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@unastrike: Do a random live stream!

Anyways, welcome again man looking forward to having your work on the site.

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I'm really the same way but something to ask yourself is why you might be feeling like that in your life. Like for me, it's because I have goals and dreams that I have kind of ignored, until recently where I am acknowledging them and hope to work towards them, which I know will satisfy me in a way my life will not be satisfied with otherwise.

It could be a lot of things. Career, art, relationships, location. Think that over and take a hard look at your life.

I feel like with myself previously and with others I know, people will have depression and not really look at what may be causing it and have the courage to change that. Not that it can't occur anyways, it's a reality and a condition. But I think everyone can work to improve their mood and satisfaction in life and combat that.

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Dan was awesome on the Quick Look today so I'm excited.

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@vuud: He said he will be doing videos with his dad on Giant Bomb.

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@milkman said:

That's on us. All of us.

What? No it isn't.

We can all frown on it but to be or feel responsible? It's a weird notion to have. There is always hate online.

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@smcn: I'm not sure what that changes? The positions were for someone to be in Giant Bomb video content and another person to edit/create it behind the scenes. They aren't hiring a writer. Giant Bomb is driven by video content.

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@likeassur said:

I still don't get how Samantha is justified in telling someone to go **** themselves when all they said was "what if he was the most qualified person available for the position?" That's a pretty legitimate point there. Maybe they are the most qualified, how would Samantha know when A) She's not a part of Giant Bomb, and 2) She's not the one hiring?

For context Samantha's outrage is in defense of Maddy Myers who did apply for the job and who in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so.

They are not hiring someone to do a lot of writing. Besides Patrick, that's not what they site is anymore.

They hired two guys who have basically been making their own Quick Looks for another site to make video and audio content.

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@likeassur: keep in mind these guys were also just basically making Quick Looks for another site. This job is perfect for them.

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@octaslash said:

Clearly people have gotten under her skin. Instead of piling up on her for saying something out of anger, maybe we should direct our ire towards the pieces of shit that are harassing women in the name of Giant Bomb.

There are ridiculous people on all sides on the internet. We can still make a judgement call like telling someone to "fuck off" is unreasonable and rude. It just is.

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@zevvion said:

Was I the only one secretly hoping for Jeff Cannata? I have no idea if he even applied (probably not?), but somehow that made a lot of sense to me.

Too positive and straightforward to be on Giant Bomb. Not saying I don't like him, I do, just don't see him as a fit. When he was on the E3 casts this year he even like twice said "Isn't this about videogames?" and got it back on topic. In not really a joky way either.