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His acting does.

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Thanks for the post. I like Metal but don't listen to many new releases, I'll check these out. Agalloch is my favorite metal band though and this last album was really good, nice to see it ranked high.

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Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V. I still am looking forward to Quantum Break a lot too but don't have an Xbox One. I always give Remedy a look, even though I didn't like Alan Wake.

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I really think Drew may like 3. I hope he plays Subsistence. One of my favorite games ever. The stealth is way more fun and frankly easier because you can really start to pick off enemies silently from larger distances.

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I feel this because I was close to buying a console and instead ended up just upgraded/replaced my graphics card. It was only 180 on sale and the games look better and run faster, the online is free, I still use a controller. It's easy.

Add to that the headaches that come with crappy PC ports (which consoles seem to be copying more often now in an alarming trend)

I really disagree. There are better PC ports now than there have ever been. As someone who has played for a long time I can definitely say that. And you get a larger amount of games. Japan for example is starting to embrace the PC and it's nice. I just played MGSV: Ground Zeroes and it's a great port.

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@dwigtk said:

Watch the Mario Party Parties

So "Mario Party is good"?

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My favorite is Halo Reach.

Thanks for the recommendations! Sorry to hear there aren't more unknowns in the genre what with the whole surge of indie games. I tried Killing Floor - I don't love its style but it's not bad. I might not felt great about spending $20, but $5 is okay.

Yeah I think it's been somehow a bit neglected. We hear about how often it's done but it's usually done kind of half assed. I've expected and wanted more games that focus on just the genre.

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I think the art is really cool and interesting. If I had one suggestion it would be to change the main character. I just think the stick figure character design isn't going to do much for it. The rest of the art is very interesting and I think he doesn't hold up to it.

But if you really believe in it go for it. I just feel like it reminds me of old Newgrounds stuff.

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Yeah I'm with you guys. The flash sales have been very weak.