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@sweep said:

Episode 1: the phantom menace for PS1 was easily my favourite though. Weird.


I am shocked someone else said this. I remember this game being really bad.

That Jedi Battles game was pretty decent actually I remember though.

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I don't think asking you to pay them any money to use the voices is some travesty like some people's reactions seem to suggest.

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@ford_dent said:

Yoda Stories (I played the fuck out of this at my grandparents' house, it was the only Star Wars game they had)

Had this one and played it too damn much. It was a solid game though to its credit.

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Tie Fighter, KOTOR, and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast for best Star Wars games in this mans opinion (honorable mention to Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight which is underrated).

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It sounds like an action RPG version of Left 4 Dead or something? Bizarre.

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I really enjoyed the old GTA games when they were out but the new ones have VASTLY better gameplay. Not even close. Even for the time. I love how GTA V handles shooting and driving (compared to real driving games and shooters) where if you did that type of comparison in the past, GTA games were pretty shit.

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Yeah I'm so in. Hope the game is great too.

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@dekkadekkadekka: if you like Clap Trap we will never be on the same page. This not having Borderlands writing automatically makes it way better to me.

I like just about all the ways it is different from that game and series, so I'm happy.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

Destiny is the grimdark Borderlands that Gearbox scrapped in favour of the game they released.

This game is not grimdark.

There's a wizard on the moon.

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@2headedninja said:

I'm interested ... a Bioware game in a new setting sounds like good news.

Yup. A real worldy horror thing could be cool too.

@karkarov said:

Sounds like a pretty sweet little ARG advertising campaign. No one has really tried it since The Secret World so it will be neat to see where this goes. Gotta be honest the effects in the video were pretty sweet. You can bash Bioware all you want but the worst game they have ever made was Dragon Age 2, which is still a okay (just not great) game, so I am willing to tough it out and see what IP this leads to. But yeah... please don't be a FTP anything.

I'm with ya bro. Still love Bioware. The new Dragon Age looks great.