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Far Cry has been the best around.

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Has anyone here played over 1 hour with the new patch and can confirm that it improves, not breaks, the game?

Played like 3 hours with it today. I didn't notice much different but it was fine before, for me. Performance and stability wise.

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One thing I'll say is strategy means a lot, and exploiting weaknesses. If you prep the right way vs certain enemies, or use the right spell, it can make things way easier. Basically if it isn't red, go for it. The Bestiary is a good thing to check if you haven't been because it will straight up tell your weaknesses.

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Need to see beards first.

Also this thread is pretty hilarious.

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@brackstone said:

The thing I liked is how you get a sense of the world, without people really overtly talking about it. Like, there's at least 6 different major groups of people in the film, all are recognizable from their unique vehicles, and with all of them, you understand how they survive in the wasteland.

My only criticism is that there's a bad cgi shot near the end. Everything else was cinema gold.

Yes. I feel like this shows a director that is very confident in his ability to show things on screen and know the audience will be able to pick up a lot of them, and I really think that's great. Most movies would need a bunch of exposition to do the work he does with visuals and brief snappy dialogue.

Another example is the chastity belt type things for the girls. The whole scene is a very strange sight for Max at first, then when you see them cutting off the belts, know they're in hiding, see the pursuit. It gives motivations for the characters quickly and all of that works really well. I liked that driving force behind the story. They even keep it tense still with Max for a while, but everyone bands together pretty quick inside the rig.

There are tons of more subtle examples all over. I did really like it, how you mention, with the different gangs. They all had a lot of character and it made it very enjoyable to watch. You have a cartoony "oh these knuckleheads" kind of reaction watching them go up against the rig and get smashed to pieces.

Hard not to like watching the guys with a whole vehicle dedicated to metal and keeping music going out there. It's really funny how that vehicle made the whole movie more metal than it so obviously is. It put the metal soundtrack right there in the movie next to the characters in the chase scene. The guitar shot fire out of it.

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@jslack: Alright, thanks. As I mention at the start, I can say I have had the problem a few times over the last week or so when I've been on the forum but hadn't seen it through before to see a post show back up. I'll let you know if I see it again.

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I was thinking more on the Ramsay being insane thing: I guess that's just the case? If that's how it is, I just don't care for that part of it. I like the show I have watched so far a ton because it humanizes all manner of different characters and gives them interesting motivations. I can understand why some of the more villainous characters on the show might do what they do, even if I wouldn't myself.

Stannis has become one of my very favorite characters on the show and the one that right now I like best to be the potential king. This character started with me thinking little of him, that he was just kind of forgettable. It seemed to be about the witch most. It went from thinking he would be a kind of pawn of evil or a dark lord type of character (his scenes had a dark vibe for a while), to then a strong general, to a very smart leader who has held strong during the war so far, even after losing a major battle by a genius move by the defenders. He is constantly moving towards his goals. His own country seems to be pretty strong. He has a great love for his daughter. He has been showing concern for greater threats like Winter and the white walkers. He gave Jon Snow a full vote of support (which I really liked) even though he turned it down. He has an inspiration or passion in the Red Woman that seems to me to be quite questionable, yet outside that is one hell of a ruler I think. I find it really cool to have that strong of an arc on one character. And I do feel conflicted about him because of the Red Woman, but that only makes the character better and more interesting, to me. He is complex.

Some of that work with Stannis was done this season too, that makes me like him so much. There are still really good parts to this season but some of it is bad in a way the show hasn't been before, to me. Maybe at a couple brief moments. I really haven't liked Ramsay from the start but I thought he was a temporary character. He has been on the show so much and nothing good has come from it. Some other storylines have just been kind of silly and uneventful but that's the worst, for me.

For me it just kind of ruined Sansa's arc. I think other people put it really well in this thread, and when I learned how that was basically a storyline fused in from another character that's really disappointing. Like I say at the start, if that's what they're going for that's what it is. But I just don't like that part of the show and find it not interesting or fun to watch in any way really. There are other characters on the show that have done awful, awful things too. They just don't only do them over and over. The Hound is a terrible guy a lot of times but I really enjoy him in the show.

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@artisanbreads: Hey there,

I see both posts you have in the screenshot:

Which one are you missing?

Now it is back there in the thread when I look. When I made the post, it was as I show in the picture with him posting twice in a row and my post that I edited, disappearing.

So the problem has fixed itself. But for some reason it just took hours to happen. Not sure what would be the issue. I don't know if it could be something on my end or the forum, but that's how it was last night for me.

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@ghostiet said:

By the way, OH MY GOD is the Dorne story shit. The Sand Snakes can't act for shit, everyone is acting like an idiot (tell me, what is Jaime and Bronn's plan for getting Myrcella out of that place? \

I mean they just waltzed in the front door because they had turbans on so I guess they just put a turban on Myrcella and waltz back out.

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Also if anyone cares where I'm coming from: never read any of the books. I've wanted to, but got so far into the show I just stuck with that. I am disappointed in the show right now as a show and not because of any expectations or deviations from source material or anything. It's just a poorly done TV show in this last episodes and in several arcs/characters this season.