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@truthtellah: Agree with everything you said.

If we believe in any science it should be able to be argued against. Welcome debate.

Like I mentioned above, it seems like people in some areas of the country don't get that a lot of their country is still religious. We are all in the same country but some people feel very differently. I would welcome the discussion. We all vote for the same President.

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@themanwithnoplan said:
@development said:

I agree with someone on Reddit who said the mere existence of this debate does more harm than it could possibly do good. It legitimizes Creationism as something that deserves to stand side-by-side with reality. Nye is unwittingly fostering the fallacy of false-equivalence by even showing up for this.

I understand the merits of that, but I feel that's part of a greater problem today. The idea of an absence of a dialogue will do greater good than having one is troubling. It further perpetuates each side to become further cemented in their beliefs without question from an opposite view. While I understand the circumstances are in this case with this topic completely unmoving, what if someone, even one person, watched this and came to understand something based on scientific truth? It might not enable a die hard to relent, but conversation can make a difference.

I agree with your statement in general.

In a free society you also can't tell people they can't be religious. Representing both viewpoints is how it should be handled. And people can take that as they may.

Yes, maybe some people are swayed.

Will there be people who have a knowledge of science give up on the Darwinian stance because it is being debated vs religion? If not then I don't see the point in preventing dialogue.

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@amyggen: Yeah I was just kidding. Just assume I'm being a sarcastic asshole at all times.

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Well at least they fixed that big problem the forums were having where the embedded videos weren't gigantic.

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Once there's DOTA in the house you can't get rid of it. Best to just blow this all to smithereens.

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@phampire said:

I can see why some of you think debating a creationist is odd and gives him more credit than he is due, but isn't it true that a startling percentage of Americans still believe in the literal interpretation of the bible? I like watching these debates, not that I expect any sensible from Ken Ham.

I just moved to North Carolina recently and a guy I work with was going on about this today, talking about how Ham would win. He had a good sense of humor about it, to be fair. And I didn't want a debate it, don't care to. He can believe what he wants.

But yes. Americans often don't understand how big the country is and how different the mindsets can be across the country. I've moved around a lot so I've seen it.

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@vuud said:

Oh and in the book Deckard is definitely human, though he doubts it and takes the Voight-Kampff to prove it.

I didn't enjoy the book as much as I thought I would, but I did like how it handled this aspect.

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@crithon said:

that's the point


The whole thing is a look at humanity and man vs machine. It's one of those twists or questions that to me is pointless to answer. I'd rather look at how it's explored.

The fact that it's a question, or a point of debate, is the point.

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@novadth said:

Thanks duders, I'll give P3 a shot. I know the style of game from the ER so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it.

You should if you liked that. I did the exact same thing (watched the P4 ER) and then loved Persona 3. Was fun going through it myself.