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The framerate issue sounds pretty substantial to me because this game is indeed faster paced right?

@random45: Same but not holding my breath.

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... Even what they've officially confirmed seems to be plenty for 60$

That is subjective. To me, the game seems like a poor value proposition at $60 and an even worse one at $90. I'm not "boycotting" anything, I'm just going to wait for a significant price drop.

If you're into that genre fighting games more than make up their costs. You get hours upon hours of gameplay from online to local co-op. I don't really see how $60 is not worth it for a full fledged fighting game. Then again I was one of those people who said Gone Home at $20 is ridiculous and people told me that it was totally worth it so yah, I guess subjectivity is a heck of a thing.

MK is by far the best value fighting game since 9 came around. Before probably too, though a lot of the extra modes and singleplayer stuff wasn't as well done (I'm talking the PS2/Xbox era games). If you are going to buy any fighter at full price, this is the one.

Now not saying I'm spending 30 extra for these add on characters. I didn't buy any DLC for 9 and later on picked up the GOTY version on PC for dirty cheap with them when I was ready for more MK again. But yeah, if you aren't seeing value in this game you must not buy any fighter at full price. Or maybe you're not a MK fan, which is cool. As an MK fan I'm thrilled with how 9 was filled with content and X looks to be just as good if not better.

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One of those skins is goddamn Carl Weathers as Jax.

Oh god I'm scrounging together $30 now.

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Origin has better customer service than Steam does.

This has been the case for me. When I've had issues EA has really gone out of their way to solve me problems, to the point of just giving me more copies of a game when I had an issue redeeming codes from physical copies. It was a silly issue I had but they solved it very directly and simply in a way that Valve hasn't when I've had problems.

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Final boss of Persona 3 was frustrating for me the first time I played it. It was about a 45 minute fight and once the boss gets down to like 5% health it starts inflicting random status effects on your team. One of my dudes that had the "heal all HP" spell got charmed and fully healed the boss. I didn't prepare as much as I could have, but that was just obnoxious.

That was an annoying boss fight that could go awry right at the end yes. Good call. I died near the end and had to redo it. Worst part was I wasn't struggling at any point before the end.

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Would love a chance. Thanks man.

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Wasn't Guillermo del Toro working on some other horror game that got canned a while back due to a studio closer or something? Man, if he has another game canceled/taken away from him that will blow.

He was working on a game with THQ. I hadn't seen any real info come out about it though. Maybe there was some real progress on that game but nothing I ever saw or heard about leads me to believe it was far along.

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Over the last 8 years, you've spent 950.6 hours playing this selection, which includes 72 items, is valued at $1601.32, and requires 507.7 GB

--- At least 200 hours in the last two years are NBA 2K. Reading other people's numbers, I guess I have great discipline! I feel bad for not playing some games I own but I only own 72, compared to you crazies who own like 6 times as many games and have only played half as much time as me. But to be fair, the numbers aren't like all telling for me. Only got heavy in Steam in the last few years. During the 360-PS3 generation I was very console heavy.

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@artisanbreads: What meter?

But in some regard, yeah, you're right. All twelve members of my Inner Circle would have had deeper, more intricate character-arcs, mostly in the form of side-quests I could unlock and complete for them. But the agents? They might as well be anything else other than just what the game claimed each of them to be.

By "meter" I mean what @redyoshi says above. And yeah you're right about the agents. I do respect how much stuff is in Inquisition but it would've been better if they did less and did it better. I'm sure some players played all 120 plus hours of content but most of us were probably happy with 60-80. They could have focused more.

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Konami will be fine, Metal Gear will be fine (turns out a lot of people loved Rising)

If you think Rising made anywhere near the impact of the other MGS games... ya you aren't right. Not to hate on the game! It has it's fans and all.

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@artisanbreads: I figure while MGR will continue(given the recent hint in that one video), I don't think that Konami would leave it at that. I'm sure someone would make a more traditional, stealth based game. Also, Kojima is really wanting them to keep using Fox Engine for everything, so Phantom Pain will give them a fantastic base to work with to create new games.

Yeah I'm sure it will continue. I really don't know how I feel about it though. I will be interested to see what else Kojima will do but I love MGS quite a bit.

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@quarters: I don't disagree but as a big MGS fan, Rising was pretty fun (mostly because of gameplay) but if that's the series going forward I'm not that interested. I would be interested to see Kojima do something new though.