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I really don't like any characters in this game or the story. I thought 3 was interesting but really flawed but this was just bad all around to me. I enjoy the game in spite of this.

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@assinass: Agreed. Harsh, but the game looks super dumb and still not even a game.

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@artisanbreads: Yep he's doing a great job, and unlike many tutorials is actually using code from the get go instead of the silly options available by default.

Couldn't agree more with that. Used his as a baseline and combing the internet for other tutorials has been super useful. Transferred their icon method into the code use because I see why Francis does it (and seems just more "legit" in general).

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X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter comes with the Balance Of Power expansion which adds a single player campaign to it, but i couldn't tell you if it's good enough to buy both that and X-wing Alliance. I'll likely buy XvT on sale at some point since i never played the BoP expansion despite owning it.

Ah thanks. That explains it. I never had the expansion.

If there's no singleplayer at all I guess that explains why I didn't like the singleplayer haha.

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Specifically, what was so great about those two X-Wing games? I know X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter had multiplayer, but I'm not sure what else was commendable about those titles besides, well, being X-Wing and TIE Fighter games.

Been a long time since I played X-Wing vs TIE Fighter (like, since it released) but to my memory, the deal was the graphics and all were updated and the multiplayer. I remember the single player never being as good as it was after TIE Fighter. I was a single player guy and the follow ups were disappointments to me.

Of course, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't even remember specifics but the followups never grabbed me and I was a big fan of X Wing and TIE Fighter.

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Just wanted to bump this as the series is going really strong. Since it started, I've jumped into GameMaker pretty hard with no prior experience and I'm loving it. Really happy because I like making games (even on this silly, early level) as much as I'd hoped I would. It isn't easy, but it isn't hard with this program. Feeling very inspired and motivated.

I've had multiple ideas for games, one I've been very set on, but it's cool that once you get in there you just mess around and things grab you. Have the basics of a 2D game ala Renegade Ops right now.

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In which we learn you can't trademark the word "Club".

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If it came out and it was really good I'd think about it.

I'm leaning towards a Xbox One when I get a console (right now happy with PC). But I do like the sound of this game. Not a big Souls guy (do appreciate the series) but I think the change to a more aggressive style for this game has me interested. I'm hoping it has a bit more of a Ninja Gaiden vibe.

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The combat is definitely better. It has a similar basic feel but based on the fact that enemies don't spawn in all around you all the time it's way better. Positioning matters more and that matters a lot to a real tactical game. I think they do a good job with the abilities. Not everything is balanced but it's all pretty fun and allows for flexibility. Some of the abilities really will change your character and how they play, especially when you specialize, which is satisfying.

The tactical view has it's uses but I play on hard and only use it when position is an issue (mostly telling mages to get the hell away from enemies). I don't think how the game plays lends itself as well to a tactical camera as Origins did but I think you could use it a lot and be effective. I think the game feels much more fluid and like an action game, rather than Origins more turn based feel. I'm sure you could use the tactical cam more than I do, I just don't much myself, even on hard. I play on PC and use a controller.

If you play RPGs, I think you should definitely play the game on Hard at least.

So overall I like the combat and I had big issues with 2. My biggest issue with Inquisition is that it didn't give us the same level of AI customization that Origins did (which I was a huge fan of).

EDIT: I almost forgot the potion issue, which also is quite annoying. You're mostly reliant on potions for healing in this game and there is a max you can have at any time. Becomes less of an issue as you go (you get more options for healing and you can upgrade how many potions you have) but I do think it's an unnecessary addition. Just let me have a healer.

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Yeah I've had zero issues with the game. Got it during the Steam Sale and been playing it since.