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Would love a chance. Thanks man.

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Wasn't Guillermo del Toro working on some other horror game that got canned a while back due to a studio closer or something? Man, if he has another game canceled/taken away from him that will blow.

He was working on a game with THQ. I hadn't seen any real info come out about it though. Maybe there was some real progress on that game but nothing I ever saw or heard about leads me to believe it was far along.

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Over the last 8 years, you've spent 950.6 hours playing this selection, which includes 72 items, is valued at $1601.32, and requires 507.7 GB

--- At least 200 hours in the last two years are NBA 2K. Reading other people's numbers, I guess I have great discipline! I feel bad for not playing some games I own but I only own 72, compared to you crazies who own like 6 times as many games and have only played half as much time as me. But to be fair, the numbers aren't like all telling for me. Only got heavy in Steam in the last few years. During the 360-PS3 generation I was very console heavy.

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@artisanbreads: What meter?

But in some regard, yeah, you're right. All twelve members of my Inner Circle would have had deeper, more intricate character-arcs, mostly in the form of side-quests I could unlock and complete for them. But the agents? They might as well be anything else other than just what the game claimed each of them to be.

By "meter" I mean what @redyoshi says above. And yeah you're right about the agents. I do respect how much stuff is in Inquisition but it would've been better if they did less and did it better. I'm sure some players played all 120 plus hours of content but most of us were probably happy with 60-80. They could have focused more.

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@recspec said:

Konami will be fine, Metal Gear will be fine (turns out a lot of people loved Rising)

If you think Rising made anywhere near the impact of the other MGS games... ya you aren't right. Not to hate on the game! It has it's fans and all.

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@artisanbreads: I figure while MGR will continue(given the recent hint in that one video), I don't think that Konami would leave it at that. I'm sure someone would make a more traditional, stealth based game. Also, Kojima is really wanting them to keep using Fox Engine for everything, so Phantom Pain will give them a fantastic base to work with to create new games.

Yeah I'm sure it will continue. I really don't know how I feel about it though. I will be interested to see what else Kojima will do but I love MGS quite a bit.

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@quarters: I don't disagree but as a big MGS fan, Rising was pretty fun (mostly because of gameplay) but if that's the series going forward I'm not that interested. I would be interested to see Kojima do something new though.

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@humanity: It sucks but it happens. I mean, with movies you get incidents where, like with Dirty Work, they film and plan the movie for an R rating then it gets cut into a PG-13 because the studio wants it that way. Or with Blade Runner, the studio inserted the narration in the theatrical release by their decision because they thought the movie was too confusing without it (the narration was not at all in Ridley Scott's plans).

Different sorts of examples, but in the end just shows these companies call the shots over the creators many times. Removing your name from something is a kind of a crazy thing of its own but I'm sure that's happened before too in different media. I'm sure Konami owns all the rights. That goes own in Western games mostly and I'm sure doubly so in Japan with how things tend to operate there. Kojima is a rarity there being such a big personality with the clout to name a studio after himself and give himself movie director type billing on a game box.

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@kidavenger: Exactly. Plus all your survival type games (most of which cost like $20-30 and are fully 3D with multiplayer but not the highest production values). There's a ton of stuff on Steam like that. Cities Skylines is another good example that just came out. Doesn't quite have that Sim City production value, but has a lower price (and plenty going for it on its own).

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@quarters said:

That doesn't really seem that weird/concerning. If he does leave, I guess that he meant it when he said that MGSV was his final Metal Gear game.

Well I think you summed up why MGS fans would be concerned right in your first two sentences.

I love the series and would be fine with him doing something else but I'd miss him working on it and it would be strange to see the series continue (which I'm sure it would).

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The agents basically boil down to your meter goes up more, so I certainly would not recommend wasting more time on them. Not that they don't add some story of flavor but in my mind they are not something to worry about. Plus there are a lot of them.

When you get them, they just kind of hang in your base maybe and say one line. Not a big deal.

Unless you absolutely love playing this game, there's way too much stuff to concern yourself with missing little individual bits of side content. I really did like it but kind of mainlined it at some point and finished it in 70 hours. Could have spent way longer but I had my fill.