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Random one I just thought of: Freedom Force. Be cool to see that with more destruction and physics and scale.

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How long until Massive Chalice gets released?

Still very early from the last updates I saw but I am optimistic about that game. Love the idea.

Can't imagine it comes out this year (in a finished state, I should say).

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There are games where it is fantastic and games where it can detract. All depends.

I thought Alan Wake was the best example I can remember of it detracting from a game. Really ruined pacing and felt out of place.

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Unfortunately a lot of the tactical genre died years ago, but it is coming back. When mid tier games were lost to how the gaming industry went this last gen, that type of game kind of fell through the cracks.

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and the rabid calls for a return to Heroes were finally satiated.

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@aetheldod: If we were hellbent on being first and built our entire appeal around being the only place to get information about a game, yeah, I'd be making angry phone calls to publishers and pacing around my house every time some street date broke. But that's a shortsighted way to run an outlet and a really negative way to live your life.

I can only imagine what that's like.

"They showed this thing before I could show this thing!".

Videogame industry is just fuckin weird.


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Max Payne 2 with Max Payne 3's gameplay would be great.

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Baldur's Gate. The entire series. Not with a 3D engine, but with the 2D art that was hamstrung by computer monitor resolution and GPUs (or the lack thereof) in the era. The enhanced edition releases have at least unlocked some limits on the already existing assets, but true use of modern hardware could support so much more.

This would be great too. Could have an incredible game if you just did a 3D modern update to Baldur's Gate II (not saying that's easy to do, but that would be very cool to see).

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What's with all these polls that seem like marketing surveys?

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The OP has compared GTA5 to, "Shawshank Redemption," and "Saving Private Ryan." Setting aside the fact that this is comparing narratives in entirely different mediums & genres, the two films listed are historical pieces set in gender-limited circumstances loosely based on reality. The U.S. military and prisons were gender-segregated during the time periods portrayed in the films, so unless the filmmakers were attempting to portray alternative histories, it's understandable that those two films would be made without female protagonists.

GTA5 is a work of pure fiction set in a modern American city and loosely based on contemporary reality with, arguably, a satirical bent. There's no good story-based reason to exclude women from the main narrative in GTA5. Given that GTA5's narrative attempts to provide commentary on class, ethnicity & American social mores, its portrayal of women has to be viewed in that context.

Was there a situation where you would have expected women to appear where they were absent? Do you feel the military or the prison system are drastically more male-dominated than organized crime? Is there some aspect of the lives of Trevor, Franklin and Michael where their interactions with women seemed out of place or not supported by the story? You excuse women not appearing in period pieces, but believe they should appear in a story centering around the lives of three modern criminals. Do you feel that modern criminals have some connection or relationship with women that past soldiers or prisoners would not?

Trevor, Franklin and Michael have the relationships with women that they have. I don't know why they need more of a 'story based reason' to make the game exactly as they made it.

Is there a good story based reason to exclude bankers from the main narrative? Is there a good story based reason to exclude Indian people from the main narrative?

Well put response, saved me some typing.

Reading some of this is just so strange. It's like attempts at censorship through public shaming or something.

These days the audience seems to think they know what's right to put in every story and creative work... well go make a game then, really. You "get it" where no one who makes games does, right? They talk as if the people who made GTA V are pigs who hate women or something. Like that has anything to do with making a story.

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Being of a "complete" or "balanced" perspective has ZERO to do with good story telling and what makes art. In fact it's usually the opposite, though some stuff has a more complete perspective and still has something to say. But to say that's a requirement is ridiculous.

Looking forward to "Total Biscuits" story based videogame to come out since he seems to really "get it" and could probably right a great story where some characters happen to be women.