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It's probably just some royalty free song they use.

I can't stand it. So goofy.

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Gawker got on my last nerve recently.

Did some other Gawker nonsense happen recently?

Not really. I follow Gawker on twitter and got super tired of their abrasive and attacking style (which has gotten worse to me, not that it wasn't always there, I just couldn't take them just labeling people a sociopath in a headline anymore) and then they started to tweet the same story about 3-4 times a day. I had enough.

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Gawker got on my last nerve recently. So to see them crash for this would be fine by me and rather funny and fitting.

Aside from his trademark mustache and white shoulder-length hair, Bollea will be allowed to wear part of his Hulk Hogan costume to court. Circuit Judge Pamela Campbell said on Monday that she will permit him one "plain bandana,"


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I'm baffled by the negativity towards this show.

Same, given we have known that this being different was coming.

To me, season one had a very unique bayou, occult, southern vibe meets noir, whereas this season so far is modern grimey LA fiction meets some traditional LA noir story vibe, which isn't as unique. Still I think it's been entertaining so far. I feel like a lot of the reaction is to that difference.

I do not think the acting has been as good this season so far, but season one was a very high bar.

And it's only been two episodes!

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I really like the way the show is going. I went into season 2 expecting Vince and Colin to sub in for Woody and Matthew (Yeah that's right, I'm using first names) but it's pretty clear that's not how it's going down at all. Which is pretty refreshing.

Yep same. At first I was bummed there was no direct "these are two partners" set up but as episode 2 went along, I loved the "dangerous alliance" going on between everyone and everyone behind them pulling the strings.

Still had some of those good "partners in the car" scenes anyways.

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I love the pirate one, but 90% of it looks like the mechanics and view of Assassins creed 4 Black Flag. Sure they are not giving us more Black Flag any time soon so THIS is great....but it has been done and seen before.

Where have you seen any real info on the game? Maybe I missed it but all I really saw was the teaser trailer.

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Yeah do yourself a favor and don't pre order it regardless. I hope it's worth it when it comes out.

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I dig out Fight Night Round 3 about once a year to play for a few weeks because I love the core gameplay so damn much. Everything around the gameplay is kind of bad, especially at this point, but they never made a boxing game half as good in basic gameplay after, unfortunately. Not that I'm some big boxing fan either, Fight Night up to Round 3 was just so damn fun to play and tactical. Then they ruined the control scheme and the basics instead of just fleshing out everything around the gameplay.

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If the Terrorist Hunt is legit I will get into it I bet. I loved that mode in Vegas.

Just have a progression system and a good terrorist hunt mode.