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I haven't posted here because any free time to game I've had, I've been spending with this game.

I really like the combat. It's very tactical in a way I haven't had with an RPG in a long while. Positioning, retreating, using the combinations and environment, using spells that wall off enemies.

Picking up the two party members in town made all the difference for me making the difficulty right too. I made a wizard (focused on damage) and a archer/rogue, so having a warrior was key and I use the other caster as a healer/support guy more.

Anyways, things have really clicked. I've gained some levels, got some great gear, and now I'm having a great time. Best combat in any RPG I've played in quite some time. I did enjoy the recent Shadowrun but this is a cut above and innovative I think in different ways.

The freedom and options are really impressive. And it's key that the enemies make you know your shit. They will smartly use the environment too and the enemies are really no push overs. The fights play like real back and forth struggles. Because there is so much freedom and so many options, the game can be harder without feeling formulaic too (as in, you need to use predicable options to fight certain enemies or in certain encounters). You find what works for you but you can mix it up for sure.

I can't say the story has gripped me or anything but it's pretty solid and I enjoy the tone, which is lighthearted in a Fable kind of way.

If you are a fan of turn based combat and cRPGs, you really have to play this one. It's really a brilliant updating of the old cRPG formulas, not just being content to be that either but adding some cool new bits of its own.

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Ravaged or when the car bugged out and flew in the air in that Sleeping Dogs DLC, probably.

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I've had free movie passes for a while and this kind of summed up why I haven't used them. Nothing I'm even sort of interested in.

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Excited to have the new hires in the fold for a fresh one.

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@ajamafalous said:
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Relic too busy on Company Of Heroes and expansions I figure..

Yeah this. Maybe we'll get another DoW another 2-4 years from now.

Less than that, about a year or 2 at most. The latest company of heroes 2 expansion was smaller than any other previous relic expansion. They are now supporting the old Dawn of War titles with open betas. They have to be working on something right now and when things are looking pretty, they will announce. Or this all could be the optimist in me projecting.

I feel like you're right though.

They should move on from Company of Heroes 2 at this point. What a bummer that game is (which I'd say is worrying but I like Relic so much otherwise that I'll cut them slack).

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I think your bit about how the gameplay has evolved in the last gen is part of why I have fallen out with the franchise as it's gone along.

I'm a big fan of military history and in general what I always loved about the series since the start was that it was basically a beat em up mixed with a big battlefield. Now moment to moment you are just killing so many guys that the scale really got thrown off for me.

Dynasty Warriors 6 was the turning point I guess?

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People who dismiss Dynasty Warriors and yet LOVE Diablo and other loot lust games baffle me. I mean Diablo is just clicking on things until they die, picking up stuff and then comparing said stuff to the stuff you picked up before. If you wanna be real reductive about it...which I do.

So the idea that they just "can't understand" Dynasty Warriors is weird to me. In Dynasty Warriors there is that you can pick up in the field, but there's also the loot in the form of characters that you're constantly unlocking and having to level up and stuff.

Yeah the games are all kinda similar, but so are all the loot lust games. I guess the major knock against Dynasty Warriors in comparison to Diablo is that a new Warriors game seems to come out every five minutes...while Diablo takes half a century.

I like this post.

Me too. Everyone is willing to play a repetitive game if it hits the notes they want.

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@unastrike: Do a random live stream!

Anyways, welcome again man looking forward to having your work on the site.

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I'm really the same way but something to ask yourself is why you might be feeling like that in your life. Like for me, it's because I have goals and dreams that I have kind of ignored, until recently where I am acknowledging them and hope to work towards them, which I know will satisfy me in a way my life will not be satisfied with otherwise.

It could be a lot of things. Career, art, relationships, location. Think that over and take a hard look at your life.

I feel like with myself previously and with others I know, people will have depression and not really look at what may be causing it and have the courage to change that. Not that it can't occur anyways, it's a reality and a condition. But I think everyone can work to improve their mood and satisfaction in life and combat that.

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Dan was awesome on the Quick Look today so I'm excited.

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@vuud: He said he will be doing videos with his dad on Giant Bomb.