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It might not be completely cancelled. It could be one of those cases where Watch Dogs died so that (some other game) might live.

Reading that page -

During early development, The Last of Us was initially conceptualized as a more realistic interpretation of the Jak & Daxter universe. As such, Jak was to be a regular human being, and Daxter would function like an ordinary weasel -- most notably lacking the ability to talk. This idea was eventually scrapped, and Naughty Dog quickly settled on creating a new IP instead.

Yep they were really trying to do that.

How was Dead Space related to that though? Never heard of it as anything else.

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Jeff can get that AC game he always wanted.

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Assassin's Creed V


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@thehbk @artisanbreads They make money off the tiny ads on the main menu. Given the game's popularity, that's probably quite a bit of coin.

Ah I see that makes sense. Haven't played it myself so didn't know about the ads.

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Why would someone put effort into a game to make it free with no micro transactions? I am not saying it is a waste because I am saying I don't know. What would the dev get out of it besides experience? Exposure? So people will pay for the next game?

Yep. I don't know what the case is for these guys, but it is a strategy that can make sense. You could add transactions, add a sequel with transactions... just get the name out there. Get attention for your studio and the individuals there.

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Everyone on twitter, all real life friends and very few of them I would consider "gamers", are all talking about this game. Seems that way.

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No. It has been done before.

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One of the absolute best in my mind.

As great as they are, a lot of our best actors are more or less themselves in everything. Hoffman was so diverse... and excellent in everything he did. It is rather unbelievable, to think back on.

To me certainly one of the greatest actors of all time.

"Mr. Lebowski is in seclusion in the West Wing"

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Battlefield: Modern Police


Holiday 2014

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Oh police battlefields, makes sense.