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Personally I didn't expect these first games to light the world on fire. It was possible. I expect the sequels to have a shot though. I think both of these games have a chance to make a very good sequel with feedback they've gotten and the basics out of the way.

With both games I think the biggest complaint was lack of content.

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Fucking Total Biscuit. He continues to be everywhere. I cannot stand him.

you could say he's a real trending gamer.

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I think Dan and Vinny would be a great combination.

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Great early sign for this award show...


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@isomeri said:

That label is incredible.

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On occasion. I used to drink shitty beer a lot when I was younger but now in my mid twenties I'd rather just drink less but higher quality beer. Also in addition a lot of the beer has higher alcohol content. The dark beer I drink isn't really any more expensive because it's often 6-8% alcohol content. I prefer Stouts and Porters.

But I live in North Caronlina where the beer scene is particularly great right now so there are a ton of good options if you want craft beer.

Every once in a while though I still want a 40. For a pregame or a house party. When I get one I usually go OE, Steel Reserve, or Cobra.

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I appreciate the community chipping in on this subject because the media fully ignores it. If anyone else has impressions that'd be nice.

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I would like Ninja Gaiden Black.

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A version of Far Cry 3 that isn't obnoxiously trying to push my buttons and get up in my face is okay with me. Also I think the art design in FC4 is much stronger.

I find their renditions of the mountains with the fog/could effect around them is particularly beautiful.

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La li lu le lo. But I think some of the lack of exploration/experimentation comes from Drew's lack of confidence with the controls, too.

I think just the stealth in general.

Something that really has hit me watching the first series and now this one is how little actual stealth there is in MGS 1. There are only a few sizable areas where you have to do any challenging stealth. The boss fights are really rapid fire for a good portion of the game.

MGS 2 is really a whole different animal. I think Drew is going to have difficulty with it. Personally, I never enjoyed playing this game.

I'll be interested to see how it goes.