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@theacidskull said:

Unwatchable? Give me a fucking break. There are TV shows far worse than this.

That's the thing for me. This is still pretty well done noir which is far better than just about anything else on TV so I'm happy.

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Am I crazy for thinking something about this season will tie into the last season at all?

No, there are multiple hints. I just think it might be something as simple as the same touchstone phrases used and the same basic themes. Occult, sex, masks, "Carcosa", "The Yellow King", conspiracies of the wealthy and powerful, etc. But very interested to see exactly what happens.

Some of the conclusion of season one had a theme that there would always be evil out there and it couldn't always be beaten or explained. I could see connections being just consistencies in evil that toy with the viewer in their relation to season one. "there's just one story" as Rust says in season one. "Time is a flat circle" etc etc.

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Thanks for being cool with Giant Bomb doing content. The game is a lot of fun. Both Rands and Jenks all deserve Oscar nods.

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@harrysound: I'm not saying they shouldn't. I really liked IV and the DLC was great for it (I really liked Lost and Damned and how it tied into V). I think the Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead is awesome too. It's disappointing that it seems like we won't get anything. There is a chance they release something of a substantial expansion type release at this point but I think they might just have moved on to other stuff.

@legion_: that would be good news. Could get me to buy it on PC.

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@koolaid said:

Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with the controls? Every time it comes up on the bombcast they make it sound like the game is unplayable and I honestly don't know what they are talking about.

I've liked them since the start. They feel like Rockstar's recent games.

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@kerse said:

These are amazing fixes. I just wish they would let me remove the green smokey thing from high toxicity. I like using decoctions and it sucks to have that green border for the entire time I'm playing.

This is good call. That annoyed me as well. Also Geralts crazy veiny look which is kind of cool but crazy in cutscenes.

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@nickhead: Yeah I think it having to be more than one album. It's just almost all the best tracks are the ambient open world tracks and none of those are in there. Maybe we can get something official but I'm glad people are getting those songs out there has they can.

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@nickhead said:

Really great song though - reminds me of folky-extreme metal that comes out of Scandinavia even though it's a slower song.

Yes that is what it reminds me of. I am a big fan of the band Moonsorrow and it brings to mind that kind of sound.

It is disappointing to see so many great tracks left off the soundtrack. The soundtrack to this game is pretty fantastic overall. A lot of great ambient tracks to listen to as you explore.

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One of the best line's in the whole game was Ciri saying, about the White Frost as she's about to face it (butchering it, but just by memory): There's nothing you can do about it, you're just a Witcher silly, to Geralt. I know the White Frost is Ciri's battle but I mean I played 3 games as Geralt so I like me some Geralt and his battles. I get that this battle is above Geralt but still, I played as Geralt so I think they could have tied that in to his strugges in a better way. That's all. I gave some ham fisted ways how they could have, but obviously there's more complex ways that could have gone about it. I'm not saying it absolutely came out of nowhere (you even see worlds destroyed by Frost) but it's just something outside the scope of the game really but it decides the whole ending of the game so it makes it feel disconnected in an unsatisfying way to me.

I loved the little epilogues in 2 and here in 3 and personally thought it was cool that if Nilfgaard wins the war, at least in my outcome, Redania actually comes out of it being Redania even if it is technically a vassal, so that nuance was appreciated and I was glad the choices I made worked out for the best. I just cared a lot about the relationships and the world state so I wanted to see a bit of it, even if you could assume some of it. Like yeah, you assume he isn't with Yen if he's out hunting monsters in the bad ending but even in the good he's out there helping Ciri be a Witcher even though the epilogue has him retiring with Yen happily so I could have used more.

Again, we just disagree on some minor points. I didn't need it to say the fate of every last character but in a series with great writing and characters I just wanted a bit more even in a bad ending.

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I was wondering where he was at E3. So young!

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Sooooo...... damn that was intense. Pretty interesting developments throughout the episode but the ending really brought the heat. Very well done and extremely brutal scene. Interested to see what comes of the fallout. Didn't really even know where that lead was taking them and the relevance to the overall story.

Almost wondering about he mayor. His "you sure you need all this manpower" line. He seems corrupt as fuck so I'm not going to be surprised if he's involved.