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By "these days" you mean literally the last three days or so, sure.

Relax. They've been good with it lately.

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@benmo316 said:

Why Mortal Kombat, WHY? Why must you give into the shitting nature that is pre-order content? Especially when it's a character in a fighting game. Hey, you know you're going to buy this game, but if you don't spend your money early fuck you, you can't play this character.

I hate that they are doing it, but Im gonna lay the blame squarely on this being something WB mandated since they seem to love doing this kinda thing with the Batman games now.

Publishers dictate a lot of this stuff.

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What button do I press to flip up my collar as I walk away from an explosion?

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@mrfluke said:

I asked him about this at PAX after the panel, and he says he actually prefers being the one behind the control room. but is down to be on camera when he is needed.

Well there you go.

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Jason is doing a great job but I would love to see them give him a series or some chance to be on camera.

Maybe he doesn't want to though. People need to realize that.

Anyways as a fan I would like to hear more from him. Even jumping into videos. He has been helpful and funny when he rarely has.

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@retrometal said:

Maybe it's because I'm a little older than most of the people on here but mostly when people on the internet throw curse words around all the time it just makes them seem more juvenile.

It's like they are little kids who is like, "I'm going to swear and STAY UP LATE!"

I especially can't stand it when they use it to "enhance" a word or phrase. For example, saying "Out-fucking-standing" doesn't punctuate the word "outstanding" and it just makes you sound stupid and uneducated.

Find other ways to express yourself.

Man, I couldn't disagree with this more.

You can't say fuck and go to school, man.

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Personally, I'm gonna say no because I haven't noticed it. Maybe I just have a high "fuck you" tolerance.

My fuck you tolerance must be at peak levels as well.