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Will be available for $29.99 or bundled with gat out of hell for $49.99

I don't know about anyone else but i'm kinda fed up of just everything from the last 2 years being re-made for the current gen consoles. Has the world just run out of ideas?

I know a lot of games at the tail end of last gen ran pretty badly but I cant help but feel this is a cheaper way of putting content on the xbox one and ps4 instead of actually trying to make something new.

I haven't minded many of them but this one in particular doesn't need the extra power of the systems behind it.

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Not interested really. SR4 gameplay again? No thanks. Wasn't fun the first time even if the game was pretty fun overall.

They need to do something different.

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This is going to be confusing and it's never good to split your base like this.

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Sports games are the best podcast games. Played countless games of NBA 2K while listening to podcasts.

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No. I don't find them funny, sorry to be a hater.

The only podcast I even listen to the ads is Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast because it's hilarious listening to him struggle to read.

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Best thread title ever.

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I had fun with Saints Row 1 (mainly cause it beat GTA to the punch on that generation) and personally couldn't stand SR 2's story. I liked 3 a lot all around.

I think 4 was a disappointment for me. But for me it was basically just how it played and how much it felt like a 3 expansion. I think the game doesn't really play in an interesting way and I think it gets a big pass for that. All the powers and mobility are boring and straightforward and don't control as well as any other games doing that kind of thing in an open world.

I could end up liking the series either way they go. I wouldn't mind the next game being all about time travel stuff, but wouldn't mind it more toned down either. Personally I would have to favor SR 3 over 1 or 2 because I think the stories in both of those games are weak. And SR 2 was also really whacky. Not as whacky, but I mean you drove around a truck shooting poop in one mission.

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The one I've probably been the most excited for was BC.

It still sounds so good. Someone make it!

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If anything, Doom 3 was not a Doom game really and I think from the sounds of it this sounds more like what I'd be looking for. Isn't this supposed to be fast paced and crazy like the original two games? I'm optimistic.