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Parachutes that shoot anything up into the air?

To be fair, the Fulton recovery system is a real thing and it works pretty much like that.

oh sure but no one is fultoning tanks and sleeping enemies and everything in sight. It's in line with Metal Gear's odd military accuracy combined with its other nonsense.

I've played them all and so far this looks like maybe the craziest Metal Gear yet. That's the point. I really don't get people saying otherwise.

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It was a huge deal when it happend. But it's been so spoiled now.

I hope they are willing to actually make some decent changes with the story. Not sure how big, but enough to keep people guessing.

Overall it doesn't ruin the story or anything at all. If you played the whole game for that bit, well I don't know how much you'd like it and you'd have half a game to play after.

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So have people who say this isn't crazy looking watched the trailers? especially the new one? with the horn and the insect woman and the ghostly sniper and the child warlord? And the giant burning whale hallucination? Psycho Mantis? Another possible ghost in Volgin? Parachutes that shoot anything up into the air? individual metal gears you can ride around?

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@artisanbreads: They've said it has a single player campaign and some sort of co-op mode.

Ah thanks for the heads up. Definitely interested in that then. I like the stance type system they have and almost Fight Night looking swinging so good to see it in modes I'd play.

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I'll say For Honor immediately becomes way more interesting to me if there is more than PvP. If that has co-op and stuff I'm very into it.

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Also because there is mo cap acting in this game like you see in Uncharted and similar games.

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I wouldn't because my PC couldn't run it well.

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Horizon despite an awful, awful name.

Sea of Thieves probably next. A big pirate game free of AC can be a great thing.

Voted ReCore too but a lot up in the air there.

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Kojima has said he just doesn't want the character to talk as much in this game, less cutscenes in general too.

As I said in another thread: like 75% of Snake's dialogue is just asking simple questions or repeating words he was just told as a question. People are way overrating the importance of Snake's dialogue in previous games.

I'm hoping the game does more showing and less telling. A weakness in the series, as much as I love it.

I'm not banking on any kind of twist or misleading efforts by Kojima (like the Raiden bait and switch) but as long as there is precedent I get why some think that.

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There are other reasons developers have unskippable cutscenes besides just choosing to. I don't know exactly how Destiny works but I just hope some of you guys realize that. They often mask loads for example.

I think it clearly makes sense to have skippable cutscenes in this game but I'm not going to pretend to know exactly how the game works or why they're there. Lets say for sure it isn't because they didn't think of it, as some responses seem to suggest.