play it.

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Very dissapointing consoles. This is certainly the longest into a generation I have yet to buy one of the three active consoles. I'm usually a day one with at least one of the consoles. My PC gaming was waning at the start of last gen but I got back into it later and now that's how I'm playing games. The consoles haven't given me a reason to get one.

PS4 looks like the best machines but I don't have any interest in any of its exclusives. Xbox has a couple good looking exclusives and a few on the horizon but not enough to move the needle for me. Interested to see how Quantum Break and Halo turn out. QB, if it's good, is the game that'd make me get a console. Bloodborne is an interesting one too. I have some interest in the Souls games and it looks like tt's faster pace is something that could work for me. We will see.

Frankly though, I just have a "just come to PC" feel with all these. I feel kind of done with console gaming.

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I have a true spirit of competition and thus support no one. May the best man win.

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@flstyle said:

@corevi: If I did make a game via Game Maker would I have any form of rights to the game, selling it and such?

A lot of games out there use Game Maker. You just buy the upgrade like he says. Tom Francis made Gunpoint using Game Maker and makes a living off of that.