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@planetfunksquad: I completely agree with you that the true answer is heavy restrictions or full prohibition. Unfortunately, that is extremely unlikely to happen, especially in the US. Until that ever happens, however, it would be dangerous at least and completely negligent to not have officers in North America at least as armed as the general public. This is just the reality here, unfortunate as it is.

People complain about a militarized police force, which is a valid concern, but fail to recognize this is simply a reaction to a militarized public and other social conditions. The answer isn't bashing police, it's lobbying government for real and meaningful change to gun access laws.

It isn't that simple. Cops can on any level do their job incorrectly. With too much force, without regard for laws. We shouldn't act like they are perfect either and in some areas things could just be bad.

When there were the initial riots and demonstrations, police were aiming assault rifles at crowds of people. I don't see how that's fine. They aren't allowed to do that in the military when we invade foreign countries.

I hope we do in fact set up cop for video recording like has occurred in some cities. My only fear is "oh, the video went missing" type reactions because of what I see from the police in this country at times and in some areas more than others. And unfortunately yes based on race and class too.

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Hopefully you knew the scheduling but either way, if it is unavoidable conflict with school you are paying for, do what you have to do.

Personally, I would talk with your boss to state your case and I would work any shifts that I could to help them out for two weeks. Like if the days of conflict were 2 out of 4 shifts I'd work the other two.

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Am I really supposed to be upset and tut-tutting at the people who are rioting over this? People have a long history of rioting over far less serious things, so I'm just gonna nod and wish everyone well. Maybe, eventually, things will get serious enough that a lasting change has to be made in the way these things are handled- though if it'll be for better or worse is anyone's guess. All I know is that the police's current strategy of "Make the people fear and hate us more" seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

Agreed. Rioting isn't good but it's a historical constant.

Also, there is more shaming and attack going on against these rioters than ones involving sports, which usually gets pretty much a pass in this country even though in some areas it's pretty bad.

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@artisanbreads: Dragon Age just seems empirically like a game he wouldn't enjoy. It's slow paced, with a lot of reading and traditional role playing elements. I won't say I know Jeff per-se, but from what I've seen along the years that is not the sort of experience he enjoys. Borderlands is probably the closest thing to an RPG that I've seen him take a liking to and that is probably only because it's a very fast paced action game without a lot of the typical heavy dialog. Jeff likes stuff like Gunpoint, Far Cry, Syndicate, Saints Row - games you get in and they just go. This is why I was always surprised that he seemed to think Gone Home was great as I was hoping he would be the one person out of the group to say "this is sorta neat but it's not all that amazing guys." Although I'm sure he would just say he liked it because it was a "good game." Always keeping us on our toes that Jeff.

Yeah no doubt. I don't expect him to take much from any RPG. And I'm used to Jeff but still have some of the same reactions when he hates on an RPG or whatever.

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Honestly I have zero idea what Jeff's favorite game is this year. I don't think anything has really grabbed him.

WWE Supercard.

Yeah he's been a downer all year. Even for Jeff.

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I really hope Mordor doesn't win for most of them because man what a lifeless boring game that strangely ended up on this high pedestal. Hopefully they dig back into releases from earlier this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Far Cry 4 was Jeff's GOTY but it's really up in the air I think.

Yeah I don't get why "the enemies change" is that big of a deal to make that game a revelation. It just felt like a pretty good Assassin's Creed game.

I feel like there hasn't been much to stand out this year besides Dragon Age but I think Jeff is just set against that one for whatever reason.

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Biggest thing is options on video search and sorting for me. Going to subscriber and having so many videos. Regular series for example can't be sorted in or out. Kinda crazy at this point not to have that.

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Remember Ryan? You can be really smart and wildly entertaining at the same time. Dan's an idiot, albeit a lovable one. For me it's more the gigantic hole left behind on the west coast GB with Vinny's departure, let alone still missing The Host.

How's Dan an idiot? Sounds like he was just a sheltered youth before College, where most of his stories come from. Dude brute-forced his way into the video game industry, which is kind of admirable.

It's more than kind of. It's really inspiring to me as someone who lacks the drive and persistence Dan has. Makes you realize how much you can step up to be more like him.

And in addition I think Dan's a smart guy. You can be smart and eat like an idiot or just say dumb stuff. Get drunk. I know people like that.

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He's doing what he was specifically hired to do, bolster the creation of the regular content and develop new shows. I would agree that I prefer a more even spread of personalities (which is what makes Mario Party Party so successful), but you can't fault the man for doing his job, and doing it well.

This exactly. The site was suffering because it couldn't get out enough content down a man and Dan came in and has done that really well.

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Personally I didn't expect these first games to light the world on fire. It was possible. I expect the sequels to have a shot though. I think both of these games have a chance to make a very good sequel with feedback they've gotten and the basics out of the way.

With both games I think the biggest complaint was lack of content.

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Fucking Total Biscuit. He continues to be everywhere. I cannot stand him.

you could say he's a real trending gamer.